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Shopify Development You Can Get From Shopify Developers & Agencies – Complete Guide 2022

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In the world of the e-commerce market, Shopify Ecosystem is huge & provides a great playground to all stakeholders: from Shopify Merchants to Shopify web developers & Shopify development companies. Do you know where you stand in this ecosystem & what is best that you could offer to your customers in your area of expertise??? Well, to make this analysis & to grow in your field you need to have a clear idea of what your competitors are offering & what Shopify Clients are demanding.

In this article, we are going to discuss some of the top-notch, trending, & valuable Shopify Ecommerce Development Services so that you can get a reflection of where you stand out in the Shopify world & how much you have to improve your services in order to make a reliable name in the market.

Let’s get started!

Types Of Shopify Development Services

Types Of Shopify Development Services

Shopify development features and services are numerous, and the need for these services can vary from person to person as per their business needs. We have grouped some of the important and common types of website development services that are going to benefit all norms of Shopify merchants, business people & online traders.

Shopify Theme Development & Customization

Shopify Theme Development & Customization

User friendly theme and appearance is the backbone of any online brand so having a visually appealing Shopify theme is the need of an hour in order to create user engagement. In this regard, Shopify theme development should be done in accordance with the brand’s identity.

As Shopify is a huge ecosystem of online brands and millions of online stores are operational, in order to stand out in the market the UI design for Shopify Themes needs to be unique. Usually, people who aren’t aware of the terms like ‘brand identity’ prefer to use default themes of Shopify which isn’t a wise decision at all. Why? Because the theme and colors of your brand should be unique and appealing so that clients and customers get attracted to your online store.

The theme of your online store should be customized as per your niche, business needs, and brand essence. First of all, dig out some of the SEO Optimized Themes and pick out the few best ones as per the significance of your brand. While choosing, keep in mind that your goal is to attract customers and ensure easy navigation throughout the store. Then make a mockup of your store design and theme and then convert that PSD to Shopify Theme. In this way, you’ll be able to customize your theme with precision.

If you are setting up a new startup don’t compromise on your theme and design and in case you already have a store then Modifying Existing Theme is a much-needed decision.

Many Shopify developers & Shopify development agencies like ClickySoft are providing services like customizing Shopify themes, UX/UI theme designs, & Shopify theme modification.  Consult them & customize the design and theme as per your liking.

Shopify Online Store Setup & Customization

While setting up an online store, the Shopify customization services includes technical stuff & coding. This service demands a technical background of languages, tools, coding, etc, and not every Shopify store owner is a tech mania, then what to do? Here, you need the skills and expertise of technical people to develop and set up an online store.

Whether you are setting up a new store or looking forward to the customization Of existing Shopify websites you need to consult Shopify development agencies or experienced Shopify developers. They provide you consultation and development services which are best suitable for your store. Quite often, the default features of Shopify apps don’t cover the business needs so Shopify development experts will customize the store for you by taking care of all technical issues.

To unravel the technical problems of Shopify store owners, usually, the companies and developers offer services like building online Shopify store from scratch, modifying existing store, Plug-in Customization, development of landing pages & home pages, modifying existing landing pages & home pages, shopping cart customization, page optimization and much more.

Shopify App Development & Customization

Shopify App Development & Customization

Usually, the clients demand from the developers to develop a Shopify app & then customize it as per the business needs. Sometimes the developers have to set up a whole new Shopify app from scratch and quite often they have to modify an existing Shopify app. This service requires a lot of time because it involves some complex technicalities and specialized requests.

Also, while offering these services developers let you know about the utilization of the best possible features within your app so that you can offer your clients shopping services from the optimized Shopify app. From a variety of Shopify app development Features, select the ones that suit your business needs & ask your developers to build them for you.

Shopify Migration Services

Shopify Migration Services

This service is very crucial for business owners who haven’t started their online business journey with Shopify but now want to switch to this platform. Shopify migration services is for such merchants who are interested to shift their business services to Shopify so that they can be part of a world-class e-commerce ecosystem.

In case you want to switch your store data from the existing store to Shopify then with the help of any agency or developer you can avail fast, prompt, and accurate migration services. This process doesn’t take much time and the team or professionals can do this for you quickly.

While getting Shopify migration services from any agency or developer, don’t forget to discuss pre and post migration support services because you are going to need help from them in the future too.

