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The Best Offered Design & Development Directives

The web is a goldmine of business opportunities. Lucky for you, we are the miners who assist you dig deeper to extract its max output capacity. Websites are the roots of your digital marketing. Besides that, the design & development of websites, apps, and software is one of the key business marketing aspects since it requires under the microscope development and supervision to build a genuine following through customer engagement.

As it turns out, there’s a lot of factors to contemplate other than just the websites like apps and software that influence brand buzz. Therefore, we facilitate a ton of in-house comprehensive design & development services for websites, apps, and software that keep the wheels turning in bringing your sales and business growth to fruition. Our motive and passion lie in the development of stunning custom Apps and web designs streamlined for trades. We are in contact with the latest tech, platforms, analytics, customer-centric & ecommerce solutions for developing fast, secure and scalable websites and applications. So, gear up to observe booming business stats!

Peerless Featured Web Design & App Design Services

Get your brand to buzz! Our front end & back end dev team are highly sought out for our expertise and a great sense of creativity as webmasters in the Web & App design & development industry:

Responsive App and Web design

About 44.81 % of the world population owns and uses smartphones and this number keeps rising as children grow older. To promote customer engagement and retention, it calls for user-friendly interactive and navigable sites.

Adaptability is vital to survival. The same theory applies to web designs, which is why our Web and Apps design agency provides you with the best responsive Website and App designs with exquisite UI/UX experience. You can adapt the scale of your sites and apps to perfection on any user-preferred device.

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Responsive App and Web Design
Graphics and Animation

Graphics & Animations

The material of your web content immensely influences customer response. Besides capturing a greater number of audiences, graphical content and video animations help impart the right brand image transparently across to the user.

We affiliate with veteran animators to produce captivating graphics & animations to boost the revenue of businesses by conveying the correct message to qualified leads. Additionally, we also format your website and app color schemes and typography that turn customer’s heads.

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SEO Oriented Web & App Content Design

Be the first to answer the yelp for help by a customer. We create the perfect web pages and apps that hold informative and persuasive SEO content, SEO ads, footnotes, and CTA’s for high rank in SERP, greater appeal, and converts.

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SEO Oriented Web App Content Design

WordPress App & Web Design

The latest word in the market on WordPress by hosting tribunal is it fuels 35 % of the internet in 2020 and from the total of CMS built site on the web, 60 % make use of WordPress.

Given WordPress’s SEO, user-friendly and simple CMS features that grant you spontaneous web editing rights, we offer custom WordPress web & app design services for iOS, Android, Window’s and Linux along with secure plugins, support, and optimized page load speeds. Your customers will be guaranteed an impeccable user-experience.

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Ecommerce Design & Development (WooCommerce)

We design extensible custom ecommerce stores with a safe and secure payment interface to get customers to raid your web or app store products. We utilize WooCommerce, a WordPress add-on plug-in to leave a positive mark on customers with Mobile-friendly designs, scannable SEO content, and high-quality graphics.

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Ecommerce Design and Development
Shopify Web and App Design

Shopify Web & App Design

Looking to amplify brand? We recommend contacting our esteemed Shopify designers, developers, and marketers to learn about our Shopify Collaboration Services. Our team has complete control over optimizing your web and app design to mirror your brand’s individuality via Shopify programming languages- Liquid, HTML and CSS. We offer to link the flexible Shopify buy button and additionally delivery options to your sites and apps.

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Design & Development Services

Web Design

Web Design

Stunning custom web design that creates an impact on users which serves as the perfect asset to reel in potential customers and lower bounce rate to achieve mega brand’s website success.

Web Development

Our Web development is characterized by flawless web function performance, user-friendly navigation, fast and responsive websites that offer the best user experience to potential customers.

Android App Development

Android App Development

Reach out to the 127.8 million android users worldwide with innovative, customer-centric, and the best android app development services that complement your brand and business ventures.

