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5 Awesome Projects to Inspire your Next Laravel Development

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Knowing about the features of a framework such as Laravel is great, but it’s even better when you can practically see that in a live project.

In this article, we’ll share the top five projects that can be a great source of inspiration for young Laravel developers.

Each of these uniquely uses Laravel’s features to give the users an amazing app or website. But before we get on with discussing the projects, let’s do a quick recap of what Laravel has to offer. 

What is Laravel?

Laravel is a highly efficient, free, open-source PHP framework used for designing web applications. 

A lot of web developers prefer designing apps with Laravel. That’s due to the wide range of features that it offers, such as:

  • Modular Packaging System
  • Authentication System
  • Object-Relational Mapping (ORM)
  • Command-Line Interface (CLI)
  • Automated Testing

Not only that, but Laravel also provides some more great benefits such as:

  • Easy to understand and quick
  • High security
  • More flexibility
  • Great website performance
  • Easy website maintenance
  • Great to handle traffic

Hence, Laravel is a great choice if you want to start with web-development apps. 

Now, let’s have a look at some great projects to inspire your next Laravel development

5 Awesome Laravel Projects to Inspire Your Next Development 

Here are only five of the many amazing Laravel projects out there:

1. Flarum

Flarum is a next-generation online discussion forum software. It’s free and open-source software under the MIT licence. 

With social features like Facebook and Twitter, it makes online discussion fun. Moreover, it’s powered by PHP and Mithril. This makes it quick and easy to deploy.


Flarum is equipped with an amazing feature set. This can support a wide range of industries like gaming, production, entertainment, manufacturing, construction, production. The key features are as follows:

  • Simple and quick – It has no complicated dependencies since it is powered by PHP. Hence, it is very easy to use.
  • Powerful and easily expandable – Flarum can be easily customised, extended and integrated according to the needs of individuals.
  • Touch-optimised – Flarum is mobile-friendly, having easy animations and big buttons. Regardless of what size your device is, it has a consistent interface for users.
  • Fun social features – Conversations become more fun due to features like tagging and much more.

2. Koel

Koel is an open-source personal music streaming website. It is written in VueJS in the frontend and Laravel in the backend. It can be accessed through all major browsers including Safari, Firefox, Chrome, and Opera.


Koel can be an inspiration for developers or companies looking to create a music streaming website due to its amazing features. These include:

  • Upload files directly – It is very easy to upload your media files directly using the web interface. Scanning and syncing files is also simple and fast using the Command Line Interface (CLI).
  • Streaming methods – Koel supports three different types of streaming methods.
  • Straight-forward user interface – Koel’s client interface is very similar to Spotify. It has a straightforward user interface. So searching, sorting, viewing by artists or albums, creating playlists, liking/unliking songs and many more options available with shortcut keys.
  • Instant search – An instant search feature is available in koel. This feature performs approximate matching against your database of songs or albums.
  • Remote controller – You can control desktop instances such as play/pause, volume up/down, and add/remove from favourites using a (mobile) remote control feature in Koel.

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3. Canvas

Canvas is a Laravel-powered blog publishing platform. You can keep track of the monthly trends using canvas. It gives you an eloquent writing experience.


Canvas provides great inspiration for people looking to build a blogging website. This is due to the cool set of features it is packed with. 

Since developing all these features requires experience, you could hire a Laravel web development company if you lack the experience to do it yourself. 

Some of its key features include:

  • Custom social data – Metadata is fully customizable for Facebook and Twitter
  • Unsplash integration –  You can easily insert images, videos, links or other media from to your content.
  • Eloquent and distraction-free writing – Canvas offers a medium style eloquent and distraction-free writing experience.
  • Monthly trends update –  Monthly trends on your content, insights into reader traffic and much more can be viewed easily.

4. Invoice Ninja

Invoice Ninja is an open-source web-based application. It is a free invoicing app to create and email invoices, track expenses, and collect payments. It is built using Laravel.


Invoice Ninja can be an inspiration for web development agencies or dedicated laravel developers planning to build an invoice app for service providers, consultants, IT firms, or others. 

It’s equipped with a plethora of features to take ideas from. A few of those great features are:

  • Link multiple companies with one account – It can manage up to 10 business invoices. All these invoices can be under one account.
  • Create recurring invoicing & auto-bill clients – You can automatically bill long-term clients with recurring invoices, which can save a lot of time.
  • Client-side portal & Invoices history – Your clients can view all the transactions they’ve had with your business at a glance.
  • Attach invoice & quotations PDFs to emails – Invoice Ninja allows your clients to attach invoices and quotations PDFs to emails.
  • Bulk emailing invoices and quotations – This app saves your time by quickly selecting bulk invoices and emailing them out with one click.
  • Multiple currencies & languages – Invoice Ninja supports around 20 languages and 50 currencies. This makes it a true solution for global payments.
  • Create custom payment options – Another great feature of this app is creating custom payment options. You can make special payment instructions for your clients.

5. Laravel Voyager

Laravel Voyager is a Laravel admin package for creating an attractive admin panel. It is a ready-to-use admin panel system. You just need to install this package in your project.


Young web developers looking to build a gaming website, an app similar to the Uber app, blogging site, or restaurant website can benefit from its very simple and easy to use features. 

These features are as follows:

  • Media manager – Laravel voyager has a fully functional media manager. It allows you to view/edit/delete files from storage. All the folders and documents in your application can be easily accessed. All files will live in a single place.
  • Menu builder – Using this feature you can easily build a menu for your website. It is also very easy to add/edit/delete menu items from your project.
  • Database manager – This helps in controlling your database directly from voyager. You can easily add/edit/delete tables.
  • BREAD/CRUD builder – Just like CRUD, voyager has a system called BREAD which stands for Browse, Read, Edit, Add, and Delete. Any BREAD views and functionality can be added to any table in your database.
  • Settings – Using this feature any number of settings can be easily created for your site. This could be side logos, colours, or any other setting you wish to add.
  • Compass – This is a new feature that will help you with voyager resources. It also has a tab where Laravel commands can be executed and another tab to view log files directly.

Final Words

Whether you are a young developer looking for some inspiration or a web development company Houston seeking to build your next Laravel project, these five awesome projects are great for seeking some inspiration.

So what are you waiting for? Take some ideas and start working on your next great website or app. 

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