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Legacy Software Application Modernization & Migration Services Company

Upgrade your legacy applications with our modernization services. Our application modernization services assist you in transforming your outdated systems into agile, scalable, and secure results. We give end-to-end application modernization and migration services, from assessment to deployment, or for any platform or technology. Contact us today and find out how we can assist you in improving your business productivity with our application modernization results.

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Features of Our Legacy Software Modernization & Migration Services

We provide legacy software modernization and migration services that assist you in modernizing your old systems to advanced technologies and platforms. Our application modernization results include assessment, design, development, testing, deployment, and support. We have experts who can manage any legacy modernization design smoothly and effectively.


Our legacy application modernization services ensure smooth solutions that make users happy and achieve business goals with ease.

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Benefits of Our Legacy Software Modernization & Migration Services

By selecting our legacy software modernization and migration services, you can take advantage of the following benefits: Improve your business agility and scalability: Our application modernization results help you adapt to modifying market demands and client prospects. You can use advanced technologies and platforms to provide quicker, better, and more trustable services to your users. Reduce operational costs and risks: Our application modernization and migration services assist you in optimizing your legacy systems and exclude unessential maintenance and support expenses. You can also upgrade your security and compliance by migrating to cloud-based or hybrid environments. Increase your competitive advantage and innovation: Our application modernization consulting helps you distinguish the best strategies and results for your legacy modernization design. You can also access advanced features and functionalities that enhance productivity and performance.

Expertise of Our Application Modernization and Migration Services Team

Our team has the skills and expertise to manage application modernization and migration services design. We’ve experience working with customers across many industries and sectors, delivering prosperous legacy modernization results. We have the expertise and knowledge to operate on any technology or platform, from legacy systems to cloud-grounded or hybrid environments. We also deliver application modernization consulting to assist you in planning and executing your legacy application modernization strategy. With our company, you can trust that our application modernization services design will meet your deadlines,  budget, and quality standards.

Economical Upgrade Solutions

With our skilled experts, your legacy application modernization project avoids unnecessary time or resource wastage. Our developers, specializing in legacy modernization services, ensure cost-effective solutions tailored to your needs.

Diversity in Skills

Our team brings a wealth of experience in various aspects of application modernization services, covering frameworks, languages, front-end, deployment, database, and architecture. As a versatile legacy software modernization company, we cater to diverse needs with precision.

Streamlined Project Management

Our efficient project management ensures timely responses, adherence to schedules, meeting client expectations, and project completion within deadlines. Following a strict process, we stand out as a reliable legacy application modernization services provider.

Reliable Timely Delivery

Utilizing techniques like Scrum and Agile Framework, ClickySoft ensures consistent and timely delivery of top-notch legacy software modernization services. Trust us for reliable legacy modernization solutions, perfectly aligned with your project requirements.

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Our Legacy Modernization and Migration Service Methodology


We examine your legacy system and identify the best modernization services for your business objectives and budget. We use industry-standard tools and frameworks to evaluate the specialized business value of your legacy application and determine the optimal modernization approach.


We design a detailed roadmap and infrastructure for your modernization design, including the choice of platform, technology, and devices. We align our application modernization results with your business vision and strategy, guaranteeing that your modernized application meets your current and future requirements.


Our expert team can transfer your legacy code and data to the new platform using automated or manual strategies, depending on the complexity and scope of the design. We utilize our experience as a software modernization company to guarantee a smooth and flawless migration procedure, minimizing the pitfalls and disruptions to your business operations.


We validate the migrated application’s functionality, performance, and security, guaranteeing that it meets your prospects and conditions. We apply best practices and procedures for testing and quality assurance, like agile, DevOps, and continuous integration and delivery.


We optimize your application for the cloud environment using the advantages of scalability, flexibility, and adaptability. We use cloud-native technologies and infrastructures, like microservices, containers, and serverless, to upgrade the effectiveness and trustability of your application.


We give continuous support and maintenance for your modernized application, guaranteeing that a system remains up-to-date and secure. We provide application modernization and migration services that include monitoring, troubleshooting, patching, advancing your application, and delivering training and documentation.

Our Legacy Application Modernization & Migration Services

Portfolio Assessment and Planning

Our legacy software modernization services start with a complete evaluation of your legacy applications and a strategic plan that aligns with your business objectives and budget.

Application Re-architecture

Legacy modernization services involve redesigning your legacy applications to make them more scalable, reliable, and maintainable using modern architectures and technologies.

Application Re-engineering

Our app modernization services include refactoring and optimizing your legacy code to enhance performance, quality, and security using best practices and norms.

