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Custom Web Development Services

It takes more than just an enticing web appearance that catches the customer’s eye to make a purchase. Statistically, 47 % of people want a website page to load in under 2 seconds. This basically signals us that a customer also finds website usability very essential in order to have fun in interacting with your website.

Henceforth, we don’t cut any corners, utilizing the latest coding languages and practices to build user centered, easily navigable and impactful website with optimized load speed. Our passion is to build a fully functional bug-free website that instantly shoots your brand to fame. Explore our salient end-to-end custom Web development services:

Responsive Website Development

Mobile searches have long surpassed desktop searches, which makes it imperative for a business to operate a responsive website i.e. one site size that fits all devices. It has been observed that 74% of people are likely to return to a mobile-friendly website.

To help your brand stay ahead of the pack, we offer top-rated responsive web development to render your websites scalable as per end-user preferred device with clarity that exceeds customers’ expectations. It helps in boosting qualified leads and converts propelling your site to the top of SERP and enhancing brand visibility.

Save time, resources, and money! Sign up for our affordable responsive web development services. Responsive websites eliminate coding & management actions needed for multiple interfaces in turn lowering maintenance costs, providing cohesive auto-adjustment, and management across all devices.

Key features:

Responsive Website Development
Ecommerce Web Development

Ecommerce Web Development

About 14.1 % of global retail sales accounted for Ecommerce retail sales in 2019 and it is expected that by 2040, 95 % of sales will be via ecommerce. Foresight is better than hindsight, its best to start investing in our affordable end-to-end ecommerce web development services before 2040.

We develop powerful and innovative custom ecommerce websites with all the latest platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Lightspeed etc with SEO services like SEO backlinking that attract more leads and automated Ecommerce services that allow you to sell products online with ease and efficiency.

Our team of proficient developers have in-depth knowledge of ecommerce to provide a variety of cool ecommerce features which are quite handy in handling large orders and persuading customers to make a purchase whether your business is B2B , B2E or B2C.

Key features:

Affordable Web Hosting Services

An essential aspect of web development is the right host for your website. Purchase our reliable best Web hosting services in the industry that completely cater to the scale of every business online presence needs.

Assured problem-free speedy web performance web hosting solutions to keep your customers happy and manage large amounts of data and traffic. Additionally, we follow security measures; firewalls, anti-virus, DDoS Protection, TTL, SSL, Email spam filter and more to keep your website secure from being taken down, bugs and sensitive data leaks that can lead to losing potential customers.

We host all variety of fast, secure, and ultra-reliable Shared, VPS, Dedicated, Reseller and cloud-based web hosting services with full root access & RDP for small and big companies on windows and Linux platform for client convenience:

Key features:

Affordable Web Hosting Services

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Join our team, we are an award-winning web development agency with a solid footing in the web development industry for over a decade, in fact, since 2005. Our skilled team of front end and back end developers develop websites rich in seamless functionality. The website is like your child that demands your utmost focus, dedication, and care. It is never an easy task; however, we are available for service. We are experts who cultivate your website’s true potential and spawn increasing sales & qualified traffic. Achieve an exponential rate of growth, lower bounce rate and milestones with our remarkable high-tech custom web development services build for speed that has a ton of quality features to offer:

Website Architecture

Website Architecture

Modern Coding

Modern Coding

Optimized Speed

Optimized Speed




Interestingly, website lifetime lasts from anywhere between 2 to 3 years. Furthermore, Stanford research proclaims that web users grant higher credibility to more frequently updated websites.

WordPress Web Development

WordPress Web Development

Our proficient WordPress web developers build websites exactly the way you vision it with the fastest growing platform WordPress that powers 35 % of the web. With WordPress, we offer to develop highly customizable web theme designs and scalable SEO websites with leading CMS (content Management System) services either custom tailored or WordPress managed for your website to make web edits on the fly. Avail web development services offered for different web technologies such as HTML, CSS, MySQL, PHP and JavaScript.

Key features:

API Web Development

Streamline your website to customer fun via Clickysoft’s enterprise-grade API Web development services. API (Application Programming Interface) serves as a contract between programs, applications, and platforms about how they are allowed to interact.

Our secure and custom API development services extend web functionality to help enhance your services in creative and unique ways by programming a secure integration to enable seamless data access (data sending and retrieval) between multiple parties.

Our flexible API development services enrich the user experience and enhance lead generation via social insight apps that also raise customers’ web interaction. Let our API handle it for you and save time as we leverage integration to reliable, secure, and widely known third-party apps instead of learning to code.

Key features:

API Web Development


We are in this together! Find out the stepping stones to develop your vision of Web Design. Assess and communicate with our crew with ease, we have the best minds working on latest in trend technology and practices for Web development that bolster’s your online presence.

Quality Test

Prior to your website launch, we thoroughly comb your website performing UAT and filter out any kinks in performance for quality assurance. We provide analytics management custom-built software to record the ups and downs of your running site.


Drop by our pit stop anytime if you want to check up on your web performance oil or improve and update your website. Our maintenance support team performs web audits and maintenance, we will get it fixed up and running in no time.


With all the pre-requisites checked off the list, we launch your website online offering the web hosting services, and run post-launch monitoring ensuring the best uptime and page load time for your website.

Web Development

With a clear path laid ahead to us, our amazing team of DevOps gets down to coding a seamless functional website for outstanding real-time user experience and optimal conversions.

Your Objectives

Your voice is our directive! Your objectives help us assign your brand a dominating online presence with an identity that stands out to paying customers and is in-line with your vision. Moreover, we can narrow down the services and tools crucial to develop a custom website at affordable pricing.

Custom Strategy

Keeping in mind you and the audience, our prolific expert developers brush through analytics examining market competition and customer actions. Afterward, we lay out the perfect plan for a low cost, high return, and long-term thriving custom web design & development strategy. 

Pseudo Visual Guides & Wireframes

You will stay tuned to how your web design develops via pseudo visuals mock-ups & wireframes. Consult us at any time to review and make changes to your web development choices.

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Web Development FAQs

Cost of website development depends upon requirements of your business such as design complexity, custom features, software required, ecommerce services etc. We will be glad to discuss your specifications and provide a quote whenever you want. Regardless of your company’s status, we treat every business the same.
We develop websites while considering search engine optimization requirements at each and every step. Additionally, we offer SEO update services as it is wise to re-assess your websites from time to time, google regularly modifies in SEO guidelines regularly for accurate results. We have different packages depending on your targeted keywords, your current web site code, etc.
We utilize the latest encryption methods with secure servers and payment portals integrations for a safe user experience while using e-commerce services on your website. We offer integration directly to PayPal, Shopify, WooCommerce and other third-party offering ecommerce for customers payments to be cleared online with ease.
Time taken to full fill all your web development requirements depends on the nature of services complexity needed for your business website. Therefore, if you have a deadline, we recommend you to share it with us along with your specifications and we will create an estimate schedule to give you a rough idea of the time needed to build your website. We aim to effectively meet all deadlines.
Yes, we offer trending Content Management Systems (CMS) like WordPress, Drupal etc as well as custom build CMS to help you make changes to your website anytime, anywhere. It UI is akin to a word processer where you can manage websites with limited expertise without the help of a webmaster.

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