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The Ultimate Social Networking And Rankings Platform For Celebrities, Influencers, Fans & Marketers

Project Overview

Anyfans is a social networking website that makes the latest rankings for artists/influencers available to fans and marketers. It provides rankings/ratings along with membership packages that allow fans to vote for several in different categories, besides liking their favourite artists/influencers.






Project Background

The client posted the job online upwork and after seeing that we submitted our proposal to them along with the relevant portfolio. A trio of zoom sessions were conducted to understand the goals and requirements of the client. The client wanted two profiles for each user for sports and music and also wanted Clickysoft to plan its soft launch.


The objective was to come up with a website which would provide real-time rankings for influencers and artists to fans and marketers, which was optimized for both mobile and desktop screens. For that, we also wanted to make sure that the perfect tech-stack is used for both client-end together with back-end to ensure security, stability, as well as scalability.



Clickysoft deployed its most experienced developers along with senior creative lead to work after taking on Anyfans.

We analyzed different technology stacks at our disposal with respect to the scope and budget of the project and after critical thinking, we decided to choose core PHP as our object oriented programming language while MySQL as our relational database along with HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap together with AJAX as our client end technologies.

Along with the robust functionalities of a social media platform which includes profiles, posts, hashtags, categories, news, gaming, events as well as pages, we also introduced a differentiating feature i.e. paid packages on the website, known as the Superfan package. This package makes a user eligible for casting three votes per category and giving 10 likes to whichever artist they want. Moreover, the website allows every new user to cast a free vote by default when they register.

After successfully delivering the initially agreed scope and pitching it to different investors with flying colors, we got the opportunity to work on a weekly retainer for the same client. After which, we launched a beta version where we made amendments as per client. Finally, we deployed the website to the staging server and after approval from the client, went live.

Final Results

The client was elated and reported captivating market-feedback. Anyfans turned out to be another one of Clickysoft’s most successful ventures. The client also provided great credentials along with an average of 4.7/5 rating.

Technologies Stacks

Bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax, PHP, MySQLi, Rest API, PayPal API, HTML5, and CSS3.

Client Testimonial

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