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On-Demand Roadside Assistance App Development – Handy Features to Consider

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What is a Roadside Assistance App?

The towing industry has gained immense popularity in emergency services today. With a huge profit in the industry, developing a roadside assistance app is the best choice for entrepreneurs who want to dive into this profitable business.

Helping in situations like removal of broken cars from the road or helping people during break down. App for tow truck drivers has served as a savior in such conditions. Roadside assistance is not only limited to car assistance, as there are other scopes according to places or concerns.

On-demand roadside assistance app is the name of an app that connects a customer and a nearby service provider for a function. The functionality of towing apps may differ as per company and region, but the general working is almost the same. These apps offer tire replacement, repairs, towing, lifting, and other vehicle breakdown assistance.

How does Roadside Assistance Application Work?

From a technical point of view, working on-demand roadside applications is very simple and straightforward. It has a user interface with limited features used only when an emergency is on the road. However, with the evolution in technology, features and functionality of apps have also improved to cover more services.

The detailed working of tow truck applications is as follows:

  • User logs in to the application using a registered social media account, email, or phone number
  • Users will start searching for nearby available tow trucks
  • They schedule the service immediately or book it for later
  • The tow truck driver receives a request from the user side
  • Once they accept the request, they track the location in real-time
  • The driver reaches the destination and offers the service
  • The users pay via cash, card, or in-app wallet
  • After the completion of service, both the customer and driver can rate and review according to their experience

While this is the standard operative system for any tow truck app, its options and functionalities may vary according to the preferences or demands of business owners/customers. The changes are then added in subsequent updates to make the app more tasks and offer better service to customers.

Features to Include in Road Service On-demand App

Any roadside service app contains two sides: customer and service providers. 

The features of both sides have different functions and options available to fulfill the tasks or requirements. Let us look at the features for each:

Features for Customer App

Easy Login Authentication

An easy login and authentication feature allows customers to immediately log in to their app using their registered mobile number (or any other registered contact information).

Smooth Payment System

The app must provide multiple modes of payment, such as cash, card, or an in-built application wallet. 

Selection of Service

Customers can select from their preferred services in various categories available, from tire replacement, towing, or lifting. 

Rating and Review System

The rating and review option allows customers to share their opinion and experience of the service. The review system allows for improving the quality of service for users.


Real-time notifications allow customers to receive updates on the status of their desired services.

Emergency Alerts

An emergency alert feature allows customers to share the exact location and the driver’s vehicle registration number to an emergency contact or, if preferred, 911. 

Application Features for Service Providers


Drivers also receive features to easily register as service providers using their phone number, email, or social media account. 

Acceptance of Service Requests

The driver receives a request for service from a customer nearby in a real-time environment and can accept or deny the call.

Easy Navigation

Easy navigation features enable drivers to reach their targeted destination or pickup location using Google Maps integrated into the application.

Availability Updates

The driver can change the status to offline whenever needed to show his/her availability. However, only the driver with online status receives service requests from customers.

Extra Features: Admin Panel

Admin Dashboard

Admin can control all the features and options available on the application using a developer dashboard.

Driver Management

The driver management feature allows admins to monitor and track drivers and services at their will. Admin rights grant them authority to approve or discontinue any service provider account.

Customer Management

Similar to driver management, admins can also monitor customer and their requests with booking details that they can stop or forward as necessary.

Pricing Management

Admins can set fixed or customizable prices based on service types, location, distance covered, and other factors.

Benefits for Users

The on-demand roadside assistance app has gained popularity among customers due to its ease of access and various benefits. Some of the potential benefits for users include:

  • Users who have become stranded in any remote location or unknown place do not need to look for a mechanic to fix the problem. Now, a roadside assistance application offers them immediate assistance from a nearby service.
  • The app displays the price estimate of the service requested, allowing the customers to plan their costs and book accordingly. 
  • The application sets a priority of service to meet customers’ immediate needs, whether it is fuel delivery, towing, lifting, or other services.
  • The app has a secured payment method that protects their personal and financial information from misuse.

What is the Cost of a Roadside Assistance App?

Any mobile app development agency in Houston has to determine the cost of developing a tow truck app. However, there is no simple answer to the analysis as there are factors that regulate the costs. Some of the notable factors that affect developmental costs include:

  • Application type
  • Functionality and design
  • Operating systems for development (iOS, Android and Windows)
  • Number of web pages
  • Application infrastructure, features, and attributes

Apart from these factors, the cost also relies on the labor rates of the app development region. Every region has different labor charges that change the overall estimation of the developmental budget.

Case Study: Guls


ClickySoft offers web development services in Houston that have developed a new road service on demand application for tow truck service Guls. The service has gained immense popularity and has become one of the most downloaded apps. You can also get your download at the Apple store.


On demand, roadside applications have eliminated the need to find tow trucks or repair services during an emergency. A growing number of entrepreneurs have understood the value of these on demand apps and have started development to build their customer base.

If you are among such business owners who want to start their business in this industry. You have to approach a reputed web and mobile app development agency to build you a functional app and make your way into this booming market.

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