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ClickySoft at MWC 2022

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If you’re in the mobile app development industry, then you must have heard of MWC. And if you’re a tech geek like us over at ClickySoft, then going to MWC is a dream.

Our CEO, Irfan Rehman had the opportunity to attend the MWC 2022 event held in Barcelona. Like previous years, this event had tech giants such as Google, Nokia, OnePlus, Amazon Web Services, Samsung, Realme to name a few.

MWC 2022 was full of pleasant surprises. All exhibitors had unique inventions to present from automotive and transport technology to the evolution and global adoption of 5G.

“Every day of MWC 2022 was better than the last. I can’t pick a favourite part from the event because there are just too many options. I got to meet a ton of wonderful people throughout the event including the amazing teams at YogOsha and Tech West Canada.” – Irfan Rehman, Managing Director of ClickySoft.

Some of the top launches included the new Samsung’s Galaxy Book Laptop range and TCL 30 series. 

Our CEO was able to attend both of these, amongst other launches. He got to hold the TCL30 5G and experience its amazing features. That device is developed especially for 5G users, which is great because that’s where the world is headed – at least according to MWC 2022.

Our team also attended Guo Ping’s keynote speech – which was enlightening, to say the least. He emphasised the importance of sustainability and carbon neutrality in the digital space. 

It was great to see a multi-million dollar company like Huawei taking climate change seriously and actively working to combat it.

We, too, at ClickySoft are conscious of our carbon footprint as a company. After listening to his address, we are even more committed to doing our part in the tech industry’s efforts towards sustainability.  

We had the pleasure to talk to several tech experts from various software development agencies. Showed them the highlights from a few of our many enterprise-level mobile app development projects.


Our team also introduced our services to the attendees and talked about our streamlined development process that has generated excellent results for us over the years.  

MWC 2022 was a wonderful event to explore the advances in the field with like-minded tech enthusiasts and leaders.

It was a great opportunity to see for ourselves where the industry is headed and what role we can play in it as software developers. Not only that, but we also got to learn a lot from our conversations with the various other vendors.

“I picked up a few great tips on improving efficiency in app development process from the industry leaders I met at MWC 2022. I can’t wait to implement those in our system and take ClickySoft to the next level” – Irfan Rehman, Managing Director of ClickySoft.

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