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6 Challenges You Might Face with Mobile App Development (And How to Overcome Them)

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Most online shoppers show a clear preference for apps over websites for shopping. Developing an engaging, user-friendly app can prove to be the foundational element in your company’s success.

After all, about 85% of the time that users spend on smartphones is spent on apps.

Although creating an app might sound like a great incentive, it comes with its fair share of challenges. In this article, we’ll cover six such app development challenges that can make or break your app.

1.  Adaptability Issues With Device Types

It can be a challenge to develop apps that look good and work well on all devices such as mobile phones, tablets and desktops. That’s because it generally requires a high level of expertise.

You need to know how to alter the dimensions, pixel count, and resolution of your app so that it can work on maximum types of devices. It can be time-consuming but this extra step will effectively ensure that your application’s reach is increased.

2.  Mismanagement of Resources

In most cases, the biggest issue is not a lack of resources. But rather it’s the mismanagement of them. Properly allocating resources requires experience and it’s an area that some mobile app developers struggle in.

It always helps to set priorities before the app development process starts. This is a great way to focus time and resources on what’s truly important.

This might differ from app to app. The priorities of a gym management software, for example, will differ fundamentally from those of a shopping app. Insufficient resources can be a major roadblock if there are disparities between the planning and development stages.

3.  Uncreative Development Team

Lack of creativity can be one of the main reasons for an app to fail after its launch.

As the number of apps on the market increases, user retention rates are worsening. Your app’s creative, friendly, and interactive interface can help it penetrate your target market faster and stay active longer.

But making interactive apps that attract users is a challenge for most novice developers.

Getting to know your target audience will leverage a lot of benefits for you in the developmental phase. Take the time to comprehend what the industry standards are and who you are catering to.

Make sure the app development team you hire is on the same page as you. Understanding your web development company’s vision and incorporating it in your app creatively should be their main goal. Creativity can go a long way in guaranteeing your app’s prolonged usage.

4.  Substandard User Experience

Having an aesthetically pleasing app is great. But it means nothing if the app is frustrating to use. Apps that keep hanging, take longer to load, or have bugs can ruin your customer’s user experience.

Creating apps that have all the functionalities you require while also making them highly user friendly is a challenge. 

But offering a great user experience is highly essential.

Studies show that you really just have one shot when it comes to excelling at offering an exceptional experience. About 88% of users are not likely to return to an app after a bad user experience. About half of them are likely to tell others about their negative experience as well.

These statistics prove that user experience isn’t something to skimp on while developing your app.

5.  Performance Issues

Performance is the primary differentiator between apps that succeeds and those that tank. But developing apps with good performance is not easy to do.

Apps with bugs will have very poor user retention rates and are more likely to be abandoned or deleted. More than 53% of users will stop using an app if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.

Your app should be competently put together, fast, and work smoothly. For this, you need to have a good technical team on board. Mobile app development in Houston can help you fix performance issues without compromising on creativity or aesthetics.

6.  Security Concerns

As smartphone usage grows internationally, so do concerns about security and cyber-crime. And ensuring security in mobile apps is a challenge that inexperienced developers face.

Consumers are now much more aware of their data protection rights and want assurance that their in-app experience will be safe. Instilling this sense of security is vital for the success of your app.


Apps are trendy and convenient, for you and your customers. It certainly is a key metric in many businesses’ online triumph.

But creating an app that resonates with your target audience, and is equally efficient to use comes with multiple challenges.

The most important factor that determines the outcome of your app is the development team you choose to hire. Make sure you onboard a team that’s aligned with your brands’ vision for the app and works on making your app stand out amongst the competition.

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