Customized Laravel Learning Management System (LMS) for Online Classes & Certification

Client Location: Texas

Industry: Education

Technologies: Bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax, PHP, MySQLi, Rest API, PayPal API, HTML5, and CSS3.

Client Overview

Our client, Tabcfast, is a Texas Alcohol and Beverage Commission (TABC) approved school providing TABC certification to prospective bartenders and food handlers. Our client is provided course material by TABC and is allowed to offer both on site and online classes and is required by the Commission to take an exam from all those who sign up with them for the certification. TABCfast must also ensure that all customer material is thoroughly studied by those signing up with them.


Clickysoft reached out to Tabcfast when they saw a job posted online by the latter. After an initial short exchange of basic information, both the parties had a couple of meetings. Since Clickysoft has a successful experience of many years in the education industry, they were able  to seize this opportunity and managed to convince Tabcfast into becoming its business account.

Before coming to Clickysoft, Tabcfast did not have the option of online classes and certifications for its users. They wanted Clickysoft to develop such a platform where they could put up the course material online and the users will be able to register, purchase and study the course online. Furthermore, Tabcfast also wanted the option of conducting examinations and the availability of generating and distributing printable certificates online.


The objective was to come with a Learning Management System (LMS) which was optimized for both mobile and desktop screens and was unique yet sleek and user friendly. For that, we also wanted to make sure that the perfect stack of technologies is used for both front-end and back-end.


Clickysoft opted for the agile process for the development of this project. Starting with the scope documentation, we went on to wire framing and then designing the UI mockups. After getting approvals for the mockups we continued with front-end development. For the back-end, we broke down the functionalities into modules and developed one module at a time. We then conducted the stress test, unit test and load test on each module. After approval on each module we then deployed the project on the staging server for user acceptance testing and after multiple to and fro, the project was delivered on the production server.

The website in core is a Learning Management System (LMS) for which we first designed a style tile and then made sure that it is clickable and optimized for both desktop and mobile screen. For the technologies we decided that Laravel, PHP and MySql will be a good stack which can also be scaled in the future if the client wishes to add in any technologies.

The LMS consists of the option for user registration and user payment via credit card, PayPal and coupons. Moreover, when the user is taking the tests, pop ups of validation questions, which are answered by the users at the time of registration, appear at different intervals to verify that the user is the same person who initially purchased the course. If two validation questions are answered incorrectly, the  user is marked inactive and receives a notification to contact the admin for reinstating the account. A progress tracker is also available for users on the website.

When taking the test two components appear, Test A and Test B. In case of failure in Test A reattempt will be offered for Test A and the system will also offer Test B. If Test B is taken and the user fails in that too, the progress will be zero and the user will be required to take the whole course again. If the user fails after taking the course again the account will become inactive and the payment will be dissolved.

To the users, Clickysoft developed a Certificate Management Module which would allow the admin to define the code range given to Tabcfast by TABC. Consequently, the system will dynamically and intelligently derive the information needed in the certificate from the database and assign the codes and the user will be able to instantly generate their certificate in pdf and printable form after completing the course and passing the test.

Automatic emails are also sent to the users about their progress and the completion of their certification. The certificates are also emailed to the users after generation. When the expiry of the certification is near, an automatic email and text message is sent to the users reminding them to take the course again.

The website allowed the user to manage users and mark them active or inactive. It also allowed them to respond to messages. Moreover, the admin could also update the text and images on the website and could add, edit or delete the testimonials with the users’ pictures in the testimonials sliders. The algorithm regarding the creation of certificates, courses, questions, chapters, multiple answers, correct answers and scoring criteria was hardcored by our developers.

Final Result

While the project was under development, there were already adapters in the waiting list who were very keen and interested in the project. Since the website was highly usable and intuitive and optimized for both mobile and desktop screens, we were able to convert these early adapters into users. The client was extremely satisfied and reported considerable increase in traffic and hence, Tabcfast turned out to be another one of Clickysoft’s successful ventures.

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