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Hire Someone to Build My Shopify Store – Essential Points to Consider

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Shopify is an incredible CMS for eCommerce businesses and online stores, as it offers a variety of tools and services to users. Tools such as best payment gateways, marketing, and customer engagement simplify eCommerce for online merchants worldwide. 

eCommerce is a trend, and every retailer wants to take their business online. However, not everybody has the experience or knowledge of website creation. This is where the professional services of eCommerce development solutions come in handy to answer queries like “can I pay someone to set up my Shopify store” or “can someone create my Shopify Store.”

In today’s tech-savvy business world, hiring freelancers or companies that build functional Shopify stress is better than doing it yourself. Whether you require a niche-specific store or a general eCommerce website, you can hire an expert web development agency in Houston, such as ClickySoft, to do the hard work. 

Hiring professionals come with a bonus as they handle the technical side of the store while you focus on tasks like client onboarding or business growth.

Key Takeaways

  • Why hire professional service instead of setting Shopify by yourself
  • Costs incurred and time needed for development
  • Necessary conditions before hiring professional help

Hire Someone to Build my Shopify Store – An Overview

The article is about hiring the services of a professional Shopify development company. It covers essential points such as costs to hire experts for website development and time for completing the project.

How difficult is it to set up your own Shopify store?


Setting up a Shopify store is relatively easy, and the process is very straightforward. However, certain factors like lack of development knowledge or time constraints make this process challenging. Hiring someone to set up a Shopify store requires research but is worth the effort. We give everything you need to know to approach the right person for your requirement. 

Professional Shopify website developers can also create Shopify store apps with Laravel that run effectively on desktops, mobile, and any other device. It makes your b2c or b2b eCommerce marketing easy to reach potential customers irrespective of the location or device they use to stay online.

4 Reasons to Hire Someone to Develop and Run my Shopify store for Me

Shopify developers are experienced professionals who possess knowledge and strategies for the project. They work as Shopify partners and understand client behavior and preferences. They suggest techniques to run your store and get the best out of your business. 

We list some of the most compelling reasons to make your decision to pay someone to set up a Shopify store easily. 

1. Your Receive Best Quality Work

Professional Shopify developers ensure that their expertise brings you maximum customers. They have the experience to cover every aspect of your store, whether you require optimization or digital marketing

The best way to approach the right Shopify professional is to view their portfolio (freelancer) or contact their support service (company). The number of successful jobs and reviews tell you about the quality of work they deliver and their work ethics. Shopify expert pages, social media platforms, and referrals are excellent ways to research and contact the best person for the job.

2. Time-Saving

Timing is everything for an online business owner that makes or breaks a sale. They need to focus on other matters besides development to get revenue and trust a professional to handle technical tasks. 

Every Shopify expert has a different time frame to complete a job that you need to consider. You can choose an expert according to your requirement and assign them tasks to devote your effort to business growth.

3. Improvement in Experience

Customer experience is an important part of online business that brings users to your Shopify store or website. Working with professionals who share their years of experience and evolve your strategies for running your store. You convey customer demands to the experts, who complete the job with a customer-centric approach and a better user experience.

4. Suggestions and Advice

When you hire someone to set up your Shopify store, you get the service and their support. Shopify experts remain in constant communication throughout their contracts. They provide valuable suggestions and advice to improve customer engagement or store ratings. This is a great way to update store services and grow your business accordingly. 

Build a Shopify Store for Me – How Much It Costs


You must determine the costs incurred when you pay someone to build a Shopify store. The two most important costs to consider are the Shopify plan and the costs of hiring professionals. 

Let’s go into the details of these two cost factors.

Shopify Costs for Plans

Shopify is a low-risk option for retailers and small business owners to set up their online eCommerce store. You need to create a free account on Shopify first that allows you to try their trial period and understand the dynamics of the service.

You have access to useful Shopify features during the trial period and have access to useful tools. You can use that time to determine whether your envisioned store is functional or whether the right tools are for the job. If you feel the service is not up to your needs, you can delete your account without any charge.

However, if you plan to continue with Shopify services, you have the following costs to consider:

  • Shopify Lite $9 per month
  • $29 per month basic plan that includes transaction fee
  • Shopify advanced plans are expensive, costing $70 and $ 299 per month, depending on your subscription.

Shopify Themes

Shopify offers a range of themes and templates designed to support businesses and sales. All the themes offered by Shopify are customizable, responsive, and mobile-friendly. Developers may design Shopify themes locally or through third party services; however, there are themes you need to pay before using, and their costs may vary from $140 to $180. 

Shopify Apps

Shopify has over 2400 add-ons, tools, and apps for different business needs. The Shopify application development option gives you the means to set up the store, but the tools available are not free. They may vary according to the plan selected, and you need to buy some to make your store more functional.

