A Custom-made Multi Vendors Platform for Events & Tickets Management

Client Location: German Market (Austria, Switzerland and Germany)

Industry: Events Management and ticket sell marketplace with ticket scanner

Technologies: Laravel, Vue.js, HTML5, CSS3,

Client Overview

Ticketheld is a website that allows multi-vendors to create or manage events and sell tickets at the same platform. There is a dashboard available for each individual vendor to manage orders and sales as well as a super admin panel for the site owner to manage all buyers and sellers together.


We got the opportunity to be the pioneers of this distinguished web application when Ticketheld approached us. Not wanting to miss this chance at any cost, our business development team quickly reached out to the client and scheduled the meeting between the two parties. During the meeting, the client gave a detailed explanation of what their expectations are from the website and responded to whatever queries our team had for them. Once an understanding between ClickySoft and the client was established, the necessary documentation and formalities were carried out and our design and development team instantly got to work.


The client wanted a smooth functioning yet a bespoke web solution. Our ultimate goal was to put together the right technologies and model a website that best suits the needs of our clients. Overcoming the challenge of setting up an appropriate payment system was also part of our plan, since our clients target market prefers paying via bank transfer.

Our Approach

To create a smooth and sleek website for our client, Laravel MVC framework and PHP were used for business logic development and HTML, CSS3 and bootstrap for client-end development. Moreover, since people in the DACH market prefer to pay via bank transfer, we decided to integrate ACH API and create a custom work around to track payment status to allow generation of tickets.


After a lot of vigilance, determination and hard work from our developers and designers, the end result was a highly unique, yet user-friendly interface with customization done as per the needs of the customer. Exactly like our previous projects, Ticketheld was a huge success and our client was left awestruck and highly satisfied.

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