Property rental

Shore Summer Rentals

This is a very extensive property rental project that we have built. The website is a source for property owners to register and advertise their luxury properties for rent. Users are able to find the property listings that best fits their needs by using the advanced search feature to filter available rental homes by town, number of bedrooms, open dates, budget and more. We’ve also separated rentals by attributes like beachfront, bayfront, full summer, monthly winter, pet friendly and last-minute deals.

Crowdsourcing platform

Taskmatch Website

A crowdsourcing platform designed to connect service seekers with service providers. Just describe the task you need completed, whether in person or online. Post it and start getting bids from verified professionals. We also offer escrow to safeguard money and services as well as a complete workroom to manage your projects

Crowdsourcing platform

MusicMerchNow Website

A crowdfunding platform designed to connect campaigners with givers. MusicMerchNow let’s one create a campaign, set target and raise funds. One can easily find and fund artist using our powerful search engine in the website. Funds remain with the platform until target is reached. There is complete transparency on the progress of campaigns accessible to all at all times.

A Video Sharing Platform

Videos Website

A direct competitor of YouTube and Vimeo. You can share and upload videos in any format and the platform transforms it on the cloud to make it available in a light weight format for the public. One can like share comment and chat with other users within the platform. There is a complete profile section and playlist management system to manage one’s channel.

Your Event Management solution

Sell Tickets Online with ezEvent

EzEvent is an event management and ticket sale platform for multi-vendors. They can create their own shop on the platform, create events as well as different types of tickets associated with them. There is a dashboard for each vendor to manage orders and sales as well as a super admin panel for the site owner to manage all buyers and sellers altogether.

Product customization tool

Vintage Logos Inc. Website

Its a product customization tool using which you can produce Custom Drum Heads, Stage Graphics and Band Merch for musical groups all over the world. Our goal is to get your style and image out in front of your audience. We offer a variety of cool products to make your band look and sound totally professional!

Ticket management system

Ticketheld Website

Find tickets to the best events in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. The best tickets for the best events! Buy and Sell tickets from Austria, Germany and Switzerland at the best prices.

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