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Laravel Development Services, Project Costing & Hiring Developers – Complete Guide 2022

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Are you one of the newbies in the digital world looking forward to launching a new startup but don’t know which framework to use for web applications?

Well, as per our opinion Laravel framework is one of the best in recent times that will you’re your online business in the right direction. As per digital insights, Laravel stands out as the best development framework for web applications. Almost 766,059 websites were developed with this top-notch framework and almost 731,213 live websites are using Laravel. So, if you want to maintain pace with the evolving world then the Laravel framework is the best for your business.

Laravel Usage Stats

Impact Of Laravel Framework On Market Shares

Since its launch, the Laravel framework is popular and used in several domains. People have shown keen interest in this web development framework and the curve is expected to grow at a rapid pace.

The market share of this top-notch community is very huge and the most common domains where Laravel is used are technology, electronics, real estate, computers, education, business, science, and much more. This framework has widespread popularity and this popularity is going to rise at an exceptional rate.

Laravel Framework Market Shares

Overview Of The Laravel Framework?

Laravel is an open-source PHP-inspired framework that was first developed by Taylor Otwell. It is a well-known server-side language that is adaptable and easy to use. This framework is inspired by MVC Architecture (Model View Controller) that separates the web into different layers giving flexibility at the developer’s & users’ end. It offers easy-to-use advanced features that are ideal for the development of significant custom web applications.

It is ideal for the development of small or large-scale web applications. This comprehensive and user-friendly framework offers elegant and expressive syntax that allows swift development. This framework is inclined towards PSR-4 guidelines which is an ideal means to speed up the development process. It supports code flexibility and fulfills dynamic development requirements that are ideal for the development of small-scale websites to enterprise applications. With laravel development is creative, unique, and handy.

At the user’s end, Laravel offers a user-friendly interface along with some top-notch features like flexibility, scalability, security, authentication, fast loading, routing, and much more. This handy framework makes day-to-day tasks easy and smooth.

In short, Laravel enables the developers to build advanced, flawless, and feature-rich web applications that are fruitful to small-scale businesses to large enterprises.

Why Use Laravel As A Backend Framework For Web Applications???

The most common question that people (with no technical background) ask is Why Laravel Is Used At The Backend Of Any Web Application???

Here is the answer to this question…!

In order to develop a top-notch and quality-oriented e-commerce online store, the right front end & back-end frameworks matter a lot. The front-end framework stands out for the eye-catchy web app, but for speed, quality, and performance, the backend framework is the key. Choosing the right backend framework for your online store ensures the viability of the web app. Here, laravel is a top-notch backend development framework that offers all sorts of state-of-the-art functionalities.

Laravel framework is highly lucrative to use as a backend development tool because it is launched with the goal to make the development process easy and simple. Laravel is appropriate to build the perfect solutions for web applications. This framework offers the best user experience and covers all the features that any client can think of. In short, using laravel at the back end of any web application has never disappointed clients and developers so using it is a good deal for both ends.

Why Laravel Is The Best Solution For Web Applications?

Why Laravel Is The Best Solution For Web Applications

Developers constantly strive to search for tools and techniques to make their work easier. In this regard, Laravel offers all facilities, and tools that are crucial for state-of-the-art development, so the Laravel community is getting stronger.

If you’ll be hiring a developer for the development of your online store, they’ll suggest you go with the Laravel framework. What is trending goes around and comes around, isn’t it? So eventually being a business owner you’ll be opting Laravel framework. Laravel web development services are crucial for business owners because it is one of the best, famous, and beneficial for taking their business to the heights of success.

Choosing something because it is trending and someone is suggesting you isn’t a wise move, isn’t it? Well, to cater to all your questions about why should I opt Laravel framework for my web app, we have developed a comprehensive guide. Here are some of the reasons why you should opt for custom Laravel web application development for the development of your online store. Let’s have a look!

Laravel Third-Party API Integration

Laravel Is An Open-Source Framework

Laravel is an open-source framework of PHP which is ideal for the development of large and complex web applications. This open-source platform only requires knowledge of PHP and a text editor. Ecommerce Development with Laravel is simple and easy. You can get your customized & aesthetical online store easily with the help of this state-of-the-art framework.

Third-Party Api Integration

Laravel offers Integration With Third-Party API’s. Yes! With Laravel, you can integrate any software, tool, or third-party app with your e-commerce store. For Example Integration With Mail Service is a benefit that business people usually prefer. This feature is used to send notifications to users. With Laravel, all sorts of integrations are easy and beneficial. In case you are interested to use any sort of Third-party API with your store, Laravel is the best choice for you.

