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Custom programmers carry out research, design, and development of programs that control the internal workings of computers and computer networks. Custom programmers write programs that are fast, versatile, and efficient, often following the specifications provided by an analyst. These experts analyze systems data and propose an information migration or conversion plan and design solution and execute it with little or no downtime for your operation. A custom programmer offers fully customizable programming so it can be perfectly suited to individual needs.

Thanks to its custom programming capacity, Clickysoft creates, customizes, and adapts vertical solutions to cover each company’s particular needs and activity.

Our main objective is our customers’ satisfaction through a commitment to professional service, quality, and high added value. For this, we work alongside our clients as a technology partner, detecting, analyzing, and covering companies’ IT needs.

Although the software is an intellectual discipline, every self-respecting programmer uses many tools in his day to day life. As if it were a craftsman, programmers try to choose the tools that best suit our hands. We spend many hours with them, so we like that the tool is to our liking, that it adjusts to our workflow and does not force us to change it.

In the next two years, considering the progressive differentiation of the application fields of information technology (communication networks, e-commerce, administration, economics, medicine, and automation of industrial processes), a recovery of the employment demand for the Programmer is expected to increase mainly due to the spread of already structured software, which have increased the demand for basic “customized” IT products.

Types of Programming Languages


Python can be used for almost anything, but we like to harness its power to develop high-performance big data applications with complex computing capabilities, such as data analysis and automated statistical functions.


PHP is used to generate dynamic web pages. A static page always remains constant in content and dynamic pages are the ones with different content and design (in other words they are customized). For instance, the edits in databases through searches and contributions by users might affect the layout of contents.


We use the interpreted programming language of JavaScript to design websites and mobile web applications with responsive and responsive user interfaces and feature-rich user functions.


Our expert Swift developers create custom iOS and macOS applications. The Swift programming language is currently used for the digital development of apps for iOS and macOS environments. In other words, it is the ideal language when programming an app that must be compatible with Apple brand devices.

C ++

Complex operating systems and high-performance applications (including mobile and console games with attractive graphics) require experienced C ++ programmers who know how to take advantage of the language’s scalability.

C #

C# is used to develop Microsoft Software and Android Apps with engaging games and cross-platform functionality.


Java helps us program dynamic Android applications such as mobile games, e-commerce applications, and location-based services. We also use it to build content-rich business websites and web services.


We design database architectures, optimize data query and retrieval functions and enhance automated reporting software using open source platforms such as MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, and Oracle.


Strong HTML5 programming is the foundation for all of our website and web application builds.

C Embedded

Our middleware and integrated software services are made possible by our programmers’ deep understanding of extensions to the C language, which enables functions such as basic I / O operations and fixed-point arithmetic.


We use Google’s open-source programming language to develop system-level cloud-based software solutions used in large-scale technology operations such as server management.

Benefits of Custom programming

When we say custom programming, we mean custom programming. Unlike with WordPress, when we program to measure, we fully adjust to the brand’s needs, instead of adapting ourselves to the characteristics that a template can offer us.


With personalized programming, we obtain a good loading speed. We have greater control over our content management since we can create a personalized CMS for our website to modify any part of our website at will. We are less vulnerable to hacker attacks, as we have higher security due to unique content. Unlike with WordPress, we do not stick only to the templates available for our sector of activity with custom programming. Still, the development is entirely our own and personalized, so it looks like another neighboring website’s design—great flexibility regarding web development.

The custom programming makes the developed code completely SEO oriented, so we will have an optimized page and, therefore, well-positioned for users in search engines. More straightforward backend than in WordPress. A good option for more complex projects where certain functions are required that CMS does not allow.


This type of web programming is much more expensive than with WordPress since as it is personalized programming, the development costs are higher. These costs can increase when you need a web programmer for any implementation you want to make. The development time is much higher than with a CMS like WordPress since everything is done from scratch. SEO optimization is also often a high-cost process for this type of programming.

Custom Programming Vs. WordPress

WordPress’s great advantage is that it offers us already personalized designs, that is, a great variety of templates that depending on the sector of our project, we can choose one or the other. These personalized designs offer us great speed in our website’s start-up since they greatly facilitate the great work that goes into setting up a website from scratch.

With WordPress, you will opt for less customization than with custom programming. You have to learn how to use WordPress, which may take some time. Some templates need to be programmed on them so that it can be an extra expense. Although it is advantageous to install plugins in our CMS that improve our website’s performance, these plugins can slow down our website, reducing its performance. Many WordPress templates do not yet have a mobile design, so we will have to be very objective when deciding the type of template, we use on our website—limitations in SEO optimization concerning custom programming. Because web programming is based on templates, there may be cases where there is a remarkable similarity with other webs.


We have been involved with Custom Programming solutions for over 10 years. This long relationship with custom application development has allowed us to become one of the leading custom programming companies in the nation. We provide innovative and easy-to-customize software that helps increase productivity, maximize cost savings, and improve space utilization. Assign the fields of our appointment scheduling software according to your needs. Have your IT team installed by our installation experts, configure the software from time to time, or let our consultants do it for you.

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