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WooCommerce is the WordPress plugin of choice to develop an e-store with highly customizable themes, easy to use interface and incredible scalability. If that’s something that interests you then reach out to us so we can build you this eCommerce store plugin to boost your sales.

Our WooCommerce Development Services

We offer an end-to-end WooCommerce connection with WordPress services to develop a store from scratch or migrate your already functioning store over to this WP eCommerce platform. WooCommerce plugin is gaining traction in the world of online retailers, and our services can help you take advantage of this WP plugin to boost your sales and revenue. Based out of Houston, Texas ClickySoft has international clients from all continents. Here is an overview of the WooCommerce development services we offer:

WooCommerce Connection with WordPress

WooCommerce Theme and Template Design

Integration and Updates of WooCommerce Plugin

Maintenance and Technical Support

WooCommerce Shopping Cart Integration

Multi-Browser and Multi-Device Optimization

WooCommerce Customization and Optimization

Hosting Migrations

Website SEO

OUR Portfolio

Our projects boost businesses by improving the customer experience and helping you achieve your goals.

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Our clients love us for our talented teams and incredible work quality. We not only create stores but help you through the process of learning its operations and stay with you even after launch to help you get acclimated to the different features that make your store stand out. Read through these reviews to see what our clients have to say about WooCommerce website development and integration with WP services

John Townend
Marketing Director
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I couldn’t hire this freelancer higher. Mohammad took our idea, made it better and executed flawlessly. Great communication and high level of expertise from his team ensured that the project was delivered to a high standard and on time.
Kyle Huntzberry
Read More
Khurram was wonderful to work with and we were able to build a beautifully redesigned website in a little over a month.
Philip Leesha
Read More
Clicky Soft, did very well. As a developer I have very high standards for high quality code and they did a great job. They did the research needed and fixed everything that came up along the way. Another satisfied customer.
Jeff Venn
Read More
ClickySoft helped us with WordPress site speed for two projects, they helped with an urgent 14-hour landing page project. I highly recommend ClickySoft & we’re continuing to do more projects with them.

The Incredible Benefits Of WooCommerce

Just like creating a website on WordPress offers you many useful features, developing your store with WooCommerce does the same. You get an e-store that is easily manageable even by beginners, SEO features, easy navigation and more. Here are some benefits you will enjoy with a WooCommerce store.

Global reach

International Payment Options

Invoice and order tracking

Maximum Control over Admin Portal

Responsive CMS

Various Analytic Tools

Highly Customizable Interface

Geo-Location Enabled Taxes

Explore The Top-Notch Skills Of Our Developers

Our handpicked development team is experienced in creating many customized features in your WooCommerce store. They have worked on stores from various industries, some B2B and others B2C. So our developers are an ideal choice to develop your store according to your specifications. Here are some of the special features our developers can install in your WooCommerce store

Robust Order Tracking Feature

Our developers can add the extension for order tracking in your WooCommerce store, then integrate it with your email and PayPal account as well as your customers' email so you have a detailed record on file for every transaction.

Clean Interface

Since our developers are expert coders, they know how to create a glitch-free and highly interactive interface for your WooCommerce store. This feature helps you navigate your store easily from the back end and also offers your users a great shopping experience.

Customized Checkout Page

Depending on who your customers are, there can be some fields you can add or remove to ease the checkout process for your users. Our developers will personalize it based on your business research and industry-specific practices.

Here Is How WooCommerce Development Works At ClickySoft

Our development team includes WordPress experts who are certified and experienced in adding plugins. The process of integrating WooCommerce into your WP website is a carefully designed one, where we add themes, product descriptions and other SEO features to create an agile store for your eCommerce business.

Free Consultation

Here the ClickySoft point person will talk to you about your project and determine if the specifications you require are feasible. We also put forth our expert suggestions about how you can make modifications to improve the store.

Signing the Contract

Later we discuss the project outline with the team of developers who will work on your project and create a detailed draft of how we plan on achieving each of the specifications you require. Once that is done we get your approval...

The Development Phase

Our developers start work on your WordPress site and WooCommerce plugin. We seek the input of other members such as HTML experts, SEO strategists and such in case we need them during development.

Testing and Delivery

We run robust testing on your website and WooCommerce store to ensure the final product is bug-free and compatible with the website and the functionalities you desire. After rigorous testing, your website is ready to be delivered to you.

