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Make your mark in the digital space with our Node.JS development services. We can help you create a website or app that accurately represents your business and its future. We can leverage the features of Node JS like no other company can – our portfolio is the proof of that. Check out our services below and book a free consultation to work with one of the best Node.js development companies in the US.

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Node.Js App Development Company From Houston, Texas

Our app development services expand many areas and cover multiple frameworks. Here’s a quick glimpse of our services with Node Js backend.


Over the years, we have worked with clients from various industries to develop their websites, apps or chat applications with Node Js. Our projects are always designed to include all the features our clients want. We also follow best practices as accepted by industry experts to ensure the quality of deliverables.

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Benefits You Have With Node Js

If you don’t know why you should select Node JS to build your app or website, then here are a few reasons to help you understand the value of this back-end runtime environment.

Expertise Of Our Node Js Developers

The developers at ClickySoft regularly upskill themselves to get familiarized with the advancements of the industry. That’s why our services are much better than some other Node.js development companies. Here are some of the expertise of our developers that can make your app one of a kind.

Excellent Coders

Our Node.js developers can write clean code with JavaScript. This ensures that your app is secure, fast and offers a superior user experience.

Node Js Architecture

Our developers are experienced in the event driven design of Node.js. We can manage several client requests and create a seamless link between the server and end-user for the exchange of data.

Data Management

Some Node.js applications require a lot of data from multiple sources. Our developers can manage different databases and integrate various data sources in your app.

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Node Js Web Development Company - Our Process

Being a top Node js web development company, we follow a specially designed process to give you the best quality software solutions. This methodology of ours delivers great results and streamlines the app or website development process. Have a look at what’s involved when you work with ClickySoft:


This stage includes meetings between your team and our developers. Here we talk about all the details of the project, scope of features, deadlines, competitors and more. The goal is to get all the information sorted that will help us deliver the best software solution possible.

Strategy and Wireframing

Here we strategize about the features, layout, plugins and decide on the best technologies for your needs. We create blueprints for your project and develop wireframes to give you an idea of how the app will look like with the different functionalities. The stakeholders have to approve the wireframes for us to proceed to the next step.


Once we have decided on the outlines and the project layout, we start working on the app development. We create mockups for the app to give you an idea of the design and graphics. Then we develop beta versions that include most of the features.


Prototyping is an important step that helps us remove bugs and improve features before the app goes live. It allows customers to interact with the app so we can gather feedback and improve the UI/UX.

App Launch

We launch the app or website after we have thoroughly tested it and removed all the bugs. Our developers closely monitor the app to ensure that nothing goes wrong with sudden heavy traffic. We also gather feedback from the user and manage analytics to give you accurate results on how your app is performing.


We offer long term maintenance which includes app updates, bug fixes, performance and quality testing, migrations and plug-in installations. You can extend these services beyond the initial 90 days period by starting a new contract with us.

Get to Know Our Node.js Development Services

API Development and Integration

Node Js apps work well with APIs. We can develop custom APIs for your apps and integrate them into the Node JS app without it negatively affecting the performance or the speed of the app or website.

Node JS App Development

We develop web, desktop and mobile apps with Node JS. Here we can work on the front-end and the backend and perform all the necessary testing to ensure top quality. We can also integrate all the features you ask for.

App Upgrades

We can perform app upgrades for your Node Js app to make it compatible with the latest version of Linux, Windows, and macOS. Upgrading on time can save you from a lot of work in the future.

App Support and Maintenance

We provide regular support to your in-house teams and perform maintenance of your apps as needed. This includes testing, adding features, integrating APIs, removing bugs and improving the UI.

Plug-in Development

Plug-ins can give your app features that it inherently doesn’t have. We can develop and install plugins while making sure that your app can still have a good page load speed and offer users a seamless experience.

UX/UI Design

We use HTML/CSS to call Node.JS modules directly from your app’s DOM to develop the UI for your Node JS app. Although Node JS is primarily for the back end or client-side, we can use it to develop UI/UX as well.

Bug Fixing

We remove bugs from your code and add defenses against future attacks by hackers. Bugs are a part of the software but removing them is also essential. We provide bug investigation services as well to identify weak spots.

Single Page Applications

We develop SPA with Node because it uses a single language JavaScript for the back-end and front end so we can share code between the two. We can also create excellent routing with Node Js which is necessary for SPAs.

Chatbot Development

We can develop chat applications that allow instant updates and multiple user interactions. These apps are not limited to text messages. We develop video chat apps with Node Js as well.

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Our Process

From the get-go, you’ll be speaking to one of our web experts who will be with you till the end. Our process starts from strategic planning and ends at the launch of your web, only when you are satisfied. Otherwise, we will redo your project.