Laravel Module & Package Development Services

Sometimes the developers encounter a situation where they need to use one feature of a web app in other applications by keeping this code separate from the main application. In such situations, Laravel Module And Package Development Services stand out. Laravel libraries, packages, or modules are easy-to-use, ready-made, or build-in features that can add functionality to applications with fewer efforts.

This feature is specifically benefiting the developers’ end but in case you need to include any functionality into any other module of your web app, you can get it done easily without breaking the functionality. In short, this platform offers powerful suits of built-in services.

Laravel Development For Enterprise

Usually, enterprise companies look forward to growing by offering super flexible, scalable, and efficient products via their e-commerce stores. For such enterprises with big-picture business goals, Laravel enterprises solutions come into the limelight. Laravel development for enterprises solutions includes flexibility, fast development, security, hybrid app adoption, scaling, and much more. Enterprise solutions by Laravel are enough to make your business thrive.

Laravel Development Outsourcing

Larvel has a strong community of developers and you can find skilled and experienced Larvele web developers easily. Usually, entrepreneurs and business people prefer Laravel Development Outsourcing because it is a cost-effective and time-saving solution for the development of their online stores.

Outsourcing the development services of laravel can open up many opportunities for you. This process is hassle-free, cost-effective, offers hands-on experts, and a simple switch option. For the development of your store, don’t hire a team of developers onboard rather look for some reliable developers to outsource their services.

High Security

Laravel guarantees high-level security for web applications. This framework has built-in security features that offer authentication and protection against all sorts of threats which is highly beneficial for enterprises.

Fast Loading

Laravel Web App Development offers fast loading. Faster load times of website is one of the perks that business people look for, and the Laravel framework offers you this facility. Laravel web developers can do integration with backend caching that improves the overall performance of the app resulting in faster load time. With fast loading, enterprises can generate more revenue.

Appealing Design

Laravel has a variety of built-in libraries and templates which are helpful to design and build a user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing website from scratch. Also, this framework offers customization features to develop the design of your own. Laravel Theme Customization is a perk that is highly lucrative for business people to make their services unique and appealing.

Laravel User Support

This amazing framework is supported by a user support feature, Laracast. This feature is a collection of paid and free & easy to learn tutorials about the effective usage of Laravel.

Laravel Migration

Migration to Laravel is an added benefit for large or small-scale enterprises. Laravel Migration Services are means to modify store or the version controls of the database. This service allows you to stay up to date on the current database schema. This service is very much popular these days and this is one of the reasons why Laravel is preferred over PHP.

Automatic Testing

Testing is highly recommended to develop a bug-free and highly functional website. Laravel supports automatic testing for web apps. Also, it offers unit-level testing to ensure the stability and functionality of the web app.

Laravel Extension Development Services

According to the developers, one of the most crucial parts of the development services is Laravel Extension Development. Laravel helps in the customization of the web app.  The extension services can customize the app by altering the behaviors of the core of the framework. These extension services can vary and will be implemented based on specific user requirements.

Perfect Documentation

The founder of Laravel has himself written the framework of documentation for Laravel. All the processes and mechanisms are described briefly which is easy to read and understand.

Traffic Management

The queue system by Laravel is one of the ideal features that handle the flow of traffic without getting the servers down. It effectively balances the load in an efficient manner.

Laravel Cloud Development

Another reason for switching to this framework is Laravel Could Development. The could application for laravel is usually deployed in a cloud environment rather than being hosted on a machine or local server. The Laravel Cloud Infrastructure is easy to manage and offers hassle-free maintenance.

Cloud Development Services By Laravel include the delivery of top-notch computing services like storage, servers, databases, data & analytics, and much more. Instead of managing web servers for your web app you can get the app deployed on the cloud and can get your work done in a matter of minutes.  Also, this cloud development is capable of automatic scaling as per the needs of the users.

Management Configuration & Task Scheduling

Laravel offers automated development procedures that can easily offer task management, maintenance, and communication of schedules. Also, it supports automated handling of redundant tasks which are helpful for business people in many ways.

Authentication & Authorization

The built-in authentication and authorization features by Laravel provide controlled access to secure resources of your store. Also, it supports the secure handling of requested access claims. Furthermore, it efficiently denies unauthorized requests. In short, this framework is ideal from a security perspective. 

Laravel Restful Applications & Development Services

REST APIs (Representational APIs) are an architectural means of network communication between web apps. Laravel offers Restful Applications And Development Services which are one of the best ways to incorporate interoperability between web applications and computer systems. This feature is highly beneficial for aesthetical business people because with this feature they can manipulate the computer systems and can access various textual representations.