Shopify Store Maintenance & Upgradation

Maintenance and up-gradation are crucial services if the long-term & sustainable benefits of any online store are sought. In this regard, you need to get Shopify maintenance services so that you can maintain your store effectively.

Some of the most important store updating And maintenance services include back-end maintenance, content update, update support of Shopify, database optimization, site security audit, complete security audit, and much more. You can hire a team of professionals to get these services. Also, don’t forget to upgrade your store as per the trending demands and needs of clients.

Shopify 3rd Party Integration Services

Sometimes it is very crucial to integrate various 3rd party apps and software into your online store in other to increase the functionality & features. i.e. Integrating the store with social networks, integration with google store, integration with CRM platforms, and much more.

Shopify integrations services take more time and it is more inclined towards high-end technical and customized features. Shopify integrations includes some of the common and useful features like CMS Integration, Multiple Payment Gateways Integration, ERP integration, CRM and Shopify website integration, and much more.

Shopify Seo Services

Shopify SEO Services

Another crucial Shopify development service is Shopify SEO service. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of Shopify stores is one of the best ways to increase conversion rate and to get organic traffic on your store. Also, it’ll be crucial to create your brand identity which means your store will appear in the relevant search results more often.

There is a diverse range of Shopify SEO services that you can get from your developers and development agencies. Some of these services are SEO advice, strategies to boost conversion rates, extensive audit and keyword research, content audit, page title optimization, implementing XML’s sitemaps & Google analytics, and much more.

Shopify Plus Enterprise Services

Shopify plus enterprise services are similar to the Shopify ones but larger in scale. If we consider this service from the developer’s end, the development work has to be done on a larger scale too. This service is helpful when the Shopify store owner owns a big database and they need high-end expertise to handle the bulk of data.

Shopify Extension Development Services

This service isn’t so common and usually, the Shopify merchants and traders aren’t aware of the Shopify extension development services. The Shopify extensions come to help when the store owners need to surface the functionality of the app. For example, You need a drop-down menu in your app for orders, products, and customers then you’ll require Shopify extensions to add up an additional drop-down menu.

Some of the most common and usable Shopify extensions include store administration systems, multi-store integration, & advanced newsletter. All these extensions are useful and from the plethora of Shopify extensions, you can choose the ones as per your business needs.

Now you are quite familiar with all sorts of Shopify development dervices so you might need reliable and trusted Shopify development company or developers. Here the question arises, how to pick the most suitable Shopify development agency? Well, we are still here to guide you, not to worry. Here are the tips and tricks to pick up the best development firm for your online store.

Where To Hire Shopify Developers


Are you familiar with some of the futuristic Shopify app development services & now you are looking forward to hiring some of the awesome Shopify developers to set up your store? Great, here are some of the valuable tips and tricks to choose the development experts from the market.

Where To Find & Hire Shopify Developers? This is the most common question that bothers business people a lot. Well, the foremost step is to look for recognized Shopify partners & experts; hiring them will automatically assure the quality of services because such people are skilled technical experts. Before hiring anyone, some of the factors demand your attention.

Considerable Aspects While Working With Shopify Web Developers

Here are some of the essential elements that need your interest whilst considering hiring the right developer for your website or app.

Identify Your Business & Store Needs:

Identifying the goals and objectives is the preliminary aspect of starting any new setup. This is one of the essential steps, as soon as done successfully will make the complete procedure smoother.

Initially, think about the custom designs and capabilities that you want for your e-commerce shop to make it unique and attractive. Think about goals and factors associated with a business that you need to include within your store, and write them on paper.

Prioritize Identified Business Needs:

Once you made a list of your goals and what you need within your store prioritize every point based upon how crucial it is for your store. Give every need a number so that you can easily tell your developer which module you need on a priority basis. i.e. Homepage of your online store.

Define Your Development Budget:

Cost evaluation is an important thing while setting up a new online startup. It is advisable that don’t just pool into the market to hire a developer rather define your budget first. This stage is crucial because after analyzing your budget you’ll be able to hire the development agency or seasoned developer as per your pocket.

Now you have identified your needs, prioritized them, and defined your budget, it’s time to look for the appropriate match to develop your online store. At this stage, you need to follow the below-mentioned tips to pick the best one for your store. Let’s have a look.

Factors To Consider While Hiring A Shopify Developer


Picking a trusted development partner is a tricky task. There are heaps of Shopify development agencies in the marketplace so it’s far a big obstacle to pick out one. Usually, such agencies focus on presenting special services for different businesses, so a way to select the one to your unique niche?

