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How To Upload An Image To Firebase Using React Native

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If you have clicked on this page, then you must be one of the many programmers who run into errors when uploading an image (or images) to firebase using react-native. Well, the good news is; there is a solution for whatever issues you are dealing with. The even better news is that by the time you finish reading this article, you will have a clear understanding of the process. And then you should have no more trouble uploading images to firebase.

The process to upload the image to firebase using react native requires coding and converting the format of the image file and a few more steps. We dug deep into the various resources available and researched what different programmers have done. In the end, we believe we have found the best and the most fool-proof method that you can use to upload images to firebase using react-native!

Before discussing the steps, let us first get some basic understanding of firebase and react-native:

What is Firebase and React Native?

Firebase is a platform owned by Google that coders and programmers use to create or modify mobile applications. It is well-liked by the web development industry professionals because of the many useful automated tools that the Firebase platform provides. So by using this, pros can focus on the creative side of app development instead of writing backend code for messaging functions and databases, etc.

React Native is also a platform for creating amazing apps that function well in android and iOS. Here, the primary language is JavaScript. You can make changes to your already developed apps or create new apps with react native. This platform was created by Facebook to provide developers with a way to create apps that are cross-platform (i.e. the same application can work for both Android and iOS).

Steps to follow for uploading an image to firebase using react-native:

When trying to upload images to firebase using react native it is very common to find errors such as invalid argument and trouble when installing the library. Well no more!

Follow these steps to seamlessly upload an image to firebase using react-native:

  1. Convert images to Blob format.
  2. Use Firebase Put methods to upload the image to storage.
  3. Manage the URL.

Bonus step: Upload multiple images successfully.

1.     Blob Format for your image:

When uploading an image to firebase using react native it is vital that you convert the image format to either a Blob, Base64 or File.

Install the react-native-fetch-blob[ii] to convert the file format into Blob, so your image can easily be uploaded. By doing this step, you can eliminate the need for creating a Base64 bridging for your image upload to firebase using react native. Plus, this code not only supports your camera roll images but also regular files!

2.     Upload the image to firebase using react-native:

Now, to upload the image you need to first enter your code into the firebase window where you will manage the uploaded image. You can use this code example:

Then create and enter a code to finalize the upload of the image to firebase using react-native. Or you can use the following code-shared by

3.     Manage the URL:

Once your image is uploaded, you will receive your image URL. Through this, you can see where your image is on the firebase. This URL will be required to submit your image to react-native. You can copy-paste the image URL or simply save it so you have it available when you need it for the app.

4.     Upload multiple images:

While creating an app, chances are you will need to upload multiple images. This tip should come in handy in such a case. You can use the code described below. It is originally present at

Final words:

No matter how convenient Firebase is to use overall, there are certain aspects that make you scratch your head. One of them is the process to upload an image to firebase using react-native.

Even though there are only a few basic steps involved, the problem usually lies in the way we code and the image format used. Follow the aforementioned steps to easily add images into firebase.

The process of creating user-friendly apps and web pages requires professionals with years of experience. But sometimes even the best of us come across challenges that are too difficult to overcome by ourselves. We hope this article helps you with your upload issues. So you can get on with creating a great app!

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