Knowledge sharing Marketplace for Businesses Based on Laravel & Vue.js

Client Location: FL, US

Industry: Knowledge market i.e. generate content, develop products, provide assistance, and share solutions.

Technologies: Laravel, Vue.js, Lumen, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Rest API, MySQL.

Client Overview

Stickifix is a platform where professionals can create, update and maintain a profile having different areas of expertise, experience levels and hourly rates. The wisdom seekers can sign up on this platform and post knowledge transfer requests pertaining to whatever issues they are facing in their profession, studies or life. They can then communicate with the professional they opted for in a workroom via audio, video, screenshare, whiteboard and text based chat. Once satisfied, the client can then escrow funds on the platform. After the releasing of funds, service providers will receive the amount after the deduction of Stickifix’s commission.


The founders of Stickifix are C-level executives who worked in the energy sector for the most part of their lives. While working at their positions, they faced difficulties at multiple occasions when they were asked to give instant solutions to tasks given by their superiors. There were many times that the problem or task at hand did not lie either in their area of expertise or they did not have updated information on it. Identifying and addressing this issue, they came up with the idea of Stickifix.With this idea, a job was posted regarding Stickifix and upon seeing it, Clickysoft approached the concerned parties. After a couple of meetings, where Clickysoft presented its highly versatile portfolio, the Stickifix owners decided to take us on board for the development of this platform.


Stickifix is a unique and one-of-a-kind concept. The objective was to device tools such as audio, video, whiteboard, screenshare, messaging together with collaboration features to create a unique experience for the knowledge market. In addition to that, we wanted to make sure that both service seekers and providers could sign up as well as create multiple profiles if they wanted to opt for both roles. Clickysoft also wanted to create a platform that could offer and manage various levels of memberships and would be unique, yet smooth but most importantly user-friendly.


We contemplated different technologies when creating Stickifix, since we had to cater to three different aspects of this platform. Consequently, frontend, business logic and most importantly, the communication module. , we opted for laravel at the backend and developed APIs using a micro framework, Lumen, so that it becomes a web service based infrastructure. We then integrated the business logic APIs with a client-end built off VueJS while for the communication module we opted for BigBlueButton to be integrated at the backend via APIs since it offered audio, video, whiteboard, screenshare and text based chat tools.

We first presented the wireframes to the client to explain the user journey of professionals, clients, admin and the communication module. Then we came up with the user interface mockups which consisted of various design concepts for the client to choose from. After getting approval on a design, we created the inner pages and completed development of business logic, frontend together with the communication system. For payment, we integrated Paypal business API and Stripe APIs as gateways, besides developing an escrow module so that the funds could be relayed from wisdom seeker to wisdom provider within the platform. Furthermore, we created a ticketing system where different departments can be created and assigned to different support agents. Users of the platform can submit a support ticket which the agents receive and respond to via website and/or email.

Final Result

The result was a highly usable, sleek and clickable platform which is still evolving and is in the Beta phase for now. The marketing campaign for the platform is going on and Stickifix is expected to launch by the second quarter of 2022. The website already has early adapters. The huge success of the project has left the client satisfied to such a great extent that they have gotten Clickysoft on board as their technical partners.

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