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Top Houston iPhone iOS App Development Services Agency USA

We offer expert iOS application development services to help you reach your business goals. Not having an app in this day and age can seriously hold you back from scaling your organization. Work with ClickySoft to develop a phenomenal purpose-driven iOS application to boost your business success.

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iPhone App Development Agency

Our iOS app development services are wide-ranging from research to project development and launch. Based out of Houston, Texas we have over a decade of experience in developing applications for various industries. Here is an overview of our services.


Our portfolio of iOS applications includes eCommerce apps, finance apps, business, gaming, utility, enterprise apps and more. We can offer such services due to our diverse team of app developers, designers and project managers along with our years of experience and updated industry knowledge.

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Mobile App Development for iOS (iPhone & iPad) in Houston

iOS applications offer users an incredible platform to shop, explore blogs, play games, manage their finances and much more. But the development process is not easy. And you can only enjoy the perks if your app is developed correctly. That’s why you should hire our professional iOS App Agency in Houston to develop your business application. Here are some benefits you will enjoy with us.

Hire Expert iOS Developers From ClickySoft

We promise high-quality applications and that’s only possible due to our diverse and talented team. Here are a few reasons why you should hire our iPhone app developers from Houston.

Great at Management

What you need from developers is not only great development skills but also exceptional management skills so that your project is completed on time and within the specified budget. Our iOS developers from Houston can do that for you.

Technical Expertise

ClickySoft’s iPhone app developers from Houston are experts in various programming languages and have the experience in determining how to leverage its features based on the scope of your iOS application.

Knowledgeable about Apple’s Xcode IDE

Our iOS developers from Houston have mastered Apple’s Xcode IDE which is essential for building high performing and interactive iOS applications. They are also knowledgeable about the related frameworks and that’s why we can develop apps for multiple apple devices.

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Our Methodology for iOS App Development

The reason for our success as one of the leading iOS Application Development Companies is due to our carefully designed process of app development. We have worked on 1000+ projects and this methodology is the result of our experience and knowledge of the development process. Have a look at the steps involved in iOS app development with ClickySoft.


We believe that any great project begins with in-depth research into what the iOS application should achieve. In our discovery phase, we create user personas, do competitor research, and determine your business goals.


During the planning for the iOS applications, we strategize with our developers, designers, business strategist and the stakeholders from your end to determine how the application should be developed so that it can offer…


We begin development on the prototype before the actual applications so that any minor changes that need to be made can be incorporated efficiently. Once the prototype is approved the final development begins.


We test your application for device compatibility, load speed, functionalities performance, usability, consistency and more. Our aim here is to put the app under extreme circumstances and improve the code to handle them so that…


We launch the application with you on the app store and monitor its progress. Our developers stay in communication with you through the soft launch and launch phase to guide you through the process and assist in whatever way you need.


Should there be any issues within the warranty period of 90 days, our developers will be right here to fix them for you. We also offer long term maintenance packages to our clients so that we can regularly debug, update and secure your app.

ClickSoft's iOS Application Development Services Include

iOS Application Analytics

Analytics are important to understand how your application is being perceived by the audience, and the data you gather can help you improve. We offer analytical reports of your iOS application and can also install the analytical tools in your iOS app to help gather live data.

eCommerce App Development

eCommerce apps need to be engaging, interactive and easy to navigate on top of other features. We do all of that and more such as integrating different payment gateways, creating an easy checkout process and optimizing the product pages to improve your application.

Finance App Development

Here, we develop apps for individuals and businesses. These apps have many features for managing finances such as expense tracking, bill management, budgeting and more.

Game App Development

Amazing graphics, stunning user interface, multiple player features, game-saving, sound effects, high performance and quick loading speed are some of the features covered under our game app development services. We also offer upgrade services for legacy apps.

Enterprise App Development

We take care of the entire process of launching your website or app. From setting up the front end with React to the backend with Express JS, we will give you a dynamic web app based on your requirements.

Upgrading Legacy Apps

Our services include updating your legacy iOS applications to make them compatible with the newer iOS versions. We can also maintain the previous versions for users who want to download your app on their old iPhones with outdated iOS.

iOS App Backend Scripting

We offer backend scripting for your app if you need certain features added or to improve security, prevent hacks, backup your app etc.

iOS Application Design

Our front-end application developers can create interactive designs that speak to the users and keep them engaged on your app for a long time. We base this on market research and user personas.

App Development Strategy

Our services include helping you realize the potential of your app idea by exploring the different features you can include, and discussing the ways you can offer a better experience.

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Our Process

From the get-go, you’ll be speaking to one of our web experts who will be with you till the end. Our process starts from strategic planning and ends at the launch of your web, only when you are satisfied. Otherwise, we will redo your project.

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Why Should ClickySoft be your iPhone App Development Agency?

Our high-end services and streamlined process are the top reasons.

You should choose to work with us because we have an efficient development process and reliable app developers with years of experience.

We also offer transparency in our process and ensure that your vision is fully incorporated into the application.

Our competitive prices are another reason why you should work with us. We have amazing reviews from our previous clients that you can read below, and we have a track record of delivering fantastic iOS applications.

But more than anything else, you should work with us because we have extensive experience in working with big and small businesses, startups and enterprises and hence we are fully equipped to handle whatever project scope you bring to us.

You can read more about our services above.

Ecommerce Development Company From Houston, Texas.

iOS App Can Change The Game For Your Online Presence.

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FAQs about ClickySoft’s iOS Application Development Services

Yes, iOS apps can work on iPads, iPhones, and other devices with the iOS system. If you need your iOS app to work on specific hardware such as hospital equipment or specific work computers then you can have your developer test it on that hardware. Otherwise, most good developers create apps that work with all hardware.
There are various tools available for tracking your analytics which include the number of downloads, performance, sales, session intervals and more. Some of the common tools include Google Analytics, Firebase, UXCam app analytics.
Yes, developers can test and analyze your app to identify the performance issues and then fix them by rewriting or adjusting the backend code. However, if the problem is with the user interface then the fix could alter your front end as well.
It is an app development model where your team works swiftly to complete the project within weeks. Each sub-team focuses on their task and meets regularly to update and check in on the overall progress. The developers work by focusing on the outline and the documentation to ensure quality product delivery.
Absolutely, our mobile application development services cover hybrid app development. We realize that users are active on all platforms and so you need cross-platform apps to create a serious online presence.
A drastic change in the scope is the primary reason why our development process would slow down; if ever. But we have a well-defined process to ensure that the project runs smoothly. We clarify all the specifications before starting to avoid any roadblocks down the line.
Our research and development team is excellent at assessing your competitors and then working with the iOS application development and design team to create an even better app. We use the latest programming languages, interactive UI and extensive testing to ensure that your app is better than the rest.
We almost always use Swift to develop iOS apps. Our iOS developers are skilled in upgrading your legacy application without changing your iOS application design too drastically.

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