Laravel Google Maps Integration

Google Maps is a web mapping service that provides aerial photography, satellite imagery, street maps, real-time traffic conditions, 360° interactive panoramic views of streets, and many more. Guess what? Laravel Google Maps integration offers even more features. Let’s get to know about them!

Features of Laravel Google Maps Integration

Amplified Reality Comes to Street View

It’s time for VPS, Switch over GPS (Visual Positioning System). This cool new update, integrating camera abilities with Street View, will allow you see the features of Google Maps’ navigation inside the camera app. New to the location? The names of the places around you can easily be seen along with the directions to your destination. The finest part? You don’t even have an extra AR headset to wear!

Stay Updated with 'For You'

Let’s say, in a new city, you’re trying to find a food joint or just looking to find out what’s new in your venue. For anything that’s drawing in the crowds in the neighborhood you have selected, this new ‘For You’ tab will function as a social media feed.

Al-powered Virtual Assistance

If ‘For You’ fails to encourage you for your next outing, it will not be the Explore tab. Explore has obtained some pretty cool features powered by artificial intelligence in its all-new avatar. There’s a ‘Foodie’ list that will give you top dining choices, a ‘Trending’ list to provide you with the top picks of the week, an ‘Events’ list to tell you what’s going on around you, and a’ Activities’ list to let you know your day’s options.

Get Personalized with 'Your Match'

Now, let’s say you were motivated enough by these lists to zero down on a dining choice. ‘Your Match’ will come into play and tell you how likely you are to enjoy the position once you press on the outlet of your choosing. Sounds great? Here’s how that will happen: If you have selected any drink or food preferences in Google Maps, the algorithms will balance that against that company’s established public records. If you have visited and rated other food or drink choices using Google Maps in the past, these variables will also be counted.

Plan a Group Activity

So, the restaurant certainly looks like a good idea, and you want to invite your friends to come with you to see this new location. All you have to do is long-press the listing at that position and pop-up a shareable list. Would you like to add more restaurants (you know because Michael can be picky when it comes to Mexican food) to this list? Oh, no problem! Add as many choices and let your friends vote for their favorites as you want.

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