Payment Gateway Integration in React JS

Nowadays, making purchases in return for a product of some kind via a website or smartphone app has become commonplace. Several payment gateway tools make payment acceptance convenient for these websites and smartphone applications. React JS’s React payment gateway integration in react JS provides us with a simple and safe way to incorporate payment features in our┬áReact JS Application development company.

Our Process

Create an Order

Based on availability, guests pick a tariff from the property website. To build an order, our React App sends a request to Express API. In turn, Express calls Razorpay to build an order, and Razorpay's order ID is generated on the servers of Razorpay and returned to Express and then forwarded to the client app.

Collect Payment Details

Payment type is present to Guest upon successful order formation. The Guest chooses the required form of payment, fills the details, and completes the payment. This request is sent directly to the RazorPay server with the guest information and the Razorpay order ID received in phase 1.

Authentication and Authorization of a Payment

In Payment Gateway Integration in React JS, the customer's collected payment details are sent to your bank. Internally, Razorpay integration in react JS sends the customer's bank an authentication order. Razorpay is allowed to deduct the amount from the customer's bank account after sufficient authentication. Once approved, the transaction amount is removed from Razorpay and is not automatically settled into your account. Razorpay returns payment ID, which we can eventually continue along with booking details.

Capture Payments

You must verify that the approved amount deducted from the customer's account is the same as the customer's amount in the checkout form until the payment is authorized by the customer's bank. Only after this confirmation phase will the approved amount be settled into your account.

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