IOS App Development

IOS App Development

Prepare to amaze your iOS audience and gain profit by leveraging our iOS app development services that come with rich iOS applications, expertise, and next-gen practices to build engaging iOS apps with sublime UI/UX for any iOS supported device.

Did You Know?

Interestingly, over 80 % of web users have purchased goods and services using one or multiple forms of web eCommerce services. Furthermore, 15 % of shoppers have purchased more than once from online retailers.

Peerless Featured Development Services

We piece together the best development solutions custom designed for your business’s success.

Custom Website Development Services

Chances are your web design is not so effective if you have observed a downfall in your sales and customers. Luckily, customers highly dig our impactful Web development services. We develop cost-effective quick, robust, and responsive quality websites with an easy to navigate website structure using up-to-date coding.

Your website will come attached with in-house custom developed CMS (content management systems), web performance monitoring, competition & user action logistics, Ecommerce, SEO, PPC, and other web tools that boost your brand’s sales to an all-time high level.

You can wholeheartedly rely on us to build a vital business website system that catapults your business above and beyond. We don’t stop at website development, instead we also cover all the angles necessary to build a successful business website by providing SEO Content marketing, digital marketing, and social media marketing services that help drive leads to your site.

Custom Mobile App Development Services

One of the best means to empower your business in today’s age is to expand reach to customers via mobility solutions. Avail the nifty mobile app development services of Clickysoft through our team of developers specializing in iOS, Android, native and cross-platform development.

Our app development services support design, development, and ongoing maintenance at affordable price rates. Captivate users with our creative, secure, enjoyable, and user-friendly mobile apps with responsive UI/UX designs for giving your customers a delightful experience. To run your B2C, B2B & B2E business on the fly from any location, get our quality mobile app development services.

We build streamlined and fast ROI inducing mobile application products by exploiting our hands-on experience and access to next-gen tech, IoT (Internet of Things), AI (Artificial Intelligence), AR (Augmented Reality), VR (Virtual Reality), Cloud-based Backend, wearable gadgets and more.

Custom Mobile App Development Services
Custom Software Development Services

Custom Software Development Services

Look no further if you are in search of a custom software application or system based on iOS, Windows, Android, or Linux operating systems. Our arsenal holds full-stack developers that can help design the perfect software suited to bridge the cavity in your websites or apps.

We can provide experts help who are well-versed in the latest emerging technologies related to both frontend and backend agile software development techniques creating flawless functional software that integrates seamlessly with your website or app and is customized to address your needs. As per your choice, Clickysoft covers Python, JavaScript, CSS, SAAS, HTML 5, PHP, and many more software development languages. Our backend software development team creates simplified and personalized dashboards, admin panels, and CMS (content management systems).

P.S. our software solutions encases emerging tech, IoT, Enterprise Application Software (EAS) Development, AI utilities, etc for smart work efficacy and effortless day-to-day functioning.

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Design & Development FAQS

The design & development timeline for websites, app, and software can differ according to the scale of the project and the additional custom design & development features required by the client. However, we recommend you send us a brief message at [email protected] where you explain your needs and we’ll revert to you ASAP with an estimated schedule for the completion of your desired services.

Our services charges are quite affordable and we perform annual market research to stay up-to-date delivering the best competitive prices in the market. The price to develop a software, website or app can vary depending on the project, the labor involved, and additional miscellaneous client needs. Consult our sales department to get a clear and concise quote of our services you are interested in.

A household or workplace consists of a variety of devices with different specs. To extend your reach and customer engagement as well as comfortably and easily navigate websites on these devices different screen sizes, Websites & Apps are designed to be responsive. It means they are programmed to scale up or down for compatibility with the user’s preferred device screen.

Absolutely, we have a consultant team available 24/7 before, during, and after the design & development process to address all your queries.

Yes, we have a complete setup to aid in the digital marketing of your business website and/or app with SEO, PPC, Copywriting, Social Media Marketing campaigns, and more. Contact us at  [email protected] to explore our marketing services further.


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