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Squarespace & Shopify integration: A Guide to Connect Both of Them

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This tutorial will teach you using Shopify with Squarespace.

This is a very easy but efficient way to get the advantages of Shopify (checkout options, taxes, and so on) without giving up your Squarespace. Squarespace simplifies your life if posting with content is vital to your company. However, if you wish to sell goods at the same time, you can need more than the platform currently provides. You will add items and collections to your web using Shopify Life.

The Shopify Buy Button is a solution that helps you to embed/link to your Shopify store from everywhere, even other website platforms such as Squarespace. You can have the modern Squarespace web interface on the front end and the super-powerful commerce features provided by Shopify on the back end with only a few lines of JavaScript. You may embed a single commodity or whole set – it’s entirely up to you!

Step 1:      Create your Shopify stuff

To save time, you can also import your items from Squarespace to Shopify.

Step 2:      Make a buy icon

Other than creating a purchase tab, you don’t have many options with Shopify Lite. You’ll need to upgrade to an online shop and edit the theme if you want to customize your product block and make a Squarespace payment gateway.

Step 3:      Customize and style the button or view

You have three models to choose from: a superficial view, a press, and a comprehensive view of product definitions and variants.

Step 4:      Develop the code

Take a copy of this and paste it onto your clipboard.

Step 5:      Insert into a code block

The exciting thing now is embedding this into your Squarespace pages. You must use a code block.

Step 6:      You’re done

To validate your configuration, ensure that your payment system is configured and proceed through the checkout process.

What will be the cost of square Shopify integration?

Another factor to keep in mind is that this is a very cheap choice, with the Shopify Buy Button capability costing just $9 per month. Furthermore, since you would not need any of the commerce functionality on the Squarespace side, you will get away with the Business plan, which saves you $8 – $22/month instead of the Basic or Advanced Commerce methods, respectively. Spend $9, and you’ll save $8. I believe you have the ability to swing the buck.

Exciting things to do with Squarespace payment gateways

  • You may use email campaigns, social media updates, or direct messaging to provide checkout links to particular product variants.
  • Integrate Shopify items into sidebars, landing pages, blog entries, and other areas on your website so that users can complete their purchases without leaving your site.
  • Squarespace also supports payment methods such as Afterpay and Klarna!

When people first start selling products online, they often turn to Squarespace as an easy-to-use commercial platform that does not require a specific website creation experience and is very easy. However, as the online product assortment expands rapidly, they need more room to organize the selling process, and the more successful the online store becomes, the more items are added to the stock list. This is where Shopify fits in. So, to make it simpler for you, budding entrepreneurs, you are welcome to use our ultimate guide to make this change easy and profitable.

Common reasons to complain

If you are still unsure about why you should make the transition to Shopify, let us dispel your suspicions by enumerating a range of explanations, after which you can never ask this question again and will do the right thing, which is to choose Shopify.

Content and business management

This is the first and most important issue you should have. But, my God, I wish all things were this simple to solve. Shopify’s JavaScript Buy SDK is here to help you become an effective content manager by integrating Shopify e-commerce into your website. This combines Shopify’s strong cart and e-commerce system with the CMS of your choosing.

However, e-commerce may be the source of your discomfort. Once again, the answer is obvious: Shopify must serve the content. This is possible for theme customization, which includes parts and blocks. When using Shopify’s blogging app, build press pages and look books. And voila, either of your issues is no longer relevant; merely keep in mind that you must pick your primary emphasis and tailor Shopify to your needs.


After using Squarespace, which has a relatively simple interface, Shopify can seem complicated at first glance. However, figuring out how the process operates would take no longer than a couple of hours.

Shopify is a ‘pure’ eCommerce builder that, unlike Squarespace, which was built to develop non-eCommerce websites, is best suited if you want to create a more sophisticated online shop, providing a wide variety of functionality and resources such as a primary content editor, a ready-to-use working environment, ready-made templates, embedded e-commerce features, drag-and-drop construction tools, and so on.

As a result, you get a wide range of custom editing solutions for creating and managing an entire online store.

What are the benefits of using Shopify with Squarespace?

Support for customers

Shopify places a high value on customer service. And people adore the sense of being well cared for. Whatever tariff package you choose, the company provides complete 24/7 customer service, including cellular, text, and email support. Another excellent service provided by Shopify is direct access to an extensive support system from their website, which includes user forums, tutorials, and frequently asked questions.

Getaways for payment

Shopify accepts a significantly broader range of payment methods than the majority of website builders. Although Squarespace only offers two solutions, Shopify offers over 100 integrations, potentially enabling purchases from any perspective connected with a website on the ground.


Shopify provides you with all of the necessary marketing tools. Their standard subscription contains SEO tools as well as powerful eCommerce analytics that show you how your users find you online, which can help you with your internal marketing efforts. Let’s imagine you notice that the bulk of your unique visitors came to your site after looking for “the best balsamic vinegar from Italy.” Then you could start a writing series about it and put your best-selling Italian flavours on your homepage.


A pattern can be built in a variety of ways on Shopify. The themes are developed by architecture firms and are accurate depictions of existing and future designs. Furthermore, Shopify provides a “live” theme environment that allows you to change your desired theme as required. Your chosen theme determines the number of adjustable parameters you get for a specific Shopify theme. The more sophisticated your style, the more customization options you have.


In the end, while Squarespace’s e-commerce tools are decent (better than average), they cannot compete with Shopify, which is an oriented, committed e-commerce store builder.

So, if you just want to use Squarespace as your primary website designer, using the Shopify Buy Button for your Squarespace website gives you an additional option to power up your online store resources.

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