Following are the factors to keep an eye on while hiring a developer for your online store:

Look For Market Giants & Experts:

Look for the renowned Shopify developers or agency which specializes only in Shopify development and customization services.

Review Portfolio:

Look at their portfolio & carefully analyze their services & work processes. Also, ask them to show you their past projects.

Awesome Testimonials:

Check the opinions & testimonials about the developers and their services.

Way Of Communication:

Make sure the developers have communication competency so that both parties can recognize each other in a better way and tell each other about their interests without any hassle or hesitation. 

Pitching Strategy Of Developers:

Keep an eager eye on their pitching strategies. The developers have to have a unique and modern method of dealing and presenting things that will let you know how unique and expert they are in their respective domains.

Questioning & Arguments:

Check their competency by asking them the ramifications of questions. This is one of the best means to check where you and your developers are going to stand in the future.


Make sure the developers are understanding what you need and their business enterprise is aware of your requirement and goals.

Satisfaction Guarantee:

While discussing the goals and needs with developers, pay attention if the developers are willing to guarantee review and re-dos until you are satisfied with the services.

Your Offer & Developers’ Demands:

Get information from the developers about their organization’s price range for different offerings. Also, let them know how much you offer them.

Developer’s Customers Support & After Development Services:

Ensure their customer support and after-development services to avoid any problems in the future.


If you are short of time while planning for your store & you need to get along with any Shopify development firm on an urgent basis then consider these quick aspects about them:

  • Official Shopify Experts
  • Rock Solid Code Support
  • Clear Pricing
  • A Growth Agency
  • Support Fully Optimized Platforms
  • Responsive And Reliable

What Skills Do You Need To Have In Your Developers?

Here are some of the skills that you need to have a quick glance at while hiring a developer for your online store:

  • HTML
  • Javascript
  • Node
  • CSS
  • Ruby (For Offsite Apps & Scripts)
  • Php
  • Git & Theme Kit
  • Liquid

After getting proper knowledge about all the above-mentioned aspects related to your developers, you are in a better position to hire the best pick for you.

Final Thoughts:

Now, you are all set to be a part of the world-class Shopify community. The competitive level is very high & the sustainability level is low in this ecosystem but with proper strategies, you can stand in this open sea with a crown of success on your head.

We hope this article will be helpful for you to set up your online Shopify store. If you have any queries, let us know in the comment section below.


Some of the extensive Shopify web development services include:

  • Shopify Store Development
  • Shopify Store Customization
  • Shopify Theme Development & Customization
  • Migration To Shopify Stores
  • Shopify Store Backend Management Services

Shopify is an online e-commerce platform that allows business people to create an online presence. The services that Shopify offers are:

  • Create an online store.
  • Online store customization
  • Allows selling on products via multiple platforms. i.e. social media, web, mobile, pop-up shops, online marketplaces, and much more.
  • Management of products and maintaining inventory.
  • Shipping management
  • Payment scheduling and management

While picking up the development company for your Shopify store, hire the market experts with relevant experience. Also, ask them multiple questions about the relevant development work. Don’t forget to view previous work samples and testimonials.

Basically, WordPress is an open-source platform or stand-alone software that allows you to install plugins & host your website. WordPress is considered a well-established and flexible platform and supports a greater selection of a variety of options, whereas Shopify is a dedicated e-commerce platform that supports creating an online store, hosts a site for you, and provides advanced tools.

The cost of Shopify developers can vary depending upon their experience & the type of services that you are getting from them. In case you are hiring a Shopify developer to develop and set up an online e-commerce store then the rate would be higher. If you are focusing on certain features then the cost will be lower.

Hiring a Shopify developer or expert allows you to get a variety of top-notch services for your store. Also, it saves your time and effort so that you can manage other business activities with complete focus.

Learning Laravel isn’t expensive at all in fact people have learned this tool for free via tutorials & guides. On the internet, a variety of guides, tutorials, & free programs are available that offer free & paid courses to learn Laravel.

The best way to hire a Shopify expert is to pick up a few good names from the market. Then analyze them one by one by keeping a keen eye on their past work samples, expertise, years of experience, and testimonials. Choose the best one that suits your requirements. Don’t forget to talk about the budget and keep the pricing clear as per your pocket. After performing all the steps, pick out the best one that closely matches your business needs and budget.

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