What is the Cost of a Professional Shopify Expert?

The costs of hiring professional Shopify store builder services can vary depending on the level of expertise and experience. Hiring an expert Shopify developer can cost you around $500 or more (freelancers or agencies). However, if you need to focus on specific features, the costs might be lowered, or the package is customized to fit your budget. 

The benefit you receive if you hire the expertise of professional eCommerce development solutions is that they have in-house resources and profiles to cater to your needs. You can contact them to learn about their package and time duration and inquire about their expertise. They can help you set up your store without any hassle and run it accordingly throughout the contract tenure. 

Build a Shopify Store for Me – Is It Easy?

If you are a person with technical knowledge and like learning new things, then you can probably build your store. You might need professional help on specific tasks such as customization or codes. 

The job might be challenging if you want to build a highly user-friendly and ethical store. Telling people about the products or designing a landing page with unique attributes is something from your expertise. 

You can hire someone to build a Shopify store if you do not have technical knowledge. They might cost you, but the effort will pay out in the long term. Working with a professional saves time, and you receive quality work as they have the best tools and efficient methods to get the job done.

What is the Time Duration for Shopify Store Setup?

The duration of setting up and developing a Shopify store depends on the website’s size. If you want a store with few products and a simple theme, it might take less time than a store with 500 products and other options.

On average, 20 hours with 10-20 hours allocated for client communication and project management are needed for store setup. Remember that you need time to research and might have to double the average time if you develop by yourself. 

The development time might seem feasible if you do not have a 9-5 job commitment. However, if you have a family and are working full time, launching a business on the side is not easy. You might benefit from the expertise of professional Shopify developers or companies that build Shopify stores. They have the skills, resources, and knowledge to speed the process and guide you wherever needed, saving you time to allocate to other activities.

Run My Shopify Store for Me – Essential Considerations

Shopify marketplace has many professionals where you can hire someone to develop, customize and set up a Shopify store. Hiring the services of experts saves time and effort as they know which strategies work best and what methods to avoid.

The decision to hire professional help relies on the complexity of the project. If your store requires technical integrations and high customizations, then seeking experts is the best action. You can go for freelancers if you have a small eCommerce store with limited options and features. 

Before approaching a professional for a Shopify store setup, you should consider the following essential factors.

  • Experience and Understanding

A reliable and professional Shopify development company understands all the requirements only if they have the knowledge to build a Shopify store. They follow all the specifications according to business needs and complete the task. Their experience might also bring you helpful marketing strategies to engage a targeted audience.

  • Consider Reviews

Professional Shopify development companies have websites and social media pages where clients comment about their experiences. When approaching a service for a Shopify store setup, look for reviews from past clients that show their work ethics and commitment. Reviews tell a lot about the company, its procedure for onboarding a client, and project management. 

  • Communication

Communication is the key to completing a project, and expert developers keep this in consideration. Approach professionals with a reputation for clear communication, as it keeps you updated about every development phase. Companies working in this domain understand the importance of communication and keep their clients in the loop throughout the process.

  • Ask for Portfolios

Freelancers and companies maintain their professional portfolios as a reference for clients. You can scroll through these portfolios and see whether they have the ability to cater to your specifications and creative knowledge.

  • Marketing Expertise

Shopify development experts help you develop a Shopify vs WordPress store and lend their marketing expertise. Most companies have a package that combines development and marketing expertise to run a successful eCommerce store. 

You can choose either option, as WordPress SEO is more in-tune with Google’s specifications, while Shopify offers customized tools for effective marketing. It all depends on store requirements and your targeted audience. 

Should I Hire Someone to Build My Shopify Store?

As we have mentioned earlier, professional Shopify developers have the skills and understanding of the tools needed for the task. You might try setting up a store yourself, but it might not bring you the intended results. Experts can take this burden off your shoulders so you can concentrate on other activities to run your stores, such as sales and customer engagement.

Another potential way to utilize the best talent is to go for a developer who can design your website on WordPress or other platforms. You can compare Shopify store and a website option to understand the benefits and limitations of both. Select the right option if you decide to hire the talent for either. 

Final Word

Shopify is an excellent platform that brings opportunities for online businesses and eCommerce merchants with fast and easy-to-sell products. However, when you want to set up a Shopify store, integrate third-party services, or migrate from WordPress to Shopify. You need to do your background work and consider the costs and time needed for the task. 

Shopify store setup may take 3 months if you do not possess development knowledge. Considering the experts in the field and hiring Shopify store builder services is the best action to receive a professionally developed website. 

If you search for the query “can I pay or hire someone to build a Shopify store,” the answer is “yes”. Professionals available can take the task and develop a store that fits your specifications.

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