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Clickysoft is a software development business based in Houston, Texas, offering high-quality, cost-effective, and efficient software development services that suit your unique demands, budget, and timeframe. Try talking to our experts today!

Clickysoft Software Development Services Company

Clickysoft Software Development Team provides a range of technology and market knowledge to our clients. We develop diverse complex, web-based and mobile applications for all business needs.

We have highly trained engineers with outstanding technological expertise and experience in the implementation of the current software specifications, tools, platforms, applications, and innovations. Moreover, we continue to invest in training and education for a proactive work approach, in order to be able to adapt to any emerging technology problems and demands of our clients.

Our expertise and understanding contribute to added value and peace of mind for our clients. With Clickysoft, you always get quality apps and perfect service.

Best Software Development Services Available

Complete Software Development Outsourcing

Helping businesses progress through a comprehensive software development project roadmap or part of mid-sized and large companies to help their business progress.

Custom Software Development

Specialize in building tailored enterprise management software systems to fulfill the particular needs of your company.

Software Product Development

Creation of SaaS, smartphone, and desktop applications for advertisement and delivery to mass enterprise/consumer users.

Development Staff Augmentation

Our IT experts will help you bridge the cavity in your internal tools and skills.

Software Outsourcing

Full-cycle custom software production. Just tell us your requirements, and we will offer the best end-to-end software development solutions.

Software Support and Evolution

A complete variety of resources to keep your business-critical apps safe and secure via help desk and assistance, cloud transformation, legacy reengineering, and much more.

Our On-Demand Software Solutions

Custom software development services leverage the power of businesses in every industry.

Internet Security

Internet security is vital, especially for the success of large-scale projects. Managing security threats, confidential data, or any company resources, we are happy to accept the challenge and serve as your watchdog to wipe off any hindrance to your company’s safety and functioning.

Artificial Intelligence

AI offers limitless possibilities for every organization. Technologies such as Machine Learning and Deep Learning revolutionize all sorts of systems and day-to-day activities. Let us help you develop your company with artificial intelligence through machine learning and deep learning.


From cryptocurrencies to supply chain management, Blockchain's decentralized, distributed and public ledger provides high-level security, accountability, and regulatory compliance.


In a fast-moving world, IoT is rising in popularity. Real-time tracking, automatic communication will speed up your company in a wonderful way. Let us help you save time, costs, and human capital to run a company.

Mobile Applications

Mobile applications offer fun and interactive interactions that bind consumers to brands. The development of native, hybrid, and cross-platform smartphone apps provides fresh and lasting strategic advantages.

UI/UX Design

Our customer interface (UX) and design experts are keen to address the needs of end-users. We trust software that not only performs well but also has exquisite architecture and is simple to use. Our UI/UX Design department is made up of graphic design professionals and our programmers and testers are also trained in design.

Data Analytics

Data capitalization is a direct road to the exploration of actionable information into processes, consumers, and business goods. BI and Analytics describe data-driven success and development decisions.

Interesting Software Development Facts

Interestingly, IoT (Internet of Things) is leading the software development trends of 2020. Furthermore, Statista foresees that the AI-driven Market revenue will grow from 9.5 billion USD in 2018 to 118.6 billion USD by 2025.

What makes Clickysoft Software Development Team the best?

Clickysoft software development team is proud to develop integrated solutions and provide IT consultancy services to leading corporations and start-ups across the globe for over a decade.


Our manufacturing solutions enhance in-house coordination with large organizations through intranet SharePoint sites, improve connectivity with corporate partners with extranet solutions, ensure data-driven decision-making through analytical and monitoring facilities, and ensure a clear online presence with user-friendly multilingual websites.


We provide applications for healthcare facilities, medical centers, hospitals, life science firms, and other healthcare organizations. Our technological tools help clients maintain a safe, efficient, and insightful relationship between patients and caregivers.

Banking Services

We also empower banks and financial institutions by bringing technologies to life that enhance both management performance (such as CRM and SharePoint-based communication tools) and customer support (e.g., credit card collection, loyalty management systems, web and mobile payment banking software, and safe 24/7 access to bank accounts).

Retail and E-Commerce

We offer funds for the development of CRM solutions to manage extensive operations for wholesale and retail suppliers – inventory, billing, monitoring, delivery, and more. Our expert developers can custom-build a framework that suits and enhances the current business processes.

Oil and Gas

Clickysoft has extensive value-added expertise in the oil business. Our staff will offer innovative software services to oil and gas administration, tracking, publishing, data collection, and end-user operations firms.

Logistics and Transportation

We promote and improve freight and passenger transport; improve transport protection through diagnostic and rescue systems; contribute to the efficiency of public transport services through route planning and smart card solutions, and more. For each initiative, we concentrate on time-saving and cost-effective transport strategies that streamline the business of the respective service providers.

Software Development FAQ's

Preparing expense analyses, determining staff positions, drawing up roadmaps, defining corporate priorities, main market principles, target customers, key functions, prioritization, etc. We will find you related ventures that are already active in the market as a benchmark against them. We help you create user people, mock-ups, time frames, project status, and project estimation.

We need to plan a project scope and build a budget to give you a precise response. We can inform you how much of the project can be done within the budget, and we will be able to predict how long it will take to complete it.

You do not have to be a software development specialist for hiring our software development services. We appreciate your expertise in this matter if you happen to have one but we’re able to lead you through the entire process with clarity. We rely on your goals, and we’re going to offer what you so deserve fully need to up your game in the market.

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