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Develop Trendy, Dynamic & Easily Maintainable Websites and Apps In Laravel by ClickySoft

When it comes to building an app or website for your business, there are not many options better than the robust Laravel PHP Framework.

We use the built-in tools, widgets and code templates of Laravel PHP Framework to create a highly functional customized app for your business.  Laravel automates most of the complex tasks that otherwise consume a lot of the programmer’s time. So we can dedicate our time to creating a dynamic app that has the features you need to solve all the business-specific challenges you are facing.

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Laravel Web Development Services from Houston, Texas

With a team of proficient Laravel developers, we offer various services. Our Laravel Development Company is based out of Houston Texas and enterprises, startups and other businesses from all over the world enjoy our top-notch Laravel website development services. Some of which include: 

  1. Customizable Laravel Websites  
  2. Robust Laravel Mobile and Desktop Applications  
  3. Migrating and Upgrading Apps to Laravel framework
  4. Laravel 8 Application
  5. 24/7 Laravel App Support and Maintenance 
  6. Plugins and Portal Development
  7. High-speed E-commerce Websites and Apps
  8. ERP and CRM system development with Laravel
  9.  Social Network related Laravel Development
Why is Laravel the Best Platform?

Laravel application development company saves time significantly as it reuses another system’s components in the creation of the web application.

Interfaces and namespaces are used; hence, helping to manage and control resources.

Get a Laravel App or Website to Enjoy These Benefits

Laravel is one of the most commonly used PHP frameworks for a reason. It gives developers the freedom to reuse code and comes with several preinstalled Object-Oriented Libraries and code templates. Other than that, Laravel apps have the following benefits:

1. Highly Secure Websites and Apps

2. Impressive Speed

3. Easy Maintenance

4. The Blade Templating Engine of Laravel

5. Rapid App Development

6. API Generator Tools

7. Autoloading feature – No more manual inclusion paths

8. Version Control System – easily manage your app migration

Hire Experienced Laravel Developers for Your Enterprise App Development

We hire the top Laravel talent to ensure that your web applications and websites are always up to the mark, and you can achieve your business goals in a competitive market.

For ClickySoft, degrees and certifications are not the only considerations but we also look for developers who willingly learn about the new advancements and regularly familiarize themselves with the contemporary practices in Laravel Web Development.

1. High-performance Apps

The performance of your app depends on the code, caching and databases etc. And since we can remove unused services and configure caching easily in Laravel it makes for a great choice to develop high-performance complex apps.

2. Scalability with Laravel

Because the Laravel framework is based on the MVC architecture it makes your apps and websites scalable like no other. Developers can upgrade any one component without affecting the other two.

3. Eloquent- Object-relational Mapper

We love using Laravel for developing apps so we can use its PHP syntax to write database queries quickly and efficiently. And focus our attention on creating the customized business features you want in your app.

4. Latest PHP practices

ClickySoft’s Laravel developers have a deep understanding of the latest Laravel updates. We follow strict quality guidelines to ensure the deliverables don’t fall short of your expectations.

Our expert developers have in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience in creating websites and mobile applications with the Laravel framework.

Laravel Application and Website Development Services Cover the Following

1. Customized Laravel Web application development

We are the perfect fit for brand-conscious businesses that want a customized web application in Laravel. Our developers are expert coders and they can configure everything from a personalized theme to special plugins for your app.

2. Laravel Website Development

We have experience in developing secure websites with a great user interface using Laravel. Your business will run smoothly with a Laravel website developed by ClickySoft because our programmers are highly skilled with this PHP framework.

3. Laravel Application Development for eCommerce solutions

ECommerce businesses need interactive designs and high performance for their applications to attract customers. We offer just that and more. With ClickySoft developers, you can create a high-speed and scalable Laravel web app for your online store.

4. Laravel Package Development

ClickySofts’ Laravel developers can program customized packages with unique controllers and routes for your app or website. And add layers of functionalities to your Laravel web application that are distinctive to your brand.

5. Social Networking Application development with Laravel

Interactive social networks are essential for businesses. We develop social networking applications and websites for you with news feeds and community boards to keep in touch with your customers.

6. API development with Laravel

Your mobile app needs an efficient interface between the user and the client. At ClickySoft we use RESTful APIs to develop that interface between the eloquent models and the JSON responses so your users can have a great experience.

