React Native Firebase

React Native Firebase is a simple Javascript layer that links to both iOS and Android native Firebase SDKs, intending to mirror the official Firebase Web Api as similarly as potential. While React Native can operate with the official Firebase JS SDK, it is primarily designed for the web and has a small set of functions compared to native ones. Using React Native Firebase native SDKs helps you use system SDKs that do not exist on the Firebase JS SDK, such as Remote Setup, Progress Reports, and Dynamic Connections Insights, and more.

Features of React Native Firebase

Firebase Analytics

It is possible to combine React projects with Firebase analytics. When using the React Native Firebase app, it helps track the user’s interaction, including the user’s events and properties. In that case, the user’s interaction with the interface is prominent. As for the User properties, you receive the performance of the UI elements otc.

The Firebase Analytics allows you to build 500+ events to track your users’ particular actions. This offers an expanded opportunity to track the analytics. It is also very similar to Google Analytics’ gtag.js. Therefore, you can use it conveniently if you are acquainted with Google analytics.


This feature involves the users’ authentication before using/building a chat app with Firebase React Native. To provide comprehensive security services, this feature uses SDKs and back end services. You can get authentically verified by means of phone number or password logins. React Native Firebase also helps connect global login channels such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Apple.

Make sure that you have the React-Native Firebase software module installed on your computer to use this feature.

It provides a surprising characteristic of understanding the state of the consumer. You will discover that the user has logged in or out of the app. You will need to build a module called onAuthStateChanged for this.

This module will connect to the state of the user and give you a live user status. When the user has signed in, this data will be initialized. The initialization of the module at the beginning is important for this.

Performance Monitoring

The monitoring of results allows you to analyze the firebase chat app’s performance react native. The perspectives and characteristics of particular features of the native application can be reviewed. It simplifies your interface and provides smart ideas for optimizing the app’s efficiency.

You can access the data for the native app from the Firebase console and learn about the problems that are degrading the app’s performance. By using the Performance Monitoring function, you can also get data from HTTP requests.

Performance Marketing helps trace the modules and events which are developed by the user. Hence, one can monitor the custom aspects, such as events regarding app code and network calls, with this.


The installation allows you to have your project configured with the react-native firebase module. Once the installation is successfully done, you can execute different codes.

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