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Top PHP Tips and Tricks that Every Developer Should Know

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Since its modest origins in 1995, PHP development has risen quickly. PHP has now become the most widely used programming language for Web services. PHP is used to power many prominent websites, and this renowned language is used to create the vast majority of programs and Web applications.

The great aspect of PHP development is that developers may find a guide for development on the official PHP site as well as the greatest PHP tips and tricks. Another benefit of PHP is that it is easy to discover suitable frameworks and CMSs to work on as a PHP developer. Many people wonder, “How can I make my PHP code better?” The answer to this is the ability to establish your own confidence in generating and launching a project. Building web apps is another way to learn PHP.

The following are some fantastic strategies that PHP developers should understand and apply on a regular basis. These pointers will help you improve your competence while also making your code more responsive, cleaner, and performance-optimized.

Bonus Tip: Here is a useful guide about PHP benchmark & performance review for various PHP versions on all the PHP frameworks & CMSs.

Use a SQL Injection Cheat Sheet to help you out


This advice is simply a link to a helpful resource with no explanation on how to apply it. While studying the different variations of a single assault might be beneficial, your time is best spent knowing how to defend against it. There’s also a lot more to Web app privacy than SQL injection. For instance, XSS (Cross-Site Scripting) and CSRF (Cross-Site Request Forgeries) are both widespread and dangerous.

MySQL driver should be removed

Now that we’re in 2021 and the technology we’re employing has progressed, it’s time to upgrade to PHP7. It’s past time to get rid of your MySQL database and replace it with PDO. A PHP plugin that allows you to connect to several alternative database managers.

MySQL Connector/Python is a key element of the MySQL driver, as it supports practically all of the functionality available in MySQL version 5.7. MySQL Connector/Python is a Python-to-MySQL converter that allows you to convert parameter values between Python and MySQL data formats. PHP obviously works with databases other than MySQL. This approach is one of the greatest PHP tips and tricks for website building using PHP as a PHP web developer.

Make a class for common tasks

Object-oriented programming (OOP) is a strong programming technique enabling flex coding and less labor for large and repetitive tasks. The procedural programming technique is believed to be more sophisticated and efficient than object-oriented programming. Object-oriented programming provides a number of benefits over traditional or procedural programming. Object-oriented programming is divided into two parts: classes and objects.

Get rid of those brackets

We suspect the author meant “braces,” not “brackets,” based on the substance of this tip. Some people confuse “curly brackets” with “braces,” although “brackets” always refer to “square brackets.”

This suggestion should be completely ignored. Readability and maintainability are harmed when braces are not used. Consider the following scenario:


if (date(‘d M’) == ’21 May’)

    $birthdays = array(‘Al Franken’,

                       ‘Chris Lauren’,

                       ‘Chris Jourden’,

                       ‘Lawrence Binger’);


This little addition enables you to celebrate every day if you don’t have braces. Maybe you’ve got the energy for it. Thus the error is a beneficial move. Hopefully, the hypothetical situation doesn’t distract from the main argument: excessive partying is an unexpected consequence.

The preceding article offers brief examples like the following to advocate the practice of dropping braces:


if ($gollum == ‘halfling’) $height –; 

else $height ++;


Any work with a huge array should always be done in chunks

With the aid of array chunks, we can improve our long-running array work. In PHP, we can split an array into small parts. The array chunk () function is a PHP built-in function that divides a display into portions or chunks of a specified size based on the variables handed to it.

The following is a PHP code for array chunk:

array_chunk($array, $size)

The last chunk may include the array’s data sets, which may be smaller or more than the size.

$token_array = {‘321321321s5d1s3d5a1sd’,













foreach(array_chunk($token_array, 10) as $token){


  //manage your task


Favor str replace() Over ereg_replace() and preg_replace()

We don’t want to come across as sarcastic, but this advice exemplifies the type of misconception that leads to the very abuse it aims to prevent. Although it is self-evident that string functions are quicker than regular expression units at matching strings, the author’s effort to draw a conclusion from this fails badly:

Greg replace() and preg replace() are substantially quicker than str replace() if you’re utilising regular expressions ().

This sentence is meaningless since str replace() does not provide pattern matching. The decision between string functions and regular expression functions is based on which is more appropriate for the task at hand, not on which is faster. Use a regular expression function if you need to match a pattern. Use a string method if you need to compare a string.

Make Use of a Framework

All decisions have ramifications. We love frameworks — in fact, the creators of CakePHP and Solar both work at OmniTI — but utilizing one doesn’t automatically make your work better.

Although we would want to provide you a universal truth, we are unwilling to expand this concept to propose that a framework is always applicable. If you ask us whether or not you should utilize a framework, we can only say, “It depends.”

Bringing it all together

PHP, an open-source programming language, is one of the finest for developing websites. Although it is simple to use, it is typical that learning takes time. However, if you know all of the advanced PHP tips and tricks for superior efficiency and website building in PHP, you are a master!

Consider using PHP-based frameworks and CMSs over Core PHP, as they can provide more incredible speed, a lighter website, and yes, you can construct your website with PHP more quickly.

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