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We develop websites and apps from the ground up and also improve existing websites’ functionalities according to your requirements. Accelerate your online presence with high-functioning websites and web applications by working with ClickySoft Web Development Company.


Features of Our Web Development Services

Based out of Houston, Texas ClickySoft developers offer you end-to-end Web Development Solutions that help you overcome challenges and set you apart from your competitors. Read the overview of the services we can offer as your Web Development Company.

Interactive Web Design

Web Application Development

Web CMS Development

Front-end and Back-end Scripting

eCommerce Website Development

High-Level Security Configuration

Website Updates and Bug Fixing

Long-term Website Maintenance

Enterprise-level Website and App Development

Benefits of Custom Website Development Services

At ClickySoft you will have only the most highly skilled developers working on your project. And it is due to our enhanced expertise that we can offer you several hidden benefits along with customized Website Development Services. Have a look at how our company can help your online presence.

Improved website SEO

Web Development Consulting

Increase User Engagement

Easy Website Navigation for eCommerce store

Enhanced User Interface

Social Media Integration

Expert 24/7 Maintenance

Conveniently Scalable Websites

Expertise of Our Web Developers

We handpick our developers after rigorous testing and training. That’s why our Web Development Solutions are second to none. Since there are many options of frameworks and programming languages to use for website development, we ensure that our developers have a diverse skillset to offer you remarkable services. Here’s why you should hire ClickySoft’s developers.

Cost-effective Development

Since our developers are highly skilled, they don’t waste your time while designing your website. Based on their experience, they know just how to get to the root of a challenge and solve it thus saving you the cost of unnecessary steps.

Exceptional Problem-Solving Skills

Custom web development demands good problem-solving skills. And our developers are trained in recognizing and resolving issues before they become a major problem for you.

Analytical Thinking Ability

Our web developers excel at examining problems and creating workable solutions for them. That way no problem is too big for us and no project is out of our scope.

Team of Full Stack Developers

Our full-stack developers can look at the project from a birds-eye view like no other. Since they know each aspect of web development, they can offer strategies for maximizing the use of different frameworks together.

Web Development Solutions by ClickySoft - Our Methodology

We follow a meticulously designed and thoroughly tested approach for our Website Development Services. That ensures that each of our clients gets the best service and we deliver on our promise of exceptional web solutions.

Client Meeting

We discuss the project outline, scope, end goals and customizations during our first meeting with the client. Upon agreeing on all the details, we finalize the contract with all the specifications clearly mentioned and assign a point-person...

Project Initiation

Once the project scope is finalized, we begin development. We form a specialized team of developers for individual projects. This team has experts in front-end and back-end development, graphic designers, and SEO specialists.

Designing the Prototype

We develop a prototype of the website or web app to get the client’s approval on it. Here, we integrate all the feedback and client suggestions to make the project exactly as the client wants it to be, while of course using our expertise...

Final Web Development

After the client approves the prototype, we finalize the UI, back-end, functionalities and finish up the entire web development.

Testing and Launch

Before sending the website to the client, we run tests on it to check its efficiency, speed and performance under different conditions. We fix any issues that emerge during this step. Then we launch the website with our client.

Maintenance and Support

Our developers are on hand after the launch of the website to guide you through any hiccups that may come up. We also offer long-term maintenance and technical support for periodic website audits, upgrades and fixes.

Our Portfolio

Our Web Development Projects Generate Great Results

Scroll through our top Web Development projects to see how we help grow businesses.

Our web developers create all the features according to your specifications. That way you get a product that helps you achieve new heights in terms of business growth and website users.

We're Expert in

ClickySoft’s Web Development Services Include

Custom Website Development

We can add specific features that are unique to your website. It’s more than just making a customized theme and adding exclusive graphics, we create an overall website that is difficult to replicate and will help you stand out from other websites with a generic front-end and back-end.

eCommerce Websites and App Development

Our services include building your eCommerce website and an app to go with it. We create uniformity between the two and offer app features to match the ones on the website.

