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Best Magento Store Development & Maintenance Services Company USA

ClickySoft developers will build you an interactive and versatile online store according to your eCommerce requirements. If you want your store to perform well with high traffic and big catalogues then our Magento eCommerce platform is the one you need. With our dedicated team of developers, we can make your idea of a great store a reality.

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Features Of Our Magento Ecommerce Development Company

Based on Houston, Texas, we cater to international B2B and B2C clientele. Our company can help you gain an edge over your competitors and draw customers to your store with better functioning websites. We understand what eCommerce stores of different niches need, and have an in-house team ready to deliver accordingly. Here is a look at some of our features that you can enjoy if you partner with ClickySoft’s Magento development services:


Our projects boost businesses by improving the customer experience and helping you achieve your goals.

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Here Are A Few Benefits Of Magento

There are a few different eCommerce website building software available but Magento beats them all with its superior security, flexibility, and incomparable user experience. You should consider building your web store with ClickySoft’s Magento development expertise to enjoy the following benefits:

Qualities Of Our Exceptional Magento Developers

ClickySoft developers are not only the most skilled in Magento web development services, but they are also self-learners who update their expertise all the time to ensure you get the best services available in the market. Here are a few special talents of developers that you can benefit from when you partner up with us:

Identify and Add the Best Extensions

Our developers are experts in writing code for your Magento store extensions which is bug-free and up to the standards.

Follow The Latest Standards

We always write code according to the official guidelines and offer standard plugins and web store features so that your website gets easily upgraded and you can have peace of mind knowing your Magento website will offer a great experience to your users.

Help You Stand Out

Our development team includes market researchers who will analyze your competition and create a solution for it that will make your store one of a kind. Developing a customized theme and specified business solution is what we do.

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Web Development Model

Having worked on dozens of Magento stores before, we have devised a thorough and efficient development process. Our talented developers are trained to understand your requirements and deliver you an online store with all your specifications.

Preliminary Meeting

We begin by having a detailed conversation about all the things you want from your Magento eCommerce store. This step includes talking about your requirements, engagement terms and deadlines.

Working on a Draft

Based on our first meeting, we create a project draft and a layout for your store. We then get your input on it and make the changes that you want

Magento Development

This phase involves writing the code, designing the customized theme, developing the extensions, plugins and more. Our Magento development team is highly skilled in various aspects of building your web store…

Testing of your Magento Website

Before the launch, we conduct stress tests and user overload tests to check your website behaviour under different circumstances. We run the code through various tests to make sure everything is up to the mark…

Post-Development Maintenance

We keep checking the website for unpredictable hiccups post-launch and instantly fix any issues that pop up. Moreover, ClickySoft offers long-term support and maintenance services for your store, which includes…

Services of Our Magento Website Development Company

Magento Web Development

We convert your PSD files to dynamic themes for your eCommerce store so you can move on from default themes and offer your customers a personalized and superior experience on your store.

Integration with your Business Platform

WooCommerce is a plugin that allows you to create an eCommerce store on your WordPress site. We take it a step ahead and offer you other plugins as well which will enhance the speed and performance of your store. Our services include the integration and management of WooCommerce plugins.

Magento 1.9 to Magento 2 Migration services

In addition to creating a store from scratch, we also transfer your already established stores over to WooCommerce. Our services include guaranteed no loss of data, optimization, creating product descriptions and more.

Industry-specific features

Social media has a big role in spreading the word about your store and bringing customers to you. We add the social media extensions in your WooCommerce store through plugins and integrate them into your WordPress website.

Customized Theme Development

Our services include integrating third party APIs in your WooCommerce store using REST API. We also make sure it’s compatible with your version of WordPress and WooCommerce and the rest of the plugins. We ensure it is bug-free before launching it on your store.

Magento Store Maintenance

After adding the WooCommerce plugin in WP, we develop your store from scratch and set up all the features such as product images, descriptions, checkout navigation, cart discounts etc. We can also modify your current store to increase its functionality, speed and user experience.

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Our Process

From the get-go, you’ll be speaking to one of our web experts who will be with you till the end. Our process starts from strategic planning and ends at the launch of your web, only when you are satisfied. Otherwise, we will redo your project.

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ClickySoft’s Magento eCommerce Development Services

A Decade Of Experience, Many Satisfied Clients And Top-Notch Magento Developers Are A Few Reasons.

We have been offering Magento Web Development Services for over a decade now, and we have delivered 100+ successful projects in that time. You should choose ClickySoft’s Magento 2 Development Services because of our certified Magento developers. We handpick our members after testing their skills and pair development teams that work well together, which makes our development process smooth and pleasant for all parties involved.

Our proven track record of happy clients and well-functioning Magento stores is another reason why you should want to work with us. You can look at the testimonials below or the portfolio above to learn more.

ClickySoft offers all Magento eCommerce development services, which includes web development, migration, customization, recovery, backup, support and so much more. Once you partner with us, you don’t need to outsource any Magento task because our in-house team will take care of it all.

A few other reasons why you should choose ClickySoft are that we focus on quality and stay within the set time and budget. You can rest assured that our products will be the best in the market with bug-free code and first-class UI and performance.

We keep our clients engaged and apprised of the progress using project management tools. So you always know what development phase your web store is in and you can check in anytime.

We are also transparent during the development phase, which means you can ask about anything, at any time and we will answer you the best we can.

You can contact us from anywhere around the globe because our services are global.

Magento App Development Company From Houston, Texas.

Are You Ready to Scale Your eCommerce Business?

You bring your vision; we’ll bring the Magento developers for your website.

FAQs about Our Magento Web Development Company

We understand that the information you share with us is valuable and should not be misused or shared without your knowledge, that’s why we sign an NDA once the project is finalized. We have worked with multinational eCommerce businesses before and we always make sure that your data is protected.

No, you cannot have third party apps like WordPress on Magento Cloud servers. You will have to get separate hosting for that. Shopify has its benefits such as the freedom to create a blog for SEO reasons, but Magento offers other uses such as greater customizations, flexibility in payment integrations and an enhanced user interface to name a few. You can use the Magento Marketplace extension for such third-party hosting.

Magento managed Web Application Firewall (WAF) protects your web store from pirated traffic and other malicious users. It uses a security code to filter such requests and keeps your website performing well. It secures your website against HTTP protocol violations, SQL attacks, brute force attacks and more

Yes, your Magento store backup is created on the cloud. There are various plans you can use for this. Some of the backups such as Staging and Production environments are done automatically whereas others such as integration environments have to be backed up manually.

Yes, Magento 2 allows your customers to use a coupon at checkout. There are some restrictions such as using one coupon per user at a time but you can manage these by adding extensions via the Magento Marketplace.

Our migration process is well-developed. We begin by inspecting the health of your Magento 1 website and then map out the migration process making sure we take into account each extension, catalogue and product. We set up the Magento 2 website and then start migration while simultaneously stopping activity in your Magento 1 web store. We put the first website in maintenance mode while we recheck the data in your Magento 2 website. We keep the backups until we are sure that your new website is ready for launch.

We can add almost any payment method to your store since Magento allows international payment gateways. Some of them include PayPal, Apple Pay, Bitcoin, Converge and Venmo.

Yes, the eCommerce stores we develop with Magento 2 have the feature of one-page checkout. It increases your conversion rate and improves the user experience on your website.

You have a goal. We can help you achieve it.

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Over 1000 successful projects have been delivered by a team of 150+ certified experts.

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