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Scalable, Interactive and High-Performance Applications by ClickySoft

The MEAN stack has excellent technologies that we can use to create fast and sleek applications for all operating systems. Your business ideas can come to life with our services. No matter what your requirements are, our developers can work with you to create an actionable plan to develop your app that your customers will love. Are you ready to start? Because we are!

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Overview Of Our MEAN Stack Development Services

Being a MEAN stack development company in Houston, Texas, we offer a wide range of services that you might need for a project. Our developers are skilled in all kinds of specialized tasks. Here are some of the services we offer at ClickySoft.


We have worked with clients in various industries. That has helped us refine our expertise in creating software solutions for everyone from small businesses to enterprises. Have a look at some of our past work.

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Why Choose MEAN Stack?

MEAN Stack is a full-stack that works with just one language thus giving developers the ease to create apps quickly. These apps have great performance and offer wonderful experiences to the users. Here are some reasons why you should develop your app with the MEAN stack.

Why Hire Our MEAN Stack Developers?

A primary reason for outsourcing MEAN stack development work is to have access to the specialized skills of experienced developers. ClickySoft offers you just that. Here are some expertise of our MEAN stack developers.

Excellent UI Designers

Our developers are experienced in working with Angular JS to create a responsive and stimulating front end for your app.

Proficient In Multiple Languages

Our developers work with HTML, CSS and JavaScript to develop your mobile apps. We can integrate all the technologies of the MEAN stack to work together in harmony to perform respective functions.

Knowledgeable In Web Architecture

Our MEAN stack developers are skilled in structuring code, categorizing files and adding or storing data in the databases. We can perform all the necessary tasks to create a high-performance app.

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MEAN Stack Development Services - Our Methodology

We have refined our development process over the years. Our current methodology allows us to streamline the app development while ensuring the top quality of the MEAN stack projects. Have a look at how the development of the project will look like when you work with ClickySoft.

Project Kick-Off

Our process begins with understanding your project requirements. This step includes detailed meetings with the client and discussions on how you want your app to be. We also cover the problems you need to solve with your app. Our developers help you with strategy and finalizing the project scope.

Project Inception

Once the project is finalized and you’ve signed the contract, we begin to assemble the team to start your new project. Our team primarily consists of full-stack developers and project managers.


We create a detailed project outline and wireframe the app so that you can thoroughly examine the design and make changes as required. This also helps to minimize the revisions and keeps us on track throughout development.

Beta Version testing

We create multiple beta versions of the app before the final version. This way we can test the interface, functionalities, performance and other features. We take feedback from users and integrate it into your app.

Final App Development

Here we finalize the app by rechecking code and running end to end testing. We occasionally ask our experienced designers to consult on the project so that we can create the best front end for your users.

Launch and Post Launch Support

Our developers help you launch the app on Apple App Store and Google Play store. We monitor the performance and manage feedback to ensure that the app is performing as intended. Our maintenance service extends for 90 days after launch.

MEAN Stack Development Services

MEAN stack CMS solutions

Most businesses need a highly efficient CMS to manage the data. We create robust CMS according to your requirements and integrate it with your existing business software. We can also upgrade your current CMS with the MEAN stack to improve its performance.

Migration to MEAN stack

We can migrate your website from other frameworks without losing any sensitive information or features. We also help with porting your current apps and bringing them to the MEAN stack technologies which offer much better performance and security.

eCommerce website development

Developing eCommerce websites with the MEAN stack is our specialty. We add plugins and create APIs to improve the functionalities of the app. This includes a streamlined POS system, product pages, offers, popups and much more.

MEAN stack consulting

If you have a project idea or business problem that you would like to solve with the MEAN stack, then we can offer consultation to help you decide on the solution. Our developers have the training to understand business requirements and offer plans that help you convert your idea into a reality.

Plug-in development

Plug-ins can significantly improve your app’s features and offer you more freedoms than what you would have with just the default settings. Our developers regularly create specialized plugins for clients and we can do that for you as well.

SPA Development

Single-page applications are ideal for certain industries. We use the MEAN stack to create the front-end, back-end and databases for your SPA to give you all the features you need.

Support and Maintenanc

We offer app support which includes quality testing of the code, performance testing and upgrades of your app. Maintenance includes regular checkups to ensure that the functions are working well and that there are no bugs. If we find problems during the inspection, we fix them.

Bug Investigation and Fixing

Bugs can enter into your code through third-party tools. We check the code and run tests to identify the bugs and remove them through better coding. We also install firewalls and create systems to prevent bugs in the future.

Develop APIs

APIs offer portability and ease of use. We can develop APIs in the MEAN stack app to call functions you might need. This can help you share data across your CMS or apps and gives you a library of services designed for you.

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Our Process

From the get-go, you’ll be speaking to one of our web experts who will be with you till the end. Our process starts from strategic planning and ends at the launch of your web, only when you are satisfied. Otherwise, we will redo your project.

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Why Choose ClickySoft as Your MEAN Stack Development Company?

Our MEAN stack development services encompass everything from project ideation to final app launch and support.

You should choose ClickySoft for developing your MEAN stack apps because of our on-time delivery, fast turnaround and access to dedicated teams with sophisticated expertise.

We ensure that the quality of your code is top-notch so you don’t have to face performance issues or bugs. At ClickySoft, we offer flexible scheduling and match your time zone. Our application support teams are another great reason why you should want to work with us.

Our extensive portfolio of projects is proof of our superior MEAN stack development services. Our clients love us for our UX focused development, agile processes and in-depth research teams.

Ecommerce Development Company From Houston, Texas.

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FAQs on MEAN Stack Development Services

MEAN stack stands for MongoDB, Express, Angular and Node. This stack has all the technologies that you will need to create scalable and fast apps with only one language – JavaScript. Developing Apps with the MEAN stack requires a lot of back and forth between the front end and the back end. Therefore the developers who use the MEAN stack are called full-stack developers.
MEAN stack works by distributing the work of the app between the four technologies. Angular JS being the front end framework accepts requests and displays results to the end-user. Node JS handles the server requests. Express JS communicates to the database and MongoDB which is the No SQL database stores data of the app.
Yes but it depends on your situation and project requirements. Node JS is one technology of the MEAN stack so using the full stack is better in most cases as you have specific frameworks for the front end, databases and back end. Node JS is also great for specific apps that have to be lightweight while still accommodating heavy traffic.

Responsive designs are flexible which means that the front-end adjusts to all screen sizes and looks good on all devices. This adjustment includes resolution, usage contexts, and viewport sizes.

Adaptive designs also adjust to the different screens but according to the preset viewpoint sizes. While developing adaptive design apps, developers create a device-specific layout that the app follows when you open it on different devices.

Both are intended to give your users a better experience while using the application.

Yes, we create iOS and Android mobile applications with the MEAN stack. Not only that, but we also develop web apps and hybrid apps and smart TV apps with MEAN stack. This is a versatile stack of technologies that cover both the front and the back end development and thus we can create cross-platform apps for all devices.
Our MEAN stack maintenance includes refining code, checking and fixing features, improving performance, fixing plug-ins, upgrading the app to the latest versions, adding or removing functionalities and anything else that you might need.
Yes, they are. Github is important for every programmer as it allows them to keep track of code changes. Our developers are proficient in Github and that allows us to streamline our development process by perfecting our code with the community of MEAN stack developers.
We perform unit testing and end-to-end testing for your MEAN stack software solutions. In the end-to-end testing, we simulate user behavior and test the entire app from firing up the browser to each and every function. Unit testing involves testing specific segments of code to see if the execution is perfect. These tests are ideal for when we add new features and need to test them quickly.

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