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Advanced mobile solutions can positively impact your business and increase your reach to your audience. We work with Angular and Angular JS to create mobile applications that can help you outperform your competitors and make a place for your business on the top. What are you waiting for? Let’s scale your business together and give you the mobile apps you want.

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Overview Of Our AngularJS Development Services

ClickySoft has a dedicated team of developers specializing in Angular development. Based in Houston, Texas, we ensure that the quality of our deliverables is exceptional. Our AngularJS development services include:


Our projects boost businesses by improving the customer experience and helping you achieve your goals.
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Benefits You Have With Angular JS

AngularJS is the best framework for creating single-page applications. Not only that, it’s excellent for developing progressive web apps as well. Here are some more benefits you can enjoy by choosing to develop your business apps with Angular JS.

Skills Of Our Angular JS Developers

Angular application development requires knowledge of various technologies along with experience in using them to the fullest. Our Angular JS developers have both. Here are some more capabilities of our teams.

Experience In Latest Angular Architecture

Angular JS applications are built of various Angular components that come together to create the app. Our developers stay updated on the latest advancements in these components and fully understand the requirements of the development process.

Proficient In UI Designs

Our developers are experienced in working with various Angular UI technologies such as PrimeNG, Kendo UI, Semantic UI and more. The development team works with designers to create unique UX for your apps.

Knowledgeable In HTML And CSS

Our Angular JS developers are proficient in web markup. That makes them experts in integrations and creating robust web applications as well as cross-platform apps for your business.

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Angular Development Services - Our Process

We’ve been operating our Angular web development company for over a decade with hundreds of successful projects in our portfolio. Our methodology and approach to development is the result of years of dedication and experience.

Client Onboarding

Our process begins with a meeting with you where we analyze project requirements, identify user needs and market competition. Here we get an in-depth understanding of the features you need in the Angular App(s) and the expertise required to bring your idea to life.

Defining Project Scope

The project scope includes details of the timeline, resources, developers, deliverables and ultimately the cost. Our project managers work with your teams to determine all these details and finalize the project according to your preferences.


This is the stage where our Angular JS developers begin working on your app. We involve specialized front-end and back-end developers along with expert designers to develop your mobile app. The process involves wireframing, coding, testing and designing databases and more.

Beta version testing

After the initial version of the app is approved by you and our teams, we test the beta version in focus groups and user scenarios. The feedback helps us improve the prototype. This step involves polishing and finalizing the design and features of the app, performance testing and final bug testing and more.

Angular App Launch

App launch involves inviting users to download the app from the app store and the Google play store. Our teams monitor the performance during this step to ensure that the mobile application functions appropriately.

Post-Launch Upgrades

We understand that great apps do so well not because they were created with a great UX or offer many features, but because these are updated on time. We provide regular app updates to your backend and front end to ensure compatibility with modern software.

ClickySoft’s Angular Development Services Include

Angular JS to Angular Upgrade

We can upgrade your app to the newer version of Angular so that you can enjoy all its benefits. This means a shift from JavaScript to TypeScript, advanced security, better mobile assistance and more.

Single Page Angular Apps

We can develop single-page apps (SPAs) using Angular JS to give you a high-performing mobile application. Our techniques ensure that your web or mobile apps load much faster and offer a better experience than the previous versions of your apps.

Angular PWA development

We can create a new progressive web application (PWA) or use Angular CLI 6 to add PWA like features to your already developed Angular App. PWA is the new kid on the block, and we can help you leverage its features for your business.

Usability and Performance Testing

We provide testing while developing the Angular App, at launch and afterwards as well. Usability testing provides valuable data that we can use to improve performance and user experience.

Angular JS Plugin Development

If you need specific functionalities from your app, then we can provide that by installing plugins. We ensure that these plugins don’t negatively impact your app’s performance but instead make your app clean, fast and easy to maintain.

Support and Maintenance

Our support and maintenance services include upgrades, bug fixes, tests and modification of features to make the app unique. These services extend beyond the product delivery and you can benefit from our support for months or years.

AngularJS REST API Development

We can develop REST APIs on the server side to allow the client to communicate with it. Since we have experience working with different development architectures, we can develop APIs for all kinds of mobile apps and increase the functionalities.

Angular Consultations

Our consultation services include product ideation and strategy sessions regarding the app idea. We also offer consults on your already established apps. Here, we can discuss ways to improve the application and create specific features for a better user experience.

Web App to Angular Migration

We can migrate data from your web app to your Angular app and enhance the functionalities. That’s possible by skillfully introducing AngularJS into your app, creating Angular components and then incorporating them. We can also develop new features and create uniformity between your apps on different platforms.

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Our Process

From the get-go, you’ll be speaking to one of our web experts who will be with you till the end. Our process starts from strategic planning and ends at the launch of your web, only when you are satisfied. Otherwise, we will redo your project.

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ClickySoft as Your Angular JS Web Development Company

Our expertise in creating mobile applications with Angular to make you stand out from your competitors is why you should choose to work with us.

We have extensive industry experience which is demonstrated by our portfolio. ClickySoft is your one-stop shop for all software solutions because we have the teams to take care of all your software-related business needs.

Our approach to Angular application development is unique and offers great results, every time. We develop secure and scalable apps that can perform well and compete with other leading mobile apps in your industry.

More than that, you should work with us for our excellent communication with clients, on-time project delivery and competitive prices to name a few features of our Angular development agency.

Top Angular JS Web & App Development Services Company USA

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FAQs about Our Angular Development Company

Single-page applications operate differently from other mobile apps. Here, the entire page is not reloaded with each click. Only a segment of the page changes and reloads. That decreases load time and increases user experience. Since AngularJS has excellent client-side routing, it’s ideal for developing SPAs.

Angular JS’s CLI (Command Line Interface) is one of the best amongst all mobile application frameworks. That makes Angular apps highly and easily scalable. It is a structured JavaScript framework and all the commands use code templates written in HTML script. So we can scale it as needed or upgrade features as required without compromising the backend.

POJO stands for Plain Old JavaScript Objects. These are great for increasing the reusability of a program. So developers modify it to provide new and unique objects or classes in your mobile application’s JavaScript code.

Angular JS is an excellent choice for developing eCommerce applications. Its simple code makes it easy to upgrade the app and add or remove features. The single-page application is ideal for easy navigation and the templates make the development much faster.

Yes, we can upgrade your Angular app entirely or only the front-end if that’s what you need. Our developers are knowledgeable enough to only improve one segment while not compromising the quality of the back end. We have UI designers in our team as well who can create unique designs for your app.

We will assign a project manager that you can talk to. This person has expertise in Angular development as well so s/he can answer questions and take feedback regarding features of your app. Although we tend to follow the outline set in the project scoping sessions, there is room for changes should you need to make them.

Yes, we provide updates as frequently as you need them. We settle on the feedback schedule in the initial meetings. These updates can be in the form of project management software, emails, and phone calls or Zoom meetings. We provide many options for updates so that we can accommodate different clients and their preferences.

Our developers are proficient in all the Angular tools used for UI, testing, internationalization, server-side rendering and documentation. These include NG bootstrap, Covalent UI, Jasmine, Protractor, Ngx-translate and many more.