Why Should ClickySoft be Your Top Pick for A Laravel Development Company?

Our On-Demand Laravel Experts Can Solve Your Problems in a Jiffy

Our clients praise us for our outstanding communication skills and the ability to understand their requirements perfectly. We can do the same for you as well.

You should choose ClickySoft because we offer high-quality Laravel Development Services at competitive prices, which are still lower than other companies in the region. How do we manage this you ask? We have developed a highly efficient working model where each team member is a Laravel expert and skilled in carrying out the given tasks to perfection.

By gathering a team of Laravel developers who are all at the top of their game, we reduce the number of mistakes made, the time taken to complete the project and costs. And thus deliver you a robust and customized website or app in record time.  

We also offer regular cloud support to keep your websites and apps evolving with your business.

Plus, we don’t limit our services to just one region so you can reach out to us from anywhere in the world and we will be happy to help.

Why Choose Our Laravel Web Application Development Services?

Laravel Web Application Development Services include:


Laravel has a mail class that allows sending mail with rich web application material and attachments.


In web applications, user authentication is a standard feature. Laravel makes it simple to design authentication because it provides features such as registering, forgetting passwords, and sending passwords reminders.


Laravel connects to a general-purpose cache and an existing session using Redis because it communicates explicitly with the session.


Laravel provides queue services such as emailing many users or a Cron job that is listed. These queues help complete tasks in a simplified way without waiting to complete the previous task.


Laravel offers 20 integrated libraries and modules that help to develop the application. Each module is integrated with the Composer dependency manager, making updates easier.


Laravel provides features and assistants that aid with testing across multiple test cases. This role helps to preserve the code as per the criteria.


Laravel offers the consumer a versatile approach to identifying routes within the web application. Routing allows the application to scale and improve its efficiency in a better way.

Control of Configurations

A Laravel-designed web application can run in various environments, which means that its configuration will change constantly. Laravel offers a straightforward approach to effectively handling the configuration.

Template Engine

The Blade Template engine is used by Laravel, a lightweight template language used to build hierarchical blocks and templates that provide dynamic content with predefined blocks.

Creator of Queries and ORM

Laravel incorporates a query builder that uses different simple chain methods to support query databases. It offers an implementation of ActiveRecord called Eloquent and ORM (Object Relational Mapper).

Builder for Schema

Schema Creator preserves the descriptions of the database and schema in the PHP code. Concerning database migrations, it also keeps track of changes.

Payment Gateway Integration in Laravel

Integrate PayPal with Laravel

It's an online financial service that enables you to use a protected Internet account to pay for products. You add details of your bank account, credit card, or debit card, and you can select which of your cards or accounts you pay with if you pay using PayPal. If you prefer otherwise, you can also set one to be the default payment method, and it will be used.

Integrate PayPal with Laravel


A content delivery network (CDN) refers to a community of geographically dispersed servers and work collected to provide fast Internet content delivery.

Laravel CDN Integration enables the fast transfer of the required properties, including HTML pages, JavaScript files, stylesheets, images, and videos, for loading Internet content. CDN services are quite popular and continue to grow. Today, most web traffic, including traffic from major sites such as Facebook, Amazon, and Netflix, is served by CDNs.

Stripe Payment Gateway Integration in Laravel

Stripe is an online network for payment processing that enables companies to submit and receive payments over the internet.

By providing a collection of goods that could save several hours, money, and resources needed to create and set up an online payment processor to start accepting online payment from customers, Stripe Payments makes it easier for merchants to start and control an online company.

As their preferred payment processor, Stripe has some of the world's best businesses, such as Reddit, Amazon, Uber, Github, Yelp, Shopify, Lyft, Spotify, TED, and several top companies worldwide.

Stripe Payment Gateway Integration in Laravel


Mailchimp is a program that helps you create and manage newsletters, mailing lists, and automated campaigns. If you are wondering how to integrate Mailchimp in Laravel, then it is quite easy. It puts you in the driver's seat and helps you from start to finish to have complete control of your email marketing activities. Mailchimp is quick and easy to use, and its platform gives you access to an array of conveniently placed email marketing resources. There are many advantages that Mailchimp offers over other industry rivals that make it a top option for companies looking for email marketing to get their foot in the door.

