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Top PHP Web & Application Development Services Company USA

Our PHP developers have a refined skill set that can convert your boldest ideas to a functioning website or application. Our PHP development process is streamlined to decrease your development time and speed up the launch.

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PHP Development Services From Houston Texas

Our services include many more areas than some other PHP web development companies. We are based in Houston, Texas but our clientele is global. Here’s a quick overview of our PHP services.


We have developed small and large software solutions for our clients. Have a look at some of our latest work with PHP.

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Benefits You Have With Our PHP App Development Company

PHP offers developers and websites a lot of great features. But you need a good PHP application Development Company and their talented developers to take full advantage of all that this framework offers. Here are the upsides of working with our PHP team.

Why Hire Our PHP Web Developers?

Our PHP development teams have years of experience under their belt. They know how to leverage the technology to deliver software solutions according to the versatile demands of our clients. Here’s why you should hire ClickySoft’s PHP developers for your project.

Expertise In Multiple Frameworks

Our developers have experience and understanding of the different PHP frameworks such as CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Yii, Drupal, Symfony or Laravel. For each project, we choose the one that can offer the best results according to the given requirements.

Excellent Front-End Developers

Our PHP developers have extensive design experience. We work primarily with Vanilla, VueJS, jQuery although we also use the other front end technologies to develop your apps and websites.

Proficiency In Open-Source CMS

Our developers can create cutting-edge CMS due to their understanding and experience of WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento etc. We can develop eCommerce solutions and websites for your business.

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PHP Software Development Company - Our Methodology

Our expertise reflects in our development process. We have created this methodology after many successful projects and we tweak it as time changes and as we get access to better management systems. Here’s how we work.

Project Analysis

We begin by meeting with the clients and discussing the project details. Here we discuss the scope of your app or website, features, timelines and business requirements.

Timeline Estimation

Once we have all the project details sorted, we finalize the contract. After that, we assemble the development team and create a project timeline that works for you and your company.

PHP Development

PHP website or application development begins with wireframing the app and outlining all the features you need. We then send the blueprints to you to review and provide feedback on. After its finalization, we begin the development and quickly prepare your software.

Software Delivery

Our project delivery includes much more than launching the app on the App Store and play store. Here we stress-test the software to check performance. We also constantly monitor the app for issues and fix any problems that pop up.


Our post-launch support includes optimizations and bug fixing amongst other things. We add or remove plugins, install APIs, improve performance, integrate new functionalities and more.

Further Development

If you need any changes in your PHP website or app after launch then that’s covered in this step. Here we can create Iframes, 3rd Party Integrations, Module addition and much more to give you all that you need from your software solution.

PHP Web Development Services

PHP Website Development

We develop PHP websites from the front-end to the back-end from scratch. This also includes eCommerce websites, CMS for business, CRM for startups and more.

PHP Software Solutions

Our services include PHP solutions in which we develop websites further by adding more features after the initial development phase. We also work on mobile applications and improve functionalities as required.

Automate New Version Upgrades

Upgrading your PHP websites and applications can be automated and we can help you with that. This process still involves some manual coding and maintenance and we provide that.

Migration of Legacy Systems

We help you plan and execute your website modernization and migration to the newer versions of PHP. This process can take some time for complex websites but we do it in stages so that your business isn’t down for long and your website is operational even during the upgrade.

Website Design

Our front end services include creating interactive and innovative website designs, UI and UX. This team includes graphic designers and full-stack developers that work together to design the website structure while maintaining the code and ensuring high performance.

PHP Website Design

We perform testing of the website and applications either within the development phases or afterwards. We can test your website for performance issues, bugs, third party software and more. After testing, we also provide fixes for the issues we find.

PHP App Optimization

Performance is an important factor for websites and applications. We optimize your PHP mobile apps to improve speed, user experience and overall performance.

PHP Code Audits

We perform a comprehensive analysis of your code to check for bugs, security breaches, code problems and more. These are necessary to maintain your application and regular code audits can save you from a big loss.

Support And Maintenance

We provide support to your in-house teams to maintain your application or website. Or we can be your off-shore maintenance team and work on your website or app to keep it performing at its fullest.

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Our Process

From the get-go, you’ll be speaking to one of our web experts who will be with you till the end. Our process starts from strategic planning and ends at the launch of your web, only when you are satisfied. Otherwise, we will redo your project.

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ClickySoft as your PHP Development Company?

We have been working with PHP for over a decade now and have hundreds of projects in our portfolio. You should choose us for our long term experience and client-centric development approach that gives us great results every time.

We can work according to your time zone and our support and maintenance services have round the clock availability.

Some other reasons why you should work with us are that we offer seamless reporting about the progress of your website or apps’ development.

Our transparency and documentation are also great reasons why you should work with ClickySoft which is one of the best PHP development companies in the USA.

We develop SEO friendly websites and apps. So you can rest assured that you will have no problem ranking on search engines.

PHP App Development Company From Houston, Texas.

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FAQ about Our PHP Development Company

Developers have been using PHP to build websites for many years now. In 2021, the most famous websites that use PHP include Facebook, Wikipedia, Tumblr, Slack, MailChimp, WordPress and Etsy.

PHP is definitely faster than python. According to some calculations, PHP is three times faster. That’s because it’s highly compatible with multiple servers and supports a range of databases. PHP also offers other features that are better than python such as easy to learn and runs on all – Windows, Unix, Linux, macOS.

There are three main differences between the two. Firstly, PHP is a scripting language while HTML is a markup language. A scripting language is a programming language and works as a machine code. A markup language is a metadata that is human-readable. Secondly, PHP determines the dynamic content while HTML describes the general structure of the website. Lastly, PHP is server-side and HTML is client-side.

No, it won’t be. PHP is currently used by approximately 79% of websites. There is some serious competition for PHP in the form of newer full stacks such as MEAN stack and MERN stack. But PHP is evolving and more and more developers are using it to create dynamic and secure websites.

We have systems in place to protect your intellectual property. These include clear terms of the agreement, non-disclosure agreement and security of our cloud servers and the computers to ensure the highest level of protection of your data.

Our developers follow the SEO guidelines for PHP websites along with Google’s guidelines to make your websites search engine optimized. This includes creating a schema markup, easy navigation, interactive UI, meta tags and target keywords, good performance and improved page speed and more.

We use several technologies and naming them all here won’t be possible. Some of the commonly used PHP frameworks include CakePHP, Symfony, Yii, Laravel and Codelgniter. We also use CMS development technologies such as WordPress and develop eCommerce websites with that.

This includes basically everything that you might need for your website. Some of our services include defining objects, adding features, upgrading the code of the backend or the front-end, improving UI/UX and more.

You have a goal. We can help you achieve it.

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