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Best Flutter Application Design & Development Services Company USA

ClickySoft can help you build apps with Flutter that offer incredible experiences to your users. These apps will have all the functionalities that you can dream of. We can help you convert an idea into an app and design a stunning front end along with a flawless back end. Let’s work together to create multi-platform apps for your business with Flutter.

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Overview Of Our Flutter Development Services

Our Flutter development services encompass everything from app ideation to development and post launch support. Based out of Houston, Texas, we follow meticulous development processes to ensure that we deliver top notch results. Here are some of our services.


We have had the privilege to work with some amazing businesses and create stunning apps for them. The industries we have worked in include healthcare, finance, travel, eCommerce and more. Here are some of our past Flutter projects.

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Benefits You Have With Flutter

Flutter is a versatile framework created by Google and trusted by international brands. It offers many more features than React Native or other open-source frameworks. You don’t have to know about programming to understand its advantages or why it’s growing so fast. Here are some of the benefits your get with our Flutter App Development Services:

Expertise Of Our Flutter Developers

Our developers regularly undergo training and testing to ensure that their skills match the market needs. We pride ourselves on having diverse teams that are skilled across all aspects of app development. Here are some skills of our Flutter app developers.

Experienced With Multiple Databases

Some of the technologies used in Flutter app development include Firebase, Redis, PostgreSQL, MySQL and Oracle. Our developers have experience in all of these and more.

Excellent With Design Tools

Since Flutter apps work on various platforms, our developers use different design tools to give your app the best design across all screens. Some of the tools include Adobe, Illustrator, Sketch and Figma.

Skilled In Cross-Platform App Development

We develop Flutter mobile apps for both iOS and Android. Our developers are skilled in using the same codebase for both while modifying it to enhance the native features of specific platforms.

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Flutter Mobile App Development

Having spent over a decade designing and developing apps, we have curated a development methodology that offers great results, every time. Check out our process of developing Flutter apps for your business.


Our development process begins with a meeting between our project manager and Flutter development team leader to understand your project requirements. Here, we cover your needs, challenges, cost overview, timeline ballpark figures and more.


Once you’ve decided to build an app with us, we begin the official paperwork which includes a formal contract and an NDA to ensure that both parties and their sensitive data are protected.


Our development team creates a plan for the execution of your idea of a Flutter app. Our project manager then relays it to you. This process goes on until all the stakeholders from your end and our dev teams are on the same page about how to proceed.


This is the main stage. It begins when the wireframing and outlining are complete. Flutter app development doesn’t take as long because we can use the same codebase to create cross-platform or multi-platform apps.


Since the Flutter framework is known for its amazing UI and front end designs, we carve out specific time for designing the visuals of your apps. We can integrate unique features that may not be available in generic templates.


The final stage is launching the app. But before we launch the final version, we create beta versions and test those out until all the bugs are sorted and the performance issues are resolved. We monitor the app for some time after the launch as well to make sure that everything works smoothly.

Get To Know our Flutter Development Services

App ideation and consulting

Our business analysts and developers can help you strategize and come up with a practical plan for your app idea. We review market competition and target audience’s needs to determine the best way forward for your app.

Flutter app development

Our app development services include prototyping, designing and developing the app from scratch. We can also extend the functionalities of your current app or finish developing if you have a partially coded app.

Migration to Flutter app

If you’d like to benefit from Flutter’s features, then we can migrate your app from another framework to Flutter. This can include writing entirely new code or modifying it to integrate the new Flutter specific features.

Embedded Apps Designing

We can create embedded apps for your devices and add a flexible interactive UI that will make your app unique. We use layered architecture, portable code and can develop native-like features.

Test Flutter Apps

Testing Flutter apps requires more than what you need for other apps. We perform widget testing at all stages during development. Our services also include testing your app after development as third party testing.

Develop Flutter App UIs

We can develop only the user interface and front end of the app if that’s what you need. That can offer your users a better experience while having the same features that your app originally had.

Quality Analysis

Our services include quality analysis to check the code, performance, security and durability of the app under different traffic conditions.

API Development and Integration

If you need to integrate unique features that don’t come predefined with Flutter, then we can add those with the help of custom APIs and integrate them with your app.

Flutter App Upgrades

You don’t want an old app that crashes and offers terrible UI. We can help you upgrade to the latest version of Flutter and help your apps perform at their peak.

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Our Process

From the get-go, you’ll be speaking to one of our web experts who will be with you till the end. Our process starts from strategic planning and ends at the launch of your web, only when you are satisfied. Otherwise, we will redo your project.

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Why Choose Us As your Flutter App Development Company?

ClickySoft is a leading Flutter app development agency in the US. We have been working with Flutter ever since its release so we are aware of all the ins and outs of the Flutter framework.

You should choose to work with us for our track record of delivering successful projects, transparency, streamlined development, timely delivery, excellent customer service and competitive pricing.

It is because of our highly skilled developers that we can give you superior quality apps for your business. Our services include more in-depth testing and better quality assurance measures than some other Flutter companies.

Our focus is always on your needs thus you will always be the top priority when you work with ClickySoft.

Best Flutter Application Design & Development Services Company USA

We’re Ready to Build You a Distinctive Mobile App. Are You?

Let’s work together to create a remarkable app and knock it out of the park.

FAQs about Our Flutter App Development Company

Flutter is the basic version of the framework that came initially around 2010. Flutter 2.0 is the upgraded version that offers enhanced features such as reduced development time, better performance and portable applications to name a few. The best feature of this upgrade is that developers can now use the same code to build apps Linux, macOS, Windows, Android, and iOS.
Google Ads, KlasterMe, Xianyu by Alibaba, Postmuse and Reflectly are some of the famous apps built-in flutter. This framework is being used by enterprises all over the world and offers excellent features for complex requirements
Flutter framework offers the hot reload feature which cuts your development time as well as cost. This feature means that as soon as developers make any change in the code, it is at once injected into the source code files and the entire code is updated. Then the flutter framework automatically reworks the widget tree and you can almost instantly view your changes.
Yes. Flutter is great in the sense that you can integrate the Flutter code within the codebase of your existing app. That way, you can gain new features without having to redevelop the entire app from scratch. It is an open-source framework and integrates well with many other frameworks used for iOS and Android app development.
We do not disclose the entire code during development or until the payment is made. We can only share a few snippets of the code, just enough to satisfy your teams and ensure you that the code is up to the mark.
Our support and maintenance extend to 90 days after the project ends and we launch the app with you. You can opt for a longer duration of maintenance or make it a usual thing by buying our maintenance packages. Here, we perform tests, fix issues, improve performance and update code as required.
Yes. ClickySoft developers have the expertise in working with stateful widgets and modifying them to user input. Sometimes, we also use GestureDetector to increase the interactivity of your app. We can develop your app to give excellent user experiences while performing highly complex functions in the background.
Flutter apps can have three types of testing and we can do all of them for you. These include unit testing, integration testing and widget testing. We perform the unit tests during development and even afterwards if need be. Integration testing is done at every stage to ensure the best performance and we do widget testing throughout development since Flutter is built on widgets.

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