Razorpay Integration in Laravel

One of the most innovative and successful payment gateways in India is Razorpay. The company, founded by a group of IIT Roorkee alumni, promises to make money management for online businesses in India productive and hassle-free. Industry giants such as Tiger Global, Matrix, Ribbit Capital, Sequoia, Y Combinator, and many others endorse it.

The company offers merchants, e-commerce retailers, schools, and other businesses a quick, safe, hassle-free, and inexpensive way to accept and disburse payments digitally. The business supports different online payment types such as credit/debit cards, net banking, UPI, and other common e-wallets such as Jiomoney, Paytm, Ola Money, Airtel Money PayZapp.

WordPress Laravel Integration

The easiest, most common way to create your website or blog is WordPress. WordPress, in fact, powers over 39.5 percent of all Internet websites. Yeah, more than one out of four websites you visit is possibly powered by WordPress.

WordPress is a GPLv2 licensed open-source content management system that makes sure anybody can use or change the software for free. A content management system is a mechanism that makes it easy to handle important aspects of your website without having to know much about programming, like the content.

Joomla Laravel Integration

Joomla is a content management system that is open-source (CMS). It helps you create dynamic websites and applications that are strong. It has an intuitive interface that allows you to make the best use of its features and functionality.

Joomla utilizes the interface architecture of the Model-View-Controller (MVC). It first analyzes the URL to determine which part will process the request, according to the MVC pattern, when Joomla processes a request. The model includes the data the component uses. The model also must update the database when and where possible. The opinion is responsible for generating the results. To get the required details, you may contact the model. After the view has produced the output, the component gives back the Joomla framework's control, which then executes the template.

Joomla Laravel Integration


2Checkout is an international payment processor that operates as a third-party system after the buyer checks out on your online store and transfers money from buyer to seller. The 2Checkout payment gateway integration in laravel makes payment procedure even easier. The business has a remarkable resemblance to PayPal, so you can expect the 2Checkout name to appear on your credit card bill when someone goes to your web and purchases something.

The excellent news is that all retailers can introduce 2Checkout without requiring different fees for different countries. The charges are higher than they used to be, but they're clean at least.

Laravel Google Maps Integration

Google Maps is a web mapping service that provides aerial photography, satellite imagery, street maps, real-time traffic conditions, 360° interactive panoramic views of streets, and many more. Guess what? Laravel Google Maps integration offers even more features. Let's get to know about them!

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FAQs About Our Laravel Development Services

Laravel offers you many features that no other PHP framework does. From built-in authentication to task scheduling and template engine, Laravel is the most dynamic framework out there. So when you develop your app using Laravel you will reduce costs, create customizable and easily manageable apps, and save yourself from unnecessarily coding and templating.

Yes. Our Laravel web developers are experts in making your website URLs SEO friendly. We use the eloquent sluggable package to write the code to do so. SEO is an important factor for website ranking on search engines, so we make sure your websites and apps we develop with Laravel are competitive and can thrive on the internet.

Yes, it is possible to integrate your WordPress theme with Laravel. We will create new routes and use HTML/JavaScript files to do this. Laravel Blade is available for Laravel built websites that offer many customizable themes that we can use once we configure your WordPress into your new Laravel website.  

Yes. Single Page Applications (SPAs) developed with Laravel Nova come with their own dashboard and several other functionalities that increase their performance. Although there are other frameworks for SPAs, creating it with Laravel has no downside. And if you want to develop it in a PHP framework then Laravel is an excellent option.

We have customer service agents available for our clients, round the clock. Our developers work in shifts and we always have someone available for you should you need our help. We understand that our clients are from different time zones that’s why we have systems in place to ensure prompt technical support.

Yes, our Laravel developers have extensive experience working with large corporations. We built apps that are agile and work extraordinarily well for companies big and small. You can look at our portfolio to check out the various apps and websites we have developed for our clients.

Yes, we have in-house project managers along with qualified Laravel developers to keep your website or app development project running smoothly. You don’t need to hire separate professionals for the various steps involved in the website development process. We will manage the front and backend along with the content, the graphic designing and templating.

Yes. We offer packages where we will make the new Laravel upgrades in your app or website. ClickySoft offers long-term support and maintenance if you choose to work with us for that period. Our teams of Laravel developers regularly update their knowledge and skills to match the requirements of the new Laravel upgrades.

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