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Benefits and Tips of Outsourcing Enterprise Level Laravel Development

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Laravel has a relatively small learning curve as compared to some of the other best PHP frameworks so you can learn it and start developing projects really fast.

But outsourcing it to professional developers who build websites or apps with Laravel for a living is also an option. It can give you the peace of mind that your project will be top-notch with clean code and all the desired features. 

Since you’re here, I believe you already know that. 

In this article, I’ll share some essential tips that you need to know of when outsourcing a Laravel project. But before we do that, let’s review some of the amazing benefits outsourcing can offer you.

What are the benefits of outsourcing Laravel development?

Some of the commonly known benefits of outsourcing software development include less work for you, no investment in purchasing software and being cost-effective for some businesses.

Here are the top three benefits of outsourcing laravel developers on a per-project basis: 

1. Unmatched Expertise at a Better Price

Enterprise-level business websites and apps need to be highly responsive, fast, with great schema and offer remarkable user experience. 

So the team you need to build such an app or website should have the expertise for a big project like yours. And we know that although Laravel is easy to learn, it can be tricky sometimes. It requires a lot of practice to master so you can’t just hire any developer. 

If you hire in-house developers for your startup with the skills to get your project done right, then you’ll have to pay them a ton of money in salary and benefits as your full-time employees.

But if you outsource it to a professional development team like Clickysoft, then you’ll get the same, or even better, expertise at a lower cost. 

Sometimes, outsourcing can also reduce the mobile app development cost and time since development agencies have massive teams and an efficient process to build software solutions for businesses. 

The developers you outsource to can also create customized features for you. That’s because these companies work with the latest versions of Laravel and distinguish themselves by how great a service they can offer you.

So they keep training their developers to explore new Laravel features, and you can leverage the benefits of this by outsourcing your project’s development to them. By choosing a Laravel development company like Clickysoft that invests in ongoing training for their team, you can be confident that you are working with developers who are up-to-date on the latest features and Laravel best practices. This can help ensure that your project is developed efficiently and effectively, and that it takes advantage of all the benefits that Laravel has to offer.

2. Quality Assurance 

Most developers don’t have the time to do extensive testing so outsourcing the project might be the way to go. 

A Laravel agency can help you with regular upgrades, manual and automatic testing, API installations, package management and so on. 

That way, they can take website or app maintenance off your hands and free you from this headache. 

3. Outsource Only a Segment of the Project

If a certain segment of your Laravel project is out of your reach, then you can outsource just that portion to a Laravel web development company.

It could be for extending some features, migration services, eCommerce API development, bug fixing and so on. 

Some people don’t realize that outsourcing is not all of nothing. If developing the entire project by an outsourcing team is too costly for you and you still want to take advantage of their expertise, then hire them only for specific steps of development. 

What are the best tips for outsourcing Laravel development?

Hiring a development team per project clearly offers you several benefits, but there are certain things you need to take care of as well. 

Here are the five things you should remember when outsourcing Laravel development: 

1. Mind Your Privacy

Since you’ll be sharing some – or a lot of – confidential information about your business with the Laravel developers, you have to ensure that your data is secure. 

So you should check if the developer or development agency you’re choosing offers you a non-disclosure agreement (NDA)

You should also check if they have any privacy complaints against them or any NDA violation complaints. And when you have a preliminary chat with them, ask them about their privacy policies and the systems they have to keep your data secure. 

2. Check Their Availability

Finding a great Laravel development agency is great. It can be exciting to read all their glowing reviews, check out their amazing portfolio and think that you’ll get an incredible website or app if you work with them.

But there’s one more thing you need to check before making the final call of hiring a team – and that’s time zone differences and availability. 

Software development might require instant updates or changes in functionality. You can’t be waiting for your dev team to come online to resolve time-sensitive issues. So matching the working hours of your developers with yours is an essential component of your project’s success. 

Some developers even offer packages where you get priority in case of an emergency. That’s a great feature if you have the budget or the need for it. 

3. Choose a Team With the Right Skill Set

This tip goes without saying, but we’ll elaborate anyway. 

Different projects have specific needs. You might need a customs payment gateway, a state of the art invoicing system, a unique website theme or anything else that isn’t usual for a project like yours and requires a specific skill set. 

So you check the experience and skills of the dev team to see if they can deliver the exact project that you want.

But for that, you need to first know what you want. So have an idea of the app in mind along with its different features so that you know who you need to build it. 

If you have an idea, then that’s great. If not, then you first need to find a design and development team that can help you with ideation and project outlining along with development. 

Oftentimes Laravel projects fail because there’s a lack of understanding of what the client needs in the website or app. Don’t let that be you. Start with a clear vision and you’ll be much happier for it. 

4. Check References 

Just like you won’t hire a full-time employee without calling up their old bosses to see if they’re any good, you shouldn’t outsource your project to a Laravel dev team without doing a thorough background check.

For that, you should look at the agency’s portfolio, read testimonials, and have a call with them to make sure they can deliver expected results. 

5. Get Everything Sorted on Your End

If there are multiple stakeholders at your end that have a say in the project, get them all on board before you begin development or even before you find a dev team. 

A discourse amongst your internal teams can be damaging to the project. It confuses and frustrates the development team, slows progress and wastes money.

If you keep changing the requirements, your project will take much longer to develop than it should. And no one wants that.

Final Words 

Developing your app or websites with Laravel offers you access to a ton of amazing features. So you should make sure to do it right. If you don’t have the expertise to build a remarkable website or app yourself, then it’s best to hire someone who does. 

Don’t compromise on the quality of your project. Building a user-friendly and high performing project by paying a bit more now can pay off later.

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