Plugin and Integration Services

We can integrate different payment gateways, password protection systems, video players, social media and more into your website. We also connect various plugins according to your specific needs.

Website Design

We create web designs that are not only good to enhance the user experience, but also improve the website performance and maintenance. By collaborating with graphic designers, our web developers can build you a customized web design.

CMS Development

Our CMS development service is mostly used by enterprises. These include building a website where you can write, edit and publish posts with incredible ease and enjoy more functions than a readymade CMS.

Fast Turn-Around

We deliver projects on time and within short deadlines due to our efficient and well-managed development system while maintaining our high-quality standard. Our turnaround time is a testament to our superior knowledge and web development abilities.

Website Migration Services

If your current website is not giving you the desired results, then we can make changes in the back-end framework, improve user interface, change domain, adjust content and more to make it more SEO friendly and monitor the progress afterwards.

Update to HTML5 Website

Since HTML5 is the latest version, we can upgrade your website to this, or create an HTML5 website from scratch. It offers the most current designs and compatibility of your website on new browsers.

Website Performance Testing

Our Web Development Services include testing your website or app to see where the performance issues are coming from. Then we fix the code and redesign your website as required to enhance the performance and increase website traffic.

Why Choose

ClickySoft as Your Web Development Company?

Full-stack developers and a high client satisfaction rate are the top reasons.

We have worked as a Web Development Company in the USA for over a decade. We have created over a thousand websites and web applications during this time, and each of our clients has loved our services.

You should choose ClickySoft’s Web Development Solutions because of our track record of delivering quality projects within the deadline and budget. Our attention to detail and expert web developers allow us to constantly maintain our high standard of service.

Our services are diverse; from eCommerce websites to complex CMS, we have done it all. We regularly update our skillset and learn new technologies so we can give you the best Web Development Service imaginable.

Our Client


Our clients’ words support our claims of being one of the top Website Development Companies. Give these testimonials a read to see just how much our clients have enjoyed our services.

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It's Time to Accelerate Your Growth with a Superior Website

Our developers are ready to assist you in taking your business online and giving you a unique online presence. Are you?

Call Us Now

(832) 847-6000

It's Time to Accelerate Your Growth with a Superior Website

Our developers are ready to assist you in taking your business online and giving you a unique online presence. Are you?

FAQs about ClickySoft’s Web Development Solutions

Webpages are a subset of a website. It means that web pages are single pages that exist within websites. The development of the two is quite different in scope. Because you have to code extensively to create a website whereas a webpage is easier and faster to develop since the structure of the website is already there.

Custom websites are better because they offer you individuality and uniqueness. It adds to the credibility of your business and improves SEO. The best reason to get a customized website is that it is tailor-made to fit your audience.

When done poorly, yes it can hurt your SEO. But professional web development companies have the necessary skillset to migrate your website without damaging your rankings by fixing redirect links, avoiding duplicate content and such steps.

Testing is a rigorous process where your website is checked for multi-device compatibility, speed, performance, UI and UX, image sizes, ads and popups, ease of navigation, security and more.

Our web development services include front-end and back-end scripting, improving site SEO, web app development, creating eCommerce stores, installation, maintenance and much more. We have described our services in detail above.

Absolutely, our web development company does user interface development of already built websites. For that, we will assign you our competent front-end developers who will use an appropriate framework to create a UI that satisfies all your specifications. We ensure that this upgrade does not negatively affect your website’s performance by using best developing practices.

Absolutely, we have experience in developing websites from scratch and getting great results from them. You can look at some of our success stories in the testimonials and our portfolio section above. Our team of developers has a diverse skill set which allows us to create enterprise-level websites and applications.

We understand that new ideas may come to you after finalizing the web development blueprints with our management team. That’s why our process includes creating a prototype before the final product so we can adjust changes in that. If you ask for changes after the project is launched, then we will do that as well but for an additional charge.

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