Community Support & Assistance

Laravel is a very popular framework in the software development community. this framework has a virtual assistance space where the developers and business people can get virtual assistance. You can easily find Laravel Development Experts across the globe.

Url Routing Configuration

The web network works via hyperlinks. URL routing is necessary for this network. if there will be no URL routing, the web network will not be able to recognize the user query. The Laravel framework automatically loads routes and supports efficient URL routing.

Apart from the above-mentioned reasons for using Laravel as a backend development framework for your online e-commerce stores, now its time to let you know how to get along with a reliable, skilled, and authentic Laravel developer or Laravel web app development company so that you can get Laravel development services for your business.

How To Hire Best Company For Laravel Development Services

How to Hire Best Company for Laravel Development

Laravel is among the top-centric PHP frameworks that are highly preferred by developers and development agencies. Hiring Laravel web app development company or dedicated Laravel developer is highly beneficial for all sorts of businesses but picking up the right pick for your online store is crucial.

There are plenty of Laravel developers & Laravel development firms in the ocean of the software development community so picking the one that suits your needs and goals is a tricky one. In order to choose the right pick for you, access the following parameters so that you can make a wise decision.

Tips for Hiring Laravel Developers & Web Development Companies

Before reaching out to any Laravel web app developer for your online e-commerce store, get a clear understanding of your goals and needs. First of all, figure out your requirements, write down all objectives, goals, and needs so that you can fetch them anytime in the future.

Sorting and prioritizing your objectives and requirements will be helpful for you to select the right developer for your store.

Work Portfolio

You need to check the work portfolio of the development agency or the developers carefully. Don’t get inspired by their marketing terms, rather keep a keen eye on their past work experiences. Check out their work samples (apps & websites) in detail so that you may know what sort of services you are going to get from them. i.e. evaluate the functionality and web scores of their development samples. Pick the laravel developer or agency with a diverse portfolio.


Pick the developer that has experience from your sector.

Track Record (Past Experiences)

It is crucial to keep an eagle eye on the track record and past experiences of the developers. Yes! They should have a solid track record and proven experience in the relevant sector so that they can handle complex development & personalization.

For Your Info:

Experience developers and agencies deliver professional and up to the mark services. Also, they deliver milestones on the decided deadlines so working with them is beneficial for business owners.

Expertise & Technical Skills

Evaluate thoroughly the technical skills and expertise of the developers and development companies so that you can have a clear idea about their skill set. Check whether they have a good knowledge of HTML, JAVASCRIPT, XML ETC.

Bonus Tip:

The people with technical knowledge say that it isn’t enough for the Laravel developers to be just proficient in this framework. They must know RDBMS & other web development technologies.

Reviews & Ratings

While hiring a development company or developers for your site development, always access the client’s reviews and ratings so that you can have a clear idea of what the customers think about their services and dealings.

Bonus Tip:

Look for website testimonials, reviews on social media platforms, and check ratings to have a better understanding of the company’s services.


Not all business people have the same development needs, isn’t it? Well for sure different working individuals have different business needs and approaches. The developers or the development agencies should be flexible enough to understand and support the diverse business needs of different people.

Customer-Centric Approach

Make sure the developer or the agency you are interested to hire follows a customer-centric approach. This approach is very crucial for the timely delivery of the project.  Also, it helps to keep the work processes smooth at both ends. Your developers should be smooth enough with customers, and should always be ready to walk an extra mile for customers. i.e. if you are looking forward to adding new features to your online store then your developers should respect and value your preferences.


Always ask for references from your laravel developers or company. Always prefer people who are open to sharing references. The references from the developers or the company will be beneficial for you to make a wise and worthy decision.


Don’t fall for the developers who refuse to provide the references because they might be hiding something from you.

Transparent Communication

The transparency of communication is the key factor that needs your consideration while hiring any developer or development agency. Transparent communication between the developer and clients ensures smooth work processes by avoiding conflicts. Also, transparent communication is a key factor by which the clients get updates about the progress of the project.


Reliability is a key aspect that you should look into your development service provider. Your developer or development agency should be proficient and reliable. They should be capable enough to chase the deadlines and goals of the clients. Also, the reliability of developers has inclined towards matching the steps with changing trends and technologies, so that the clients can enjoy benefits in manifolds by keeping pace with time.

After Delivery Services

Maintenance & up-gradation of web applications is crucial for business people. The success of any web app or online store depends upon the latest releases and upgraded functionality. In this regard, the after-delivery services from the developer’s side matter a lot. Make you’re the developer or the agency you are hiring should offer quality post-production services so that you can avail long term benefits.

