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Best QA Automation Testing Services Company In The USA

Reducing Test Cycle & Costs to Accelerate Success
ClickySoft offers seamless test automation services for QA organizations to enhance their scope of automation and accelerate delivery time for digital services with fewer issues and defects. We reduce response time for user feedback with new application features and service upgrades.

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Professional and Reliable Test Automation

As a professional automation testing USA, ClickySoft aims to bring unique expertise and tools to face the changes of test automation and reap its benefits. Our QA test automation services span web and mobile applications, and testing experts handle complex environments across multiple channels and increase broader market coverage for testing.


ClickySoft enables enterprises to automate their testing of multiple devices and browsers using any automation framework. We combine QA expertise and automation with ML/AI capabilities and extensive tools to ensure a responsive approach.

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Benefits of Hiring Our QA Testing Automation Services

You bring the industry's best when you hire ClickySoft's QA test automation services. We tailor every project according to end-user intention for the best experience and usability.

Accelerate Marketing Time & Minimize Costs

ClickySoft understands the value of time and costs for application implementation and ensures that your testing is in the right hands. Our test automation reduces the manual time for your services to market faster and gains more market coverage. We increase operating efficiency with improved user satisfaction for profitability.

What do We Offer Our Clients?

Cost Reduction

Our innovative QA automation testing script handles several engineers’ workloads and reduces the team’s size, giving you up to 24% cost efficiency.

Shortened Delivery Times

Our automated testing suite finishes the job faster than a human and thus reduces the overall project delivery and lead time.

Addressing Challenges

Thanks to our QA testing automation, engineers can emulate user experience to assess and test the application on different devices simultaneously.

Improved Accuracy

Our professional QA testing and automation team utilize advanced tools and updated methods for the process with excellent reporting, analytical, time management, and communication skills.

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Our QA Test Automation Service Expertise

We bring a fully automated testing feature for large-scale applications to improve ROI with specialized tools and frameworks. Our service expertise includes the following:

Graphical User Interface (GUI) Testing

The GUI testing automated mouse clicks, keystrokes, menu selection, calling object methods, and others to ensure functional behavior. GUI testing tools record user actions and replay them to compare actual with expected results. GUI is mostly done for mobile and web application testing.

Unit Testing

Unit testing means creating different units to determine whether the part of the codes is working as expected under given scenarios. It is a part of Agile development methodology, and a project is only deemed functional if all units pass the test.

API Testing

API testing means every API defined for the application fulfills its performance, reliability, functionality, and security expectations. This test is used to validate the behavior of an application under the testing phase.

Continuous Testing

Continuous testing is a feature of QA automation services in which an application goes through continuous testing throughout its developmental life cycle. The goal is to assess any hidden business risk that might arise after implementation.

QA and Testing

The app in development goes through several QA and testing phases to identify bugs and issues until the final design. We consider all the feedbacks and comments you give us as a guideline to make changes and shape the app according to your vision.

Implementation and Maintenance

We roll out the app’s final version in a real-time environment to measure its success. It gives us hands-on experience with app functionality and points out changes needed to keep the app working optimally. It also includes all post-implementation maintenance and updates.

Working with ClickySoft

Client Focused Outcome

We have a client-focused approach that helps brands understand the role of testing automation services in realizing opportunities and solving real-world problems. We always keep the focus on customer experience and generated outcomes.

Proven and Trusted Methods

You can trust our methods as we fulfill all the industry standards and keep you in the loop. Our QA automation testing services are streamlined, cost-effective, and designed to match your goals and budget.

Experienced Team at Your Disposal

The testing engineers create solutions that work across major operating systems, web platforms, and all functional devices, such as tablets, laptops, and smartphones.

Transparent Communication

Communication is the center point of our company as we believe in project visibility from the point of contact till the end. Some of our modes of communication include emails, Skype, Zoom, and Google Hangouts for clear and constant communication.

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Our Process

From the get-go, you’ll be speaking to one of our web experts who will be with you till the end. Our process starts from strategic planning and ends at the launch of your web, only when you are satisfied. Otherwise, we will redo your project.

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Here Is Why You Need ClickySoft's QA Testing Automation Services

Here are some ways to make us stand out from others as a testing automation company and show our application design and development expertise.

Best QA Automation Testing Services Company In The USA

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Frequently Asked Questions

Automation testing is a feature that validates whether software or application functions appropriately and meets the requirements before final implementation.

The 5 steps to starting the testing automation process include:

  • Defining the scope of automation
  • Selection of test tool and method
  • Planning and designing the process
  • Executing test cases and drafting reports
  • Maintaining previous test case results

Some of the challenges that enterprises face during test automation include the following:

  • Delivery on multiple channels, formats, and devices, each with its complex environment
  • Globalization for a broader market coverage to test
  • Need for responsiveness for quick user feedback in the form of new service or application features
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Accessible team of professionals
  • Low attrition rate
  • Trusted services
  • Domain expertise
  • 100% Satisfaction
  • Testing automation tools selection
  • Defining the scope of testing
  • Test automation design and development
  • Execution
  • Efficiency measurement
  • Test Maintenance
  • Record and Playback framework
  • Data-Driven frameworks
  • Hybrid frameworks
  • Keyword driven framework