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We will create an engaging android app for your business to increase visitor session durations and offer your users a remarkable experience. Developing an app can accelerate your business growth and significantly improve your online presence. Start a project with us today to reach new heights with your online sales or blog views with an app developed by ClickySoft.

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Android App Development Company

Android apps are diverse based on their functionalities and the businesses they are made for. Based out of Houston, Texas we develop android apps for multiple devices and various industries. Our services include all the steps involved in the development from the generation of a project idea to its production and post-launch care. Here is an overview of our services.


Our projects boost businesses by improving the customer experience and helping you achieve your goals.
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Benefits of Android App Development in Houston

Android apps work on all kinds of devices that have this operating system. That gives you a wide pool of potential users. But to develop an app that millions would want to use, you should hire our Android App Agency in Houston because our teams have the specialized skills that can give you all the benefits of android applications and more.

Hire Android App Developers from Houston

At ClickySoft we make the app development process simple and fun for you because our developers can quickly understand your project requirements and deliver an app that fulfils your business goals. Here are some reasons to hire our android app developers from Houston.

Engaging Design

Our android developers from Houston can develop your UI to match your brand image and give your users a superior experience on your website while keeping them engaged during their visit.

Updated Programming Knowledge

Since application development is a competitive field, our android app developers from Houston stay updated with the latest technologies and the best practices of the programming industry.

Quality Centric

Our android developers from Houston are not only great UI designers but also highly focused on the quality of your app and its performance. So, by working with us you get an interactive front end and a well-developed back end.

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Android App Development Agency - Our Methodology

Having worked in app development for over a decade, we have a streamlined process for it so that our projects run smoothly, on time and we deliver phenomenal projects every time. Have a look at the steps involved in our process of app development.


We validate your app idea and go deep into the details of what you wish to accomplish with it. From looking at your business goals, market research and user personas to strategizing the best approach to app development, we formulate…

Discussion and Design Overview

Here, the stakeholders of the app and our development team sit together to hash out the minor details about the app’s function and designs. We discuss different pages, contact forms, and other features based on…


Once the details are finalized, we begin project development. Our development and design teams link up to create a customized design that gives you all the functionalities you desire. From core features to specific functionalities…

Final Stage Development

After the approval from the client and complete testing of the app prototype, we enter the final stages of development. The user interface is coded and the backend is rechecked to confirm that the app is ready for launch.


We launch the android app with you. That includes releasing the app on the play store, starting the program and letting users download and enjoy the wonderful features of your app.

Post-Launch Support

Our maintenance packages include support for the immediate post-launch period as well as long term support for regular service, upgrades and debugging of your application by our expert developers.

Our Android Application Development Services Include

Android Application Analytics

On top of developing android applications, we offer analytics reports on your app and integrate different analytical tools with your app as well.

eCommerce App Development

eCommerce apps occupy a big chunk of android apps. We can develop your store with or without a full-fledged website. We optimize the checkout cart, product pages, home page and navigation to offer your users a superior experience, and in turn, increase your sales.

Finance App Development

We develop android apps for banks, accountants, institutions and more by adding specific features for budgeting, expense reporting, invoice tracking and integration with other apps.

Game App Development

Game app development is complicated. We offer extensive services in this domain and we can add features such as multiple players, offline availability, payment gateway integration and more while maintaining its load speed and performance.

Enterprise App Development

This service includes developing a unique application focused on your business goals and designed to suit your devices and android systems. We install high-security features as well to secure your content along with any other specifications you desire.

Upgrading Legacy Systems

We can recode your android application that was built on an old framework or optimize your current application to work on legacy Android devices. Our services include updating your application regularly so that it is compatible with all the new android systems as well.

Android App Backend Scripting

We provide backend scripting services for those who need server-side improvements to add more admin portals, for testing or debugging, cloud computing, API integration or to add new features.

Android Application Design

We can develop your android application designs that are compatible with different screen sizes, have high performance and include customized features that match your business model.

App Development Strategy

For individuals or businesses with no background in development, our strategy sessions are helpful to understand the scope of their app, realize the true benefits of the various features and get familiar with their development options.

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Our Process

From the get-go, you’ll be speaking to one of our web experts who will be with you till the end. Our process starts from strategic planning and ends at the launch of your web, only when you are satisfied. Otherwise, we will redo your project.

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ClickySoft as your Android App Development Company?

We Have A Knowledge-Driven Approach And Experienced Developers To Carry It Out.

You should work with us because our decade of experience has made us one of the top Android App Development Companies. We are motivated to develop user-friendly and unique apps for businesses of all sizes.

Our development process is conscientiously designed to speed up the development process while ensuring that we can maintain the quality of your android application.

We are skilled in understanding your requirements and then developing an application that is beyond what you thought it could be. We are not the only ones saying that; our portfolio above and the glowing customer reviews below are testaments to our claims.

We offer competitive prices, superior service, long term maintenance and many more services related to android app development. That makes us a one-stop-shop for all your app needs.

Ecommerce Development Company From Houston, Texas.

Are You Ready to Scale Your Business With an Android App?

Take the step so that you can offer your users a better experience with an app.

FAQs about ClickySoft’s Android Application Development Services

By targeting the right keywords, using development and design best practices and carefully optimizing your app for the app store is how you ensure that users can easily find your app when they search for it. That’s even more important for B2C apps than B2B ones.
That depends entirely on your preference and what you hope to achieve with your application. In today’s age, most app users belong to different parts of the world and hence it is a better practice to include a language translation option and make your app multilingual.
If your app has too many users which are leading to slow performance, then that is an indicator that you need to update your code to accommodate high traffic. Also, if you have additional functionalities to include then you need to scale your app to do so.
Yes, Android and iOS apps have companion smartwatch apps as well. These apps are relatively new but the industry is growing especially for fitness and news apps.
We continue doing maintenance and provide technical support post-launch. Our purpose here is to keep your app in optimal functioning condition so that your users can enjoy the functionalities you offer. Without our post-launch services, there is a risk of your app slowing down due to not being updated regularly.
Our go-to programming languages for developing android apps are Java and Kotlin. If you need to upgrade your legacy app then we also have the expertise to use other programming languages to match your previous framework in case you don’t need us to completely change the android application design.
We have an extensive team with multiple developers. That ensures continuous work on your project should one developer become unavailable or if the scope of the project is large enough to demand a high number of developers. Rest assured our team is fully equipped to handle large projects for enterprise app development.
Yes, our managers and business analysts can help you decide what functions and features your app should have based on your goals and business model. We have experience in developing apps for many industries hence we know what you need in your app to stand out.

You have a goal. We can help you achieve it.

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