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Fast, User-Friendly & Easy To Operate Web Apps Developed With MERN Stack By ClickySoft

Create a dynamic next-generation web app with ClickySoft’s team of hand-picked talented programmers who have expertise in MERN Stack development. Along with proficiency in working with MongoDB, Express, React and Node, which are the four technologies that make up the stack. Contact us if you are ready to get started with a MERN Stack Developer to create your application.

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Services We Offer As Your MERN Stack Development Company

After years of experience working with JavaScript libraries and completing many successful projects, we offer following services as a MERN Stack development company based in Houston Texas.


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How Will You Benefit From Our MERN Stack Development Services?

With our MERN Stack development services, you can have your web applications developed in the minimum time and for a better price. Plus, if you have more than one app you can connect them with tremendous ease using the REST API. Switching over to MERN Stack will increase the speed of your backend and offer you a superior database to store your information. This may just be the thing you need to one-up your competitors. The four technologies MongoDB, Express, React and Node together in one stack make it an ideal option for developing robust web applications for businesses big and small.

Hire A MERN Stack Development Company For Your App

Our developers know the ins and out of JavaScript libraries. And they update their knowledge to stay up to date with the new technologies and networks. That’s why our MERN Stack developers can create a dynamic app for you based on your specific requirements.

E-Commerce Store Apps

MERN Stack is the best framework to create an innovative and user-friendly web store for your eCommerce business.

ERP Development

Creating schema for your Enterprise Resource Planning has never been easier than with MERN Stack. Our competent developers are experienced in using Node JS and MongoDB to develop a cluster free ERP for your enterprise.

For An Enhanced User Interface

We create single-page desktop and mobile applications using the React JavaScript library as the front end and MongoDB as the database. The express JS backend is exceptional at URL routing and handling user requests which decreases loading time and improves user experience.

To Create Faster Apps With MERN Stack

Since Node JS is a cross-platform JavaScript library we use it along with the horizontal architecture of MongoDB to create your MERN Stack apps that run faster than apps created with other frameworks.

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MERN Stack Development Services – Our Methodology

Mern Stack Development requires precise coding and a methodological approach to generate great results. We can develop highly functioning web apps and websites for our clients because we have found the following super-efficient approach to development.

Project discussion Meeting

We meet with the client to discuss the project requirements, goals, difficulties and discuss where they want to see their business with our product. This process is detailed to ensure we understand all the specifications.

Research and Brainstorming

We conduct market research and competitor analysis to create a project plan. Then we design various mock websites or apps to see which one has the potential to get our clients what they want.

MERN Stack App or Website Development

After our development team and the client agree upon a design, we begin the development phase. This is the most important step and we put all our resources into it to ensure high-quality work.

Product Finalization

Once the development is complete, we conduct tests on it and finalize the front end, back end and functionalities. We prepare the app for launch in this phase.

Launching the App or Website

We launch the website and watch it to make sure it is functioning as it should. The app might show some issues in its initial phases but we fix them before it causes a problem.

Regular Maintenance

ClickySoft developers are on hand for maintenance and upgrades down the line. Our long-term clients use our support and maintenance service to keep their websites bug free and working well.

ClickySoft's MERN Stack Development Services Include

MongoDB Setup for Your Applications

We use Mongo DB’s horizontal architecture to create agile applications for your business with fast processing. This NoSQL database program allows you to create flexible apps according to your individual needs.

Express JS to Create the Backend

Express is the MERN Stack’s backend. We create secure APIs and web apps using our extensive knowledge and understanding of the Node JS framework.

Migration from Legacy systems

Migrating apps from other frameworks over to MERN Stack can be a tricky business. But our experience assures a seamless transition of all your data to the new platform.

Developing CMS

ClickySoft developers can set up a content management system for you using MERN Stack. This is the best way for non-technical users to edit or upload content without having to code. It makes your work more time-efficient.

MERN Stack Web Development Services

We take care of the entire process of launching your website or app. From setting up the front end with React to the backend with Express JS, we will give you a dynamic web app based on your requirements.

Launch & Running of Your Webs App

One of the many attractive features of the ClickySoft MERN Stack Development service is that we do not leave you hanging once the development is complete. Our experts will guide you on running your app and using all the amazing features we have set up for you.

Technical Support

Should you face any issue with the application or website we develop for you, know that we are here to help. You’ll have access to our 24/7 technical support center as our client.

Converting Your Idea into a Dynamic App

Got an idea? Great! We can make your app idea a reality with our customized MERN Stack application development services. Simply reach out to us and explain your vision, and we will handle the rest.

Fast Turn-Around and High-Quality Deliverables

No one likes to wait for months to have their website developed. Therefore, we pride ourselves in our fast turnaround time while making sure that the product you receive is always up to our high standards.

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