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MEAN Stack vs MERN Stack: Which One is Better?

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Long gone are the days when HTML, JavaScript, and CSS were used for web application creation.

In this digital era, developers use a stack of technologies to create smooth websites and applications. If you are not aware of stack and its types, you don’t have to worry. Because we have got you covered. In this blog post, we will discuss what a stack is and the benefits and differences of MEAN stack and MERN stack. So, let’s begin!

What is a Stack?

A “Stack” is a mixture of languages for programming, technologies, or even products for applications. Stacks of creation are further split into two categories: Stack of technology & application stack.

Our discussion subject today, Mean VS Mern, falls under the category of software stacks. Apart from these two, full-stack is another common software stack.

Let’s discuss the Mean stack and Mern stack to know everything about them.

MEAN Stack

MEAN Stack is a mix of MongoDB, Express.js, Angular and Node.js technologies. All these technologies are based on JavaScript and are used to create websites and web apps that are complex.

MEAN is a full-stack in JavaScript used in layman terms to simplify and speed up development.

MEAN Stack belongs to the group of some of the fastest-growing frameworks for open source development. It provides developers with common tools and plugins that enable your web applications to be deployed more quickly.

Now, you know both the Full Stack and Mean Stack fundamentals. So, to begin with, the basics, first we will talk about Mern Stack and then switch to the comparison of Mean vs Mern.

MERN Stack

Just like Mean Stack, a mixture of technologies is Mern Stack web and mobile app development. Express.js, MongoDB, Node.js, and React.js are basically a part of Mern Stack. These components provide an end-to-end platform for developers.

The fundamental distinction between React.js and Angular.js is the Mean Stack vs Mern Stack. The majority of developers today tend to respond to Angular.

Below, we discuss the advantages of Mean Stack and Mern Stack. Let’s have a look!

Advantages of MEAN Stack

  1. It has become a lot easier to move between the client and the server with Mean Stack’s help. As they have to deal with JavaScript, this quality makes it quick and easy for the developers. Developers with JavaScript experience can handle the whole project with it. Here, node.js will allow developers to start a server application without deploying it on a stand-alone server.
  2. It has shown itself to be cost-effective. This is because you only need expert JavaScript experts with the MEAN stack. Whereas you need developers, who know how to code MySQL, PHP, and JavaScript in the LAMP stack case. As you need fewer developers for average stack development services, the price would go down automatically.
  3. Open source and thus free are all the Mean Stack technologies. It assists in the process of production and thus reduces the total cost.

Advantages of MERN Stack

  1. Its code can be used on both browsers and servers as React can run on the server. It means that any time you want to, you can build pages on the server.
  2. React is a bookshop. As systems have their defined ways of doing stuff, it is better than a system. A library, on the other hand, provides you with the resources for creating your application. With the aid of a library, an accomplished developer can craft his application as there is full freedom to choose from the library’s functions.
  3. Free and open source are all the innovations in MERN Stack. MERN Stack is also supported by a large developer group to help you out wherever you get stuck.

Differences Between MEAN Stack and MERN Stack


AngularJs has now finally published a stable edition. There were essential improvements in the transition from Angular 1 to Angular 2. It is stable today and is known as one of the amazing MVC frameworks based on JavaScript. AngularJs assists in improved file storage and scripting abstraction.

ReactJs, on the other hand, will assist you in building the code quicker. It performs better than AngularJs, even though it is only a library. Thus, Mern has the upper hand in terms of results in Mean vs Mern.

Use of Third Party Libraries

It is important to use several third parties for different purposes when creating an extensive scale application. Since AngularJs is a platform, it comes with features that are ready to use that make it easy for you to use libraries from third parties. To create a connection with the backend server, AngularJs supports “$http” calls.

In comparison, ReactJs requires additional libraries to support comparable calls.

In conclusion, ReactJs will require additional configurations if you want other features in your application, and AngularJs makes it as simple as a plug and a job.


LinkedIn chose Mean over Mern when it comes to the enterprise-level implementation of the Stack. The explanation for this is architectural repair. While Mern makes UI rendering very easy, it is only a library, after all.

On the other hand, to support an MVC or MVW architecture, AngularJs provides you with a well-organized system. In these architectures, an intermediate layer is isolated from the database and UI code. This allows the code to be easily maintained and upgraded.

The MEAN stack is also chosen for applications at the enterprise level.

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