React Native PayPal Integration

Luckily, you don’t need to set up PayPal’s own transaction server. With the PayPal business logic, you can incorporate a React Native service component and reuse it anywhere in your program(s). You need to build a PayPal REST API program before you can incorporate the component. Any name can be your “App Name.”

Features of React Native PayPal Integration

Direct Payment

With React Native PayPal Integration, you don’t have to leave the website to make payments. Instead, the Direct Payment API allows buyers to use their credit cards without having a PayPal account. Meanwhile, PayPal handles the payment in the background.

Authorization & Capture

A permit puts a lock on the funds and is valid for a period of 29 days. PayPal advises that you capture the funds during the three-day honor period following a good authorization. The success of the capture shall be subject to the risk and availability of the funds available under the approved financing instrument. You may issue several re-authorizations during the 29-day authorization period, after the honor period expires. A re-authorization creates a new Authorization ID and resumes the honor period, and the new Authorization ID can be used for any consequent internment. If you re-authorize on the 27th day of the authorization, you will only obtain an honor period of two days.

Card Verifications

A card check is used to verify that the account of a card holder is in good standing without processing or applying a card authorization for a payment transaction.

Recurring Payments

A monthly payment handles subscriptions that occur on a fixed schedule, billing arrangements or other fees.

Reference Transactions

Another feature of PayPal React Native Integration is reference transactions. It is a financial transaction from which it is possible to infer subsequent transactions. For instance, a buyer buys a product on your website and you use the PayPal reference transaction ID to start another transaction that you and the buyer have agreed upon.

Virtual Terminal

The Virtual Terminal of PayPal is a web-based program that enables you to accept payments by credit card. Merchants in the United States, Canada, France, and the United Kingdom have access to it. The Virtual Terminal gives the organization the same features as an autonomous credit card processing terminal. When you collect orders by phone, fax, or mail and want to accept credit cards, the Virtual Terminal is perfect. To process face-to-face transactions, an optional card reader is available; some limitations apply, however. Any computer with an Internet connection and a web browser can use the Virtual Terminal.

Hosted Solution

Hosted Solution, which is available as part of Website Payments Pro to merchants in the United Kingdom, is a quick and convenient way to add transaction processing to your website. It is a free, web-based payment solution hosted by PayPal that enables you to securely send your purchasers to the payment page of PayPal to approve and process transactions. Buyers pay through their PayPal account or a debit or credit card. On your website, you do not have to collect or store credit card information, thus helping to comply with PCI. The Hosted Solution is the alternative for merchants who prefer a solution where PayPal manages all financial information.

Event Notification

The GetTransactionDetails API operation can be used in most cases to decide the information you need about a transaction. There might, however, be some instances where you need to set up Instant Payment Alerts (IPN); for example, when you need to be immediately informed of actions, such as conflicts and their resolution. IPN is a messaging service used by PayPal to inform you of events, such as changes in the status of payment purchases, fees, periodic payment / subscription activities, eCheck payments, and more.

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