Stripe Integration in React JS

A thin wrapper around Stripe Components is the stripe integration in React JS. To every React app, it helps you to add Components. This doc implies that you already have React’s simple working knowledge and that you have a React project already set up. If you are new to React, we suggest you take a look at the Getting Started guide before proceeding. For collecting online payments, you can use Elements with any Stripe product. Strip checkout react JS is the perfect integration route for your organization.

Advantages of Stripe Integration in React JS


Build a fully API-based integration or use our Javascript library just to tokenize your customers' payment information, all while developing your custom checkout UI.

In-person Payments

Accept payments using the Stripe Terminal in person. Developer-friendly SDKs let you create a custom checkout that takes your in-person transactions to Stripe's payments platform.

Bank Redirects

Boost conversion by providing a more convenient and reliable way for consumers to pay from their bank account. Bank redirects are the preferred form of paying electronically in many nations by approving payment using the customer's online banking credentials.


To boost sales and help clients reduce conversion costs, process fees, and show rates in a client's desired currency.

Online Payments

Build an online account and start accepting payments in minutes, requiring no contracts or banking information. You can build a stable and personalized payment flow with our modular APIs, libraries, and SDKs.

Recurring Payments

The Stripe Integration in React JS helps build per seat, flat-rate plans, and usage-based subscriptions, or bill your clients with flexible invoices. Stripe makes it easier for organizations to set up and manage recurring payments with built-in solutions, retry failed payments, automatically upgrade expired cards, and help customers manage their payment details.

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