Post-Development Maintenance

Our services include long term maintenance and technical support from our developers. We do this so your website gets updated on time and you are not blindsided by any irregularities in the performance of your WooCommerce store.

Expertise with Technologies

What We Do as Your WooCommerce Development Company

PSD to WooCommerce Theme Conversion

We convert your PSD files to dynamic themes for your eCommerce store so you can move on from default themes and offer your customers a personalized and superior experience on your store

WooCommerce Plugin Management

WooCommerce is a plugin that allows you to create an eCommerce store on your WordPress site. We take it a step ahead and offer you other plugins as well which will enhance the speed and performance of your store. Our services include the integration and management of WooCommerce plugins.

WooCommerce Migration

In addition to creating a store from scratch, we also transfer your already established stores over to WooCommerce. Our services include guaranteed no loss of data, optimization, creating product descriptions and more

Social Media Integration with WooCommerce

Social media has a big role in spreading the word about your store and bringing customers to you. We add the social media extensions in your WooCommerce store through plugins and integrate them into your WordPress website.

Third-Party API integrations

Our services include integrating third party APIs in your WooCommerce store using REST API. We also make sure it’s compatible with your version of WordPress and WooCommerce and the rest of the plugins. We ensure it is bug-free before launching it on your store.

WooCommerce Store Development and Modifications

After adding the WooCommerce plugin in WP, we develop your store from scratch and set up all the features such as product images, descriptions, checkout navigation, cart discounts etc. We can also modify your current store to increase its functionality, speed and user experience.


ClickySoft’s WooCommerce Development Services

We Offer Trendy, Feature- Rich and Easy to Operate WooCommerce Stores That Will Increase Your Business Revenue.

Our team of dedicated developers is our strongest asset. Each member has a specified task which s/he excels at and once we take on your project, we are completely focused on it.

You should choose our WooCommerce plugin development services because we have an effective management and development process. So we always deliver your project before the deadline and within your budget.

Our clientele is global so we are familiar with the process of developing different kinds of stores, in different countries and integrating features accordingly.

Choosing ClickySoft WooCommerce Development Company will give you an incredible return on investment. Because our prices are competitive but it’s a steal for the services we offer. Our store customizations, page optimizations and other services are amongst the best on the market.

We Can Help You Increase Visibility and Sales of your Online Store with WooCommerce

If you are tired of slow and glitching stores with fewer options for customizations, then it's time you connect with our WooCommerce Website Development Company and set up a new e-store.

FAQ about Our WooCommerce Website Development Company

If your website suddenly slows down, your performance decreases or the traffic drops then it could be a sign of a security breach. In such a case, you can conduct an audit to check the code for suspicious activity. Technical audit is the same, where you check to see if all the plugins, extensions and customizations are working fine.

Yes, you can create a plugin on the WP website without an app or create both and sync them. Although the process of developing these two stores is different, the functionalities are similar, you can edit from anywhere using a mobile app and your users can use it just like they would use the web store.

Absolutely, you can use the Google tag manager to change tags whenever you want without having to re-code the store. This is a facility you get with WooCommerce since this plugin is created for beginners and non-tech retailers.

No, WooCommerce is a flexible plugin where you can customize as much as you want. The only condition is that you use clean code and official guidelines to do so. ClickySoft developers are experts in the matter, so if you customize through us there will be no negative impact on your WooCommerce store performance

Yes. We can optimize your store’s performance irrespective of the number of products. WooCommerce is easy to scale and that’s the reason why big eCommerce businesses use this platform. You don’t have to worry about adding more products to your store because our code will help you scale efficiently.

Absolutely, our services also include WordPress development and management. We can make all your pages match on both interfaces, and create uniformity between your front-ends along with in-depth modifications, customizations and other development services on WordPress and WooCommerce.

We don’t offer a set price for each store. The cost will depend on the kind of store we develop for you, the level of customizations and the scale of the project. Our business analyst will conduct a detailed survey of the project and divide it into various sub-projects, then we can give you the exact figure of how much your WooCommerce store will cost.

We offer long term maintenance for your store which you have to pay for. But there is a 90-day maintenance and support period that you get as part of your WooCommerce project without additional charges. During this time, we ensure that your store runs smoothly without any glitches. And if there are any issues we fix them immediately during these three months.

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