Laravel Ecommerce Website Cost

Laravel Ecommerce Website Cost

Before estimating the Laravel website eCommerce development cost it’s important to consider some aspects that influence the overall cost of development. Here are some of the factors that can add up to the cost of development.

  1. Technical Complexity
  2. Functionalities
  3. Innovation Vs Standard
  4. Development Team
  5. Timeframe
  6. Location

Technical Complexity

The complexity of the application affects the cost of development. The more complex your web app is, the more effort, expertise, and time it requires eventually resulting in high cost.


Functionalities are also considered while deciding the cost of the web app. The more functionalities you add, the higher the total cost of the web application. The features and functionalities in your web app add up to the total cost of development.

Innovation Vs Standard

The cost of a web app is also determined by the uniqueness & innovation in your app. In case you are going for the standard web app the cost of development will be considerably less. The more unique the web app, the higher the cost of development.

Development Team

The total number of members in the development team also decides the cost of development. The number of developers is based on the complexity of the web and the functionalities you need. In case you are hiring only a dedicated web app developer the cost will be less but if you are planning to get along with the whole team the cost will be higher.


Always decide on a fixed deadline for the development of the web app. The deadline of the development needs to be accurate because too much or too little development time increases the cost. The more time you spend on web development, the more resources you’ll need, and this will eventually increase the cost.


While deciding the deadline of project delivery, always maintain a good balance. Giving a small time frame to the development team can affect the quality of work, so don’t decide the deadline drastically. Also, there is another side to it; giving a small deadline to developers sometimes can add up to the cost as well because urgent development sometimes increases the cost too.


The cost of development varies depending upon the location of the developers or the development agency. Web development is a tiring and resource-intensive task and hiring tech people is costly, but the location of the individuals also adds up to the cost of development.

Bonus Tip:

Hiring an onboard team is costly. It is advisable to outsource a web development company or developers because it is less expensive.

Laravel Web Application Project Cost (Estimation)

Laravel Ecommerce Website Development

To avoid any sort of budget uncertainties, it’s better to do cost estimation for website development. Before meeting with a Laravel developer or development agency, estimate your cost. Here are the few requirements that need your consideration to estimate the Laravel web application development cost.

  1. Create User Stories & Estimate Engineering Task
  2. Define The Scope Of The Project
  3. Define Estimate For Every Task And Module

Create User Stories & Estimate Development Task

Laravel web application project cost estimation is driven by the user’s needs, desires, and goals. Define your whole model into separate modules so that you and the developers can have a better understanding.

Define The Scope Of The Project

Define the scope of the web app in a clear & understandable manner. The definition of scope includes defining the complexity of the web, the total number of modules and functionalities, etc. After that determine the number of professionals to do so.

Define Estimate For Every Task And Module

After performing the above-mentioned steps, estimate the cost of every single module. That’ll be easy for you to determine the cost (estimated). Decide the cost of every single module r functionality after doing some market analysis and then add up the cost to get an idea about the total cost of development.

Make a realistic estimate. After estimating the cost of development, you have an option to explore the range of solutions for your app development that fits your budget. Also, you’ll be able to hire reliable and trusted developers as per your estimated budget.

Cost Estimation (On Average):

Here are the 5 main steps that are included in web development.

  • Market Analysis & Research
  • Design
  • Development
  • Testing & Deployment
  • Maintenance

In the USA, the development lifecycle is primarily focused on the above-mentioned development steps & the estimated cost for the development is as follows:

Traditional CMSHeadless CMS
Technical expertise
APIs required for publishing
PurposeManaging both content and front-endPurely for creating and managing content
CostUsually free to start with added costs laterLarge upfront cost due to a need for developers
Key Advantage Simple to use and manage with a small learning curve Flexibility and security of content
Hosting and StorageOn website In the cloud
Workflow model Waterfall Agile
Works onOnly on one website With various digital platforms
Examples WordPress, Magento, WixAgility CMS, Contentful

Now you are quite familiar with the requirements and the estimated cost as per the industry parameters, you can easily find out the average cost of development for your web app development.

Final Thoughts:

In the recent global tech stack, the Laravel framework is a figurehead among all top-notch frameworks. It is high time that you should start considering the Laravel web app framework for the development of your online store.


The development time of a web app depends upon the complexity of the web app. Development of a simple web app with basic features almost takes 3 to 6 weeks. A professional web app almost takes a time frame of 4 to 12 weeks on average. A complex e-commerce store takes more than 6 months to develop.

Debugging is a crucial stage of all sorts of development. . If you skip testing your web app for any reason, you can possibly lose many assets, so it is very important to make your app error-free.

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