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Best React Native Application Development Services Company in the USA

React Native offers several incredible features that we can leverage to develop mobile apps for your business. These cross-platform React Native apps increase your reach and provide access to many more users across iOS and Android operating systems. What’s holding you back? Connect with us to see how we can help.

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Features Of Our React Native App Development Services

Based in Houston, Texas, we employ expert react native mobile app developers who create cross-platform apps for your business. Here’s an overview of the react native services we offer:


Our cross-platform apps are made with clean code and offer great user experiences. That way, our clients enjoy high-performance apps with minimal issues. From small business owners to enterprises, our clientele includes businesses from various industries. Have a look at some of the apps we’ve previously developed.

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Benefits You Have With React Native Apps

If you don’t know why you should choose React Native over all other frameworks to create your mobile apps, then here are some benefits that you should know about.

Skills Of Our React Native Developers

Our state-of-the-art react native services are possible due to our experienced developers. They know about all the advancements in the coding and development world along with experience working with the latest technologies.

Expertise In Technology Stacks

Integrating the appropriate web APIs in your React Native apps is vital for them to perform well across various platforms. Our developers have expertise in GraphQL and other front end Web APIs.

Experience In Testing With Jest, Enzyme And More

Mobile application development is not complete without testing. Our developers are experts in unit testing with Jest and Enzyme together to speed up the process and provide more accurate results.

Proficient In Databases Such As Redis And MongoDB

As part of our React Native app development service, we train our developers in various databases so that we can cater to the specific needs of different projects. This allows us to create complicated data structures quickly and precisely.

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React Native Development Services

Our approach to developing React Native mobile apps is based on a decade of industry experience. We have worked on apps of different scopes and so our methodology is designed to succeed with all kinds of projects.

Client Meeting

Our process begins with a meeting between your company’s stakeholders and our project manager and development team leaders. Here we discuss the scope of React Native apps, audience identification, competitors and the challenges that you need the mobile applications to solve for your business.

Creating Project Outline

Once we have enough data to know what kind of React Native app will work best for your needs, our development teams create a project outline with your input. This includes details on timeline, features, testing stages, feedback loops and more.

App Development

After the project is finalized and approved by all key partners, we begin application development. React Native is unique in the sense that iOS and Android app developments take place simultaneously by reusing the code, so this stage is completed much quicker than the app development processes using other frameworks.

Testing and Debugging

After the beta version is released, we conduct extensive testing based on user and client feedback about the app. We fix any bugs that present in the beta version and continue testing the versions until both – the React Native development team and the client – are fully satisfied with the final product.

React Native App Launch

The iOS and Android App launch is a momentous occasion for a business owner. So we make sure to take care of the backend while you enjoy the user’s positive feedback and the features of your app. Our developers monitor the app closely to ensure that all features are working as intended and we stay on hand to provide any maintenance if needed.

App Upgrades and Maintenance

Our React Native app development service doesn’t end with the app launch. We provide regular upgrades and debugging services for all apps that we develop. You can extend your contract with us if you would like us to keep maintaining your app after the initial 90-day post-launch period.

ClickySoft’s React Native Application Development Services

Product Ideation

Our expert developers can leverage their experience to turn your vision into an actionable plan. You can come to us with only an idea and we will work with you to determine the best strategy to convert your idea into an app for your business.

React Native App Development

We develop iOS and Android mobile applications using the React Native framework. That way we can reuse the code to create uniformity in features in all the apps. It also speeds up the process and delivers excellent results.

Custom Native Module Development

If you need a feature that React Native doesn’t have a module for, then we can custom create it for your iOS or Android app. Sometimes the native performance is better than what the React framework offers and so our developers design the module based on the requirements.

MVP Development

Our MVP development services are for clients who are unsure of what features they need in their apps. Here, we develop apps with enough features needed for launch. Then regularly gather feedback from initial users to improve and add more APIs and features as needed.

Staff Augmentation

If your in-house teams lack React Native development expertise then you can use our staff augmentation services without additional overhead. This way you can have access to experienced developers and create a unique and high-performing mobile app.

End-to-End Testing

We provide mobile application testing in all stages of development. Our developers use code to replicate user scenarios to identify performance issues and validate integrations. Testing also continues after the app has launched to ensure that heavy traffic doesn’t negatively affect performance.

Cross-Platform Migration

If your business only has an Android or only iOS app, then we can migrate it across platforms to give maximum users access to your business. We can upgrade your current apps and make them compatible with the latest technologies.

React Native App Customizations

We can add or remove features from your already established mobile apps to customize them according to your changing business needs. Our developers work with the latest tech and use clean code. This ensures that the performance of the app doesn’t decrease due to customizations.

On-time Delivery

Our react native mobile app development company prides itself on always sticking to the agreed-upon schedule. The timely delivery of your app is just as important as its features and the code.

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Our Process

From the get-go, you’ll be speaking to one of our web experts who will be with you till the end. Our process starts from strategic planning and ends at the launch of your web, only when you are satisfied. Otherwise, we will redo your project.

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Why Choose ClickySoft as Your React Native Development Agency?

With over a decade of experience creating mobile apps and working with React Native, ClickySoft has the required experience to create unique custom apps for your business. Our react native development service is not limited to app development and launch, we also offer several other services related to React Native that you can benefit from. You should work with us because we practice clear communication, consistent delivery, efficient project management and around the clock service. We quickly onboard our clients after the initial meetings thus helping you streamline your app development without any unnecessary delay. With ClickySoft, you’ll have access to time-zone aligned teams who have expertise in modern technologies. We prioritize your needs and have a long history of delivering successful projects.

Top React Native Application Development Services Company in the USA

Are You Ready To Scale-Up Your Business Apps?

In today’s competitive business world, you can’t surpass your competitors without trailblazing mobile apps. Let’s work together to create them for your business.

FAQs about Our React Native App Development Company

Mobile apps that work on more than one operating system are called cross-platform apps. Operating systems can mean iOS and Android. React Native gives developers the freedom to reuse the same code to develop cross-platform apps.
The key difference between the two is that React JS is a library while React Native is an entire framework that is based on React JS. You can use React JS to create complex apps but you can’t give the apps native features without using React Native.
The average time for react native app development can range from 4-6 months. But the actual time varies based on the scope of the project, the number of developers and the expertise of the team. We can start coding for your app within weeks of the first meeting. Get in touch for an accurate estimate of the app development timeline for your project.
It can. Otherwise, if you want customized native features on either one then we can manage that as well. Creating specific features on both is actually the preferred route. Often the features are the same or similar since the code is the same. But the difference lies in how these features perform on the different operating systems.

Our quotes are customized depending on the scope of the project. You can book a consultation with our team and we can give you a better idea of the total cost after understanding the details of your project.

Yes, we can convert native apps into React Native. To do that, we’ll install React Native dependencies and add them to the React Native code. If you have separate apps for iOS and Android right now, then we’ll have to integrate both individually.
We invest an appropriate amount of time in the client meeting and project outline phases so that we can fully understand your requirements. That way, we know exactly what you need which reduces the need for post-development revisions. Our teams are highly experienced in React Native so that also contributes to our fast development.
We perform code audits to check for bugs in the apps. We also upgrade features and remove outdated ones to make sure that the app offers exactly what the users need. The long term maintenance includes ensuring app support with new software and hardware, removing bugs and improving UI as needed.

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