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Stake a claim to fame with sure-fire Shopify store development services. Avail the services of the best Houston, Texas based Shopify website development agency to amplify the vibrancy of your Shopify eCommerce store and boost the demands of your products to gain massive revenue.

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Shopify ECommerce Development Company

Based out of Houston Texas, ClickySoft offers Shopify web development services to businesses all over the world. We help you develop a store that performs great and looks better than your competitors, to help you gain that loyal customer base that we all want. Check out the various Shopify development services we can offer you.


Having developed hundreds of Shopify stores over the years, we have gathered extensive experience in eCommerce business solutions. Scroll through our portfolio and learn how we helped different businesses gain success in the competitive market of eCommerce.

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You Should Choose Shopify ECommerce Solutions For Its Benefits

More than a million businesses worldwide use Shopify services for their online stores. Here are a few of the benefits you will get when you create an eCommerce store with Shopify.

Our Shopify Developers Are Highly Skilled

Our team of 20+ Shopify developers is ready to create a scalable and secure eCommerce store for you. We are here to offer you a wide range of services from developing an online store website and mobile app to providing maintenance and regular updates. Here are some more reasons why you should work with Shopify developers from ClickySoft:

Enhanced Browsing Experience

Our developers are highly skilled in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and more so they can develop an amazing user interface for your Shopify App and give your customers a pleasant browsing experience.

Swift Payment Options

We can optimize your POS systems to speed up the checkout process. Shopify accepts most international credit cards and payment methods. So you don’t need to add third-party payment plugins or create accounts on other platforms.

Theme And Aesthetic Building

ClickySoft’s developers are artists when it comes to the creative themes and aesthetics of your storefront. We create themes for you that are functional and don’t add additional load to your app’s backend.

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Website Development Strategy

Having developed hundreds of Shopify stores in the past, we have now established a structured work strategy that allows us to deliver high-quality results, every time. Our development methodology is precise, experimented and regularly revised to ensure time and resource optimization.

Understanding Your Goals and Challenges

Before we begin, we discuss the project details with you on a call. This initial conversation is exhaustive where we cover your requirements, business goals, ideology, challenges etc. We also make suggestions regarding approaches for the Shopify store.

Finalizing A Plan of Action

After the first call, we start working on a project draft that includes all the specifications you want. Client preferences are at the forefront throughout this planning phase. Once we have the design ready, we get your approval on it before developing it further.

The Development Phase

Once the project is approved, our Shopify developers create the store from the inside out. All the plugins, products, extensions, POS systems etc. are made exactly how we discussed during planning.


After the completion of development, we beta-test your eCommerce store in simulations and real-life situations with focus groups. We recheck the code to ensure everything is up to the mark.

Launching your Shopify Store

Finally, after the planning, development and testing are complete we launch the store. And keep a close eye on it to make sure all operations are happening as smoothly as we expect.

Post-Production Maintenance

ClickySoft Shopify website development services include post-production maintenance, upgrades and support. We periodically check your website for bugs and fix issues.

Our Shopify eCommerce Development Company Can Offer You The Following Services

We offer a variety of Shopify development services to our clients. Here is an overview of some of those services:

SEO-Friendly Shopify Website Development Services

The Shopify websites we create for you are SEO friendly. We provide you with a free SSL certificate and adjust each product description to help you rank high on search engine results. You can also create a blog on your Shopify website which helps with SEO.

Shopify Customization Services

We do custom design development for your Shopify store websites and apps. Our focus is to always create responsive stores that can easily handle traffic surges during shopping seasons. We increase customer conversions by adding attractive features, functionalities and extensions.

Shopify Store Maintenance

Our Shopify Web Development Services include integrating regular updates and running maintenance checks on your Shopify store. We also backup your store so that the products, reviews and other plugins don’t get lost in case there is a problem with the Shopify store, or if you need to move it to Shopify Plus.

Robust Apps and Dynamic eCommerce Stores

Our services include creating mobile-ready solutions for your eCommerce store. Shopify App development for web and mobile devices are our speciality. We ensure that your apps have uniformity with each other and the website and that your customer moves seamlessly between the two.

Shopify Product Import

We build Shopify stores from scratch and add all the products into your store. We also offer independent product import services for businesses revamping their stores and have a lot of products to add. We also manage the product thumbnails, descriptions, handles and variants.

Shopify Module Management

We offer module management to help you keep track of inventory and add plugins for various features such as social media links and affiliate offers. Module management for Shopify allows you to view inventory, log changes and manage vendors and third-party integrations.

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Our Process

From the get-go, you’ll be speaking to one of our web experts who will be with you till the end. Our process starts from strategic planning and ends at the launch of your web, only when you are satisfied. Otherwise, we will redo your project.

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Here is why you need ClickySoft’s Shopify eCommerce Development Services

Fast, Reliable, And Experienced Shopify App Development Company From Houston, Texas.

We have worked as a Shopify Development Company for many years now and completed a lot of projects. You should choose ClickySoft for your eCommerce store development because we not only offer top-notch web stores but also give you the peace of mind you deserve.

When you work with us, you have to talk to just one person from our company, who takes the project lead and manages the team. This way, you explain your goals and challenges only once and the rest is handled by our in-house project managers.

We guarantee prompt customer support for all our clients, that’s why we have 24/7 active customer support. You can reach out to us from anywhere at any time and we will help you out with your Shopify app or website issues.

Shopify is your one-stop shop for all Shopify related services. We create stores from scratch and also offer other services you will need while running a Shopify store.

We follow strict NDA terms so your website will always be secure from data breaches. So you should start a project with us to benefit from our extensive industry experience and fast turnaround time.

The many successful projects we have completed are another reason why you should want to work with us. You can have a look at some of them in the portfolio section above.

Shopify App Development Company From Houston, Texas.

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FAQ about Our Shopify website Development Company

Yes, you can use your domain name for your Shopify store. If you already have one, then you can simply link that to the Shopify store through your admin portal. If you need to buy a new domain then you can also do that through Shopify, or buy it from another place and import it to your store.

Yes, Shopify is a diverse platform and it supports eCommerce businesses of all types. You can start with just a few products in your store if you are a startup. As you grow you can add more extensions or simply import products into the store, add descriptions, optimizations etc. and keep the store running.

Yes, Shopify charges a monthly fee. The amount depends on your Shopify plan. The basic plan is $29 and the advanced plan is $299. The basic plan is good for small businesses and startups and the advanced plan is for mega-companies with more than two stores at least.

There is no comparison between the two because Shopify Plus is for big businesses while Shopify is for all levels of sellers. With the Plus account, there is no set monthly fee but you get many employee accounts, a faster checkout process, unlimited customizations and more. Shopify offers all the features you need in your online store so it serves well for growing businesses.

We have a meticulous development process that begins with us having an in-depth conversation with you about your requirements. We have created many Shopify stores in the past so we are well equipped to incorporate your specifications. We also keep you updated about the progress so you can be sure that your requirements are understood.

Yes, our developers are highly skilled in creating a similar app as your website. Customers love to see uniformity between your stores on different platforms.

Yes, we will if you ask for them. We have some clients who want to keep an eye on the progress while others trust us completely to do what they asked, so they only ask for the final product and not updates. You can opt to receive regular progress reports and we will deliver.

We have dedicated Shopify developers who are our full-time employees. We do not outsource your project to other developers outside of ClickySoft. Our in-house team is fully vetted and highly skilled to create Shopify web apps, mobile solutions and eCommerce stores for big and small businesses.