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Software Quality Assurance And Testing Services Company In The USA

ClickySoft offers the best software and app testing tools and methodologies to empower your Next-Gen business solutions. Our innovative approach reduces cycle time, minimizes bugs, and eliminates errors. We bring a comprehensive set of tools and techniques to adhere to QA and testing best practices.

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Professional and Reliable Mobile Application Development Company

ClickySoft specializes in web and mobile app development, and as such, we have a robust software testing service available for clients. Our dedicated and resourceful QA engineers perform high-quality, focused QA testing for a reliable and robust business solution.



We have leveraged years of experience in software/app testing and quality assurance services to detect all defects and help businesses with best-class software solutions. We aim to ensure that the software fulfills all the business requirements and user expectations.

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Benefits of Hiring Our Software Quality Services

You bring the industry's best when you hire ClickySoft's mobile software development services. We tailor every project according to end-user intention for the best experience and usability.

Ensuring Software Functionality with High-Quality Assessment

ClickySoft understands the value of the reliability and functionality of software/apps. That is why we have our QA and testing services designed to ensure the quality of a software product using a multitude of tests ranging from unit tests to overall regression.

What do We Offer Our Clients?

Innovative Approach

Our innovative approach to a QA testing service includes using many innovative units and regression testing methods to enhance performance and scalability and maintain quality.

QA Outsourcing Experts

Our experienced and reliable QA and testing service experts ensure that your software remains bug-free and has minimal errors before its final implementation.

QA Automation Services

Our functions and automated testing tools expedite your QA process for the best analysis, maintenance, and implementation of test scripts while accelerating overall test coverage for quality.

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Key Steps of Software Testing and QA Service Process

We are a full-cycle quality assurance testing company that follows a strict procedure for optimal performance and software functionality.

Evaluate Automation & Testing Needs

We discuss the details with clients to understand their vision, goals, and project ideas. Before initiating the test phase, we hold a lengthy conversation to cover all the requirements, objectives, challenges, ideology, and how they relate to your business goals.

Defining Testing Scope

We outline the scope of your testing and align it with your needs to determine whether you require a specific or a full-scale test of the application.

Tools Selection

Our team discusses the tools that fit well with application design and architecture to maximize results and identify any issues.

Testing Data Creation

Our QA engineers determine whether the automated test scripts and data created are up to standards or whether it needs amends. They identify issues with data to complete the test with little to no downtime.

Setting Test Environment

We set the environment according to software setup and configuration to ensure the best results. Our engineers identify bugs, errors, and issues in real-time running scenarios through the environment.

Test Execution

After selecting tools and environments, our engineers execute QA and testing setup and document every error or bug identified to validate the data.

Working with ClickySoft

Client Focused Outcome

We have a client-focused approach that helps brands understand the role of QA and testing services to identify opportunities and solve real-world problems. We always keep the focus on customer experience and generated outcomes.

Proven and Trusted Methods

You can trust our methods as we fulfill all the industry standards to reduce the manual workforce and perform repeated tests. Our strategic approach adopts test automation for a sure-shot solution with accuracy and consistency.


Identifying errors at the right time saves you time and effort to fix problems and reduce costs. With our test automation and QA testing services, your app goes through multiple phases for a satisfactory result.

Enhanced Deliverables

Achieve fast delivery for applications without compromising code quality with reliable testing and wide coverage offered by ClickySoft’s software quality assurance services.

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Our Process

From the get-go, you’ll be speaking to one of our web experts who will be with you till the end. Our process starts from strategic planning and ends at the launch of your web, only when you are satisfied. Otherwise, we will redo your project.

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Here Is Why You Need Clickysoft's QA and Testing Services

Here are some ways to make us stand out from others as a reliable quality assurance testing company and show our expertise in this principle.

Software Quality Assurance And Testing Services Company In The USA

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Frequently Asked Questions

Software testing and QA is a process that identifies glitches or errors in software development. It includes various QA and testing services such as performance, load, regression, integration, unit, API, mobile application, and other tests.
ClickySoft brings years of experience in testing and QA services that businesses have leveraged to grow themselves. Our skilled and professional workforce aims for high-quality QA and assistance to deliver the best software solutions.
Businesses often misunderstand quality assurance and software testing as they aim for a bug-free and performance application process. The only difference is that QA ensures a project performs optimally for users and stakeholders, while testing involves tools and techniques to identify issues.
Working with our QA outsourcing team offers plenty of benefits, as we give you a cost-effective service without investing in any infrastructure. Other benefits include:
  • An agile approach
  • Maintaining software standards and security
  • Team and client collaboration
  • Professional and domain expert team
Codes and all the intellectual properties belong to the client once they have completed their process life cycle with us.
Yes, we can. We assess the existing application first to understand business domains and review all the codes. Based on our analysis, we recommend taking over an existing application.

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