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React JS: Why We Use it?

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Angular, Bootstrap, Webix and React Js are amongst few of the many JavaScript libraries available for developers. In recent years react JS has arguably become the most popular. With so many different existing options, you may wonder, why react JS is so well-liked by the development community? After all, it is a user-interface development framework like so many others, so why should you use react JS in particular?

Well, the simple answer is that it is convenient, easy to understand, safe, and reliable; to name a few of the reasons as to why you should use react JS. Originally created by Facebook, react JS is a front-end web development aid (JavaScript library) that you can use even with minimal HTML knowledge. The fact that it is quite easy to grasp and work with is one of the primary reasons why react JS is rapidly gaining favor.

For you to comprehend all the reasons as to why we use react JS, first let me just give you a comprehensive description of what react JS is:

What is React JS?

React JS is an easy-to-use lightweight JavaScript library made for web developers that want to create apps or UIs without having to deal with a lot of technical details of the code. For anyone looking to build a highly functional robust app in the shortest amount of time, react JS is the way to go. Whether you want to create a single-page app or a complex web interface, react JS will get the job done in the best way.

Did you know that the Facebook timeline and Netflix both employ react JS? More and more apps and websites are using react JS these days. It offers users the feature to debug the code, customize the user interface, and develop web pages where they need to track multiple changes.

Scroll down to read more about all the amazing features react JS has to offer, and why we use react JS.

Why we use react JS

State of JS conducted research[i] to see which front end framework is the most used and favorable amongst the users. And react JS won by a landslide!  64.8% of the users said that they loved everything react JS has to offer and would love to use it again.

Here are 10 reasons why we use react JS:

  1. Easy to get used to
  2. The virtual DOM feature
  3. Great Abstraction is why we use React JS
  4. The developer tools
  5. Reusable components
  6. React native
  7. Helps you rank on Google (SEO)
  8. Swift testability
  9. Code splitting for enhanced user experience
  10. The community

In this article, we will dig into each of these components and describe in detail why we use react JS. So keep reading:

1.     Easy to pick up:

Let’s be honest, it can get really annoying when all you want to do is develop an awesome app, but the lack of your detailed understanding of JavaScript keeps getting in the way. Well, react JS is a perfect solution for just such an occasion. Anyone who knows the basics of the language can use react JS to create a user interface for their apps. You will simply need to give the tutorial a read and begin. The more you use react JS, the easier it will get.

2.     View changes with Virtual DOM:

If you are about to develop an app that requires high user interaction, then we recommend using react JS. Here is why! A lot of the programmers’ time is spent writing code for the updates when developing an application that requires frequent view updates. React JS solves this issue with the new feature of Virtual DOM. Where a part of the code is kept in memory. And any time you need to make changes to the view, virtual DOM will compare the new to the old code and run it through its algorithm to inform you of the way that needs the least amount of writing to make the view changes.

3.     Let’s talk about abstraction:

The best abstraction for an app developer is the one that doesn’t engage you with the complex internal issues of the program. And no one does it better than react JS. This has to be one of the core reasons why we use react JS to develop our apps.

React JS focuses on the view layer so you can design the app how you like without being bothered with MCV or MVVM. This feature of react JS differentiates it from other front-end development tools such as Angular for instance.

4.     Redux feature and Developer tools:

Ever wanted to go back to fix a mistake like it never happened? Well, with the react JS Redux developer tool you can. As we covered in the previous point, in react JS all the updates are recorded so you can revert to any version and debug where there is a need.

Another useful developer tool is the react developer tool. It can be installed as a chrome extension so you can view the placement of the components any time you want. You can select any component and view its state to learn more about formulating the architecture of the app.

Speaking of components, let us look at the next point of why we use react JS.

5.     The components:

You can consider components in react JS as building blocks. You start construction on a house with a single brick and lay more bricks on top. Components are just like that, each component represents something simple such as the dropdown menu or a click button. You write components and build a hierarchy until the entire app is formed.

We use react JS because it offers us reusable components. What this means is that you can reuse a component (or a brick if you will) at multiple places in the app. Not only does this save time, but it also offers consistency and uniformity in the way your app looks.

6.     The React Native aspect:

Reactive native has to be one of the best things to come out of react JS. Using native, you can create apps that are cross-platform; hence you essentially create apps that work for iOS and Android. You will have to alter the code somewhat for the web but once you learn to use react JS, it will not be a difficult task.

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7.     Better for SEO:

Google and other search engines find it quite difficult to read heavy JavaScript apps and webpages. However, using React JS makes it easier to rank on Google. The reason for that lies in the fact that react JS shows your website in the form of a simpler code by running on a single server and storing the changes on the Virtual DOM.

For your page to rank, the Google bots analyze your site to search for relevant content. Using react JS allows you to pre-render the pages[ii]. This way the complex JavaScript is translated into a static HTML code; this, in turn, makes your site more SEO friendly.

8.     Product Testability:

This is where react JS considerably discerns from other JavaScript libraries such as Angular. In react JS, after you have created the app or a web page, you have the freedom to easily test the functions and make changes as required (using the virtual DOM feature). Since react JS uses ‘components’ to build the app you can swiftly move through different states and test your product.

9.     Code splitting:

React JS has this impressive feature where you can work or use an app without loading it completely. Because react Js works with components or bundles, it becomes easier to load specific parts of the code without having to bring up the entire app.

Say you want to adjust one aspect of your app, react JS will only load that using the code-splitting function. This improves the user experience by decreasing the load time for webpages and apps.

10.     The community:

Ever since react JS was developed, more and more well-known platforms such as Instagram and Yahoo Mail have integrated it into their systems. This has led to many developers getting themselves accustomed to the details of react JS. We use react JS because it is popular today and will continue to be popular for the foreseeable future.

In case we ever run into an issue or if we want to discuss a feature, we know we will find a great many developers who we can reach out to. Having a community of enthusiasts who have a deep understanding of a system always comes in handy, no matter what industry you are in.

In conclusion:

Although we have Vue JS, Angular, Preact, Polymer, and more JavaScript libraries, react JS is the one we use. The answer to why has been answered in the aforementioned points. These are only 10 of the many developer-friendly features that react JS has come up with.

Creating apps and web pages is a process that can be excessively time-consuming for some, and convenient for others. The difference in the type of experience you have depends on various aspects. One major step you can do to ease the process and have fun when developing is by using react JS with all its features. React Js has somewhat revolutionized the game, and its multiple builds in characteristics are why we use React JS!

If you have more reasons as to why you use react JS, then feel free to share them in the comments.

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