Application Migration and Re-hosting

Application modernization and migration services allow you to transfer your legacy applications to advanced platforms and environments, like cloud, web, or mobile, minimizing disruption and danger.

Data Migration

Our data migration services assist you in transferring your heritage data to new databases and formats, guaranteeing its integrity, availability, and harmony with contemporary applications.

Application Integration

Our application integration services connect your legacy applications with diverse systems and services, like APIs, CRM, ERP, or BI, to boost their interoperability and value.

UI and UX Modernization

Our UI/ UX modernization services transform your legacy applications ’ UI and UX to make them more user-friendly, responsive, and appealing using contemporary design principles and devices.

Cloud-native Development

Our cloud-native development services produce new applications using cloud-native technologies and strategies, like containers, microservices, serverless, or DevOps, to influence the advantages of the cloud.

Microservices Implementation

Our microservices implementation services break down your legacy monolithic applications into minor, self-dependent, and loosely coupled services that communicate through APIs and can be delivered and measured independently.

Application Modernization Consulting

Our application modernization consulting services give expert guidance and advice on updating your legacy applications, from strategy to implementation, using our proven procedure and best practices.

Application Replatforming

Our applications-platforming services transfer your legacy applications to new platforms that support current features and capabilities, like cloud, web, or mobile, without changing their core functionality or code.

Application Optimization

Our application optimization services fine-tune your legacy applications to enhance their effectiveness, usability, and stability using many ways and tools, like testing, debugging, or monitoring.

Application security and compliance

Our application security and compliance services guarantee your legacy applications meet the recent security and compliance norms and regulations, like GDPR, HIPAA, or PCI DSS, using encryption, authentication, or auditing.

DevOps Methodologies

Our DevOps methodologies accelerate and simplify your legacy application modernization and migration service, applying nonstop integration, continuous delivery, or robotization.

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Our Process

We’ll work with you from the launch to update your legacy applications and transfer them to the cloud according to your specific conditions. Our procedure starts with a strategic evaluation and concludes with the migration and enhancement of your applications only when you’re satisfied. We’re sure of our services that we give a 100% satisfaction guarantee to our clients.

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Why Choose Us as Your Legacy Software Modernization Company?

Legacy software can hinder your business productivity, invention, and competitiveness. It can also expose you to security pitfalls and compliance difficulties. That’s why you need a trusted and skillful legacy software modernization company to assist you in transforming your legacy software into up-to-date, cloud-grounded results.

We’re a leading software modernization company with a proven track record of providing successful legacy modernization services to customers across numerous industries and sectors. Our team of experts can manage legacy software using the best application modernization results and technologies.

We offer a complete range of legacy application modernization services, including assessment, planning, migration, testing, optimization, maintenance, and consulting. Our dedication lies in delivering the best application modernization services that suit your requirements and prospects. Contact us today for a free discussion and quotation for your legacy software modernization design.

Legacy Software Modernization Company

Time to Make Your Business Better With Our Solutions

Transform your business with our legacy modernization solutions. We specialize in upgrading and enhancing your systems, ensuring a unique and efficient presence that sets you apart.


Legacy application modernization service is the methodology of promoting or reforming outdated, frequently monolithic, and inefficient legacy systems into more contemporary, effective, and adaptable results. It's significant because it can enhance business performance, invention, and competition and minimize security pitfalls, maintenance costs, and operational complexity.
Partnering with a legacy modernization company brings numerous advantages, such as reduced operating costs, better security and compliance, boosted scalability and flexibility, and access to modern technologies and expertise.
Legacy applications can pose many challenges, like limited functionality and features, lack of support and updates from merchandisers, security vulnerabilities, difficulty integrating with up-to-date systems, and high maintenance costs.
The price of modernizing legacy software can range from $50,000 to $250,000+ per application. To get a more accurate estimate, you can use some online calculators or consult with a qualified legacy modernization company that can provide you with a personalized quotation.
Our approach to legacy application modernization involves thoroughly evaluating the existing systems, identifying specific pain points and objectives, devising a modernization strategy, choosing applicable technologies, and implementing the migration process while minimizing disruption to business operations.
Legacy modernization can be challenging due to different aspects, for example, complex and outdated code, dependences on obsolete technologies, lack of documentation, potential data migration consequences, resistance to change from clients, and the need for careful planning to guarantee a flawless transition.
When selecting a legacy modernization company, consider aspects, for example, their expertise and experience in modernizing similar systems, past successful projects and customer references, their approach and strategies, the extent of support and maintenance they offer, and their ability to understand and address your specific business requirements and objectives.

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