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Standing out on the web is easy if you have a unique website design that sparks an interest in your audience and stimulates them to stay on your website and explore your business. That’s possible with the right Website Design Agency taking care of your online presence. ClickySoft’s experienced web design team is here for you if you are ready to create something remarkable.

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We serve international clients by developing responsive and user-friendly web designs for them. Based out of Houston, Texas ClickySoft has been in the web development industry for over a decade. Our team consists of graphic designers, front-end developers, brand strategists, and expert web designers.


Our projects boost businesses by improving the customer experience and helping you achieve your goals.
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Benefits Of Hiring Website Design Services

Creating a website involves more than just adding a theme that looks good. Usability, UX and performance are important parameters to judge how good a web design is. Hiring a professional web designer can elevate your website over your competitors by offering your users a seamless experience on the website. Here are some more benefits you can enjoy by hiring website design services.

Skills Of ClickySoft’s Web Designers

From increasing functionalities to improving the aesthetics of your website, our web designers are exceptional at developing an interactive user interface and giving you the advantage of a memorable website.

Website Design Conventions

While our developers are experienced in following web design conventions or best practices, they are also experts in strategically adding unique features to make your web design one of a kind.

Extensive Industry Knowledge

We have experience in working with various web designing tools and developing websites in all the widely used frameworks. Our developers keep themselves updated with new advancements so that they can give you the best web design for your website.

Effective Code

To increase the performance of your website and keep the load times low, our developers write clean code using the appropriate programming language. You won’t run into problems with your web design because we pay extra attention to the code.

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Website Design Agency In Houston

At ClickySoft, we have curated a meticulous process for web design which ensures that we always deliver high-quality services. Based on our years of experience and advanced industry knowledge; we can understand unique client requirements, create dynamic strategies and develop the required website. Have a look at the steps involved in our web design services.

Understanding the Project Scope

Our process begins with a meeting between our project manager, web design developers and your team. We cover our basis by understanding your user personas, project requirements and end goals then researching your competitors…

Hatching out the details

Our team guides you on the web design features we recommend you have and takes your feedback on the various mock designs our team puts together based on the extensive information we gather from our first meeting and research.

Architecture design

Once the details are finalized, we begin project development. Our development and design teams link up to create a customized design that gives you all the functionalities you desire. From core features to specific functionalities…

Programming and Testing

For programming, we choose specific frameworks that pair up well with the rest of the website. We systematically check our code and run it through rigorous testing to find and fix bugs before launch. Our code is programmed…

Web Design Launch

After programming, testing and rechecking all the functions; we launch the web design. We closely monitor the website after launch to guarantee that everything operates as it should.

Maintenance and Support

Web designs can become outdated, cause glitches and other problems if not maintained properly. Our web design package includes maintenance and technical support for the long term. That way we periodically update the code to sync…

Overview of Our Web Design Services

Web Designs for Mobile and Tablet

Our services include creating web designs that work perfectly with mobile devices. Since over 90% of internet users access websites through a mobile phone your web design must be compatible with multiple devices.

Enterprise Web Designs

We develop web designs for enterprises keeping in mind all the requirements of a big business website. We design the architecture with customized buttons and clickable links in your web design while simultaneously keeping it simple and easy to navigate.

eCommerce Web Designs

Our eCommerce web design services are focused on converting your visitors to paying customers. We design the layout with a special focus on usability and by providing easy navigation between menus, pages and products.

Additional Services

Along with web designing for your website, we provide additional services such as content writing, copywriting, marketing consulting and web development. We take the work off your plate and assign our experts to write content on your website.

Search Engine Optimization

We develop your web designs to rank high on search engines. Each website owner wants his/her business to be front and center in Google so that they can have more visitors. We help you achieve that through our search engine optimization services.

Strategic Content Placement

A good web design is more than just a good color scheme and visuals. Although these things are important, content placement on your website is also critical. We create web designs where key information is highlighted, visuals are used in just the right amount and extra information is scan-able.

Web Designs with High Website Performance

Our focus is always on writing a clean code and using the appropriate frameworks to design your website. Since we have web designers with experience in all major programming languages, our designs load fast and improve user experience.

Browser Compatible Web Designs

We understand how your brand image is affected if your website fails to load on certain browsers, or if some of the functions don’t work. That’s why we ensure browser compatibility in your web design and test it in Firefox, Chrome, Safari and more before launch.

Prompt Error Notifications

To keep your web design functioning well for a long time, we add an error handling feature in the code so that you and your users receive notifications if there are bugs in the system or technical issues. That way you can fix your web design promptly and get back to business.

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Our Process

From the get-go, you’ll be speaking to one of our web experts who will be with you till the end. Our process starts from strategic planning and ends at the launch of your web, only when you are satisfied. Otherwise, we will redo your project.

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What Makes Us One of The Best Web Design Company in Houston?

And A Few More Reasons Why You Should Choose To Work With ClickySoft

Since we have over a decade of experience in web designing and development we can take on projects of any scope. You should choose ClickySoft because our web design services offer great results for your website. On top of high-quality service, we also provide competitive prices. Our process of web design is very meticulous which ensures that your project is completed on time, within the designated budget and per your requirements. Our web designing team includes graphic designers, web designers, web developers and marketing experts; their expertise together is what makes our designs so phenomenal. We value clear communication and transparency during the process; that way you won’t have any surprises to deal with once we deliver your web design.

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Work with us so we can accelerate your website traffic by developing a phenomenal web design for you.

FAQs about ClickySoft - Website Design Agency in Houston

That depends. Although highly complex web designs do affect the page loading speed, there are ways to minimize the damage with effective code and by following web designing best practices. You must choose a good web designer or else even a simple web design will slow your website, if not coded properly.
Web designing is creating the visual look of the website while web development is creating the entire website which includes the admin portal, databases, back-end and more. Web development is the umbrella term and web designing is one aspect of it; which focuses on the client-side or how the website looks to the user.
Easy navigation, user-friendly design, scan-able information, appropriate use of visuals, high page load speed and multi-device compatibility are some of the features that make a good web design. The primary factor in making a web design great is to help the user achieve what they came for; whether it's information, shopping or anything else.
Both of these are developed in different languages. The static web page remains constant for all users and throughout the page; such as the homepage of a business. The dynamic web pages update information regularly and show you different information every time you load, these are common for stock graphs and weather updates.
We can do both. Having a consistent web design across all your pages is the recommended practice as it gives uniformity to your website. We can design just one page and match it with the rest of your website; or create a web design for the entire website depending on what you need.
Absolutely, we have brand strategists and web designers on our team who can guide you on the color schemes that you should use based on your industry, level of professionalism you are going for and your user personas.
At ClickySoft we don’t offer the same timeframe to all our web design clients since the scope of the work can vary. We decide on the deadline during our first meeting after understanding your requirements.
We create web designs from the ground up using the appropriate framework based on what your website needs in terms of the user interface, website speed and more.

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