Slide From strategy, design, and development, to iOS,
Android, and web, clickySoft regularly receives
national and industry attention for its work.
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Our Expertise

Responsive Web/App Design & Development

From strategy, design, and development, to iOS, Android, and web, clickySoft regularly receives national and industry attention for its work.


App Design and Development

Web Design and Development

Industries We Serve

Health Care

Banking & Finance

Real Estate


Travel & Tourism

E- Commerce


WeSpeak App

WeSpeak is a Social Media Platform that allows people to openly speak their mind in a non-intimidating space and also to help them become more informed by providing information from real, vetted sources.

Patient App

Patient app is an app that we engineered where information is relayed electronically between a hospitalized patient and a nurse

MyQuest App

MyQuest is an app that makes it easy to get your medical test results, schedule appointments, track your health history, and more, all in one place.


Skyware Tours is Greek owned and operated travel wholesaler, that has been synonymous with travel excellence thought out Canada for over 30 years.

Audience gage is a company that’s creates, engaging trivia challenges along with a live Leaderboard that attracts a crowd to a company’s tradeshow booth to capture leads.

kingofjointventures .com

King of joint ventures is a business consultant Company
in Asia and America.

Why Clickysoft

Experienced, Onshore Talent

Our hiring process includes having onboard only the most experienced talent across the globe. That means you won’t be paying for people to learn on the job or sacrificing caliber by using cheap labor.

Predictable Process, Innovative Results

Being in the IT industry for years we have perfected the process of development, by working thousands of hours solving complex design and technology challenges, to ensure your success.

Unparalleled Transparency

Since we’re operating as a single, cohesive team, you get access to our entire suite of tools. Since, it is a shared space you see what we see. Each idea, code commit, or design can be accessed anytime by both parties.

Our Process

iOS & Android High Performance App Development

Our highly experienced team of iOS and Android developers having worked on multiple world class projects are familiar with the complex languages and coding requirements to create your state-of-the-art app from a basic and simple functionality to a robust world-leading SAAS product or service provider. Our experience spans applications for Electorial Campaigns, healthcare, Human Resource, eCommerce and more.


A well-constructed monetization strategy can do wonders, with our expert team in advertising, downloads, traffic, game theory and more we can help you generate multiple streams of income. Let our expert team of app developers, designers, marketing and communications specialists develop a